Chapter 668 - An Unseemly Laugh

Chapter 668 - An Unseemly Laugh

“Are you okay?” Tang Wulin asked as he put his arm around Xie Xie’s shoulders, hooked his hand into his armpit, and helped him off the stage.

Xie Xie’s face was waxy-pale, yet the look in his eyes was surprisingly excited, as if he had won a fight instead of losing one.

“Yes. I’m more than okay, actually. I feel terrific. He’s so fast and unpredictable. I think I learned a lot from him.”

He is looking at his adversary as some kind of teacher? Tang Wulin thought, surprised, but he was relieved that his friend didn’t feel upset. He helped him take off his tattered clothes and dress in new ones, and sat him down in his couch.

Xie Xie closed his eyes to take a rest, thinking on the match he had just fought and lost.

Tang Wulin glanced at Lin San, who sat there, calm and relaxed as ever. Teng Teng is also a five-ringed soul master, but he’s no match for Lin San when it comes to agility and skill. This Wind King may even have more battle experience than the Fox King Su Mu. 

Tang Wulin felt someone looking at him and turned around to see Dai Yueyan’s intent eyes. A smile touched the boy’s lips. I have to get past him first to get my chance to fight Long Yue. It won’t be easy, but I’m not going to let my friends down!

The audience was still exultant about Xie Xie’s crushing defeat when the second match started. The two contestants were equal in terms of power, and the fight ended with them both out cold. That left the referees to decide who the winner was.

When it was Yuanen Yehui’s turn to compete, her opponent didn’t put up as good a fight as Teng Teng had. She ended the match in a matter of minutes with the sheer power of her Titan Giant Ape martial soul.

Each and every match today was fascinating, but Fang’er found herself stealing glances towards the waiting area, where the captain of the Shrek Academy team and the fourth prince of the Star Luo Empire were sitting.

Their match would definitely attract a lot of attention.

As the favorite heir to the throne, Dai Yueyan ought to prevent himself from engaging in anything –like this tournament– that might endanger his life or reputation; however, as a student whose power in the Monster Academy was second only to the Dragon King Long Yue, he should take the responsibility of bringing honor to his school. And he never shied away from his responsibilities.

If the fourth prince wins, Fang’er thought, the entire empire will be pleased, and he will get himself more followers who’d like to see him on the throne. I will be more than happy to see that happen. But will that happen? I can see either one winning, judging from the fact that Tang Wulin has defeated Su Mu, Hua Lantang, and Dai Yun’er.

Dai Tianling had come with the principal of the Monster Academy, En Ci. Considering the importance of Dai Yueyan’s match, it was small wonder they were here.

“What are the odds Yueyan will win against Tang Wulin, Master En Ci?” Dai Tianling asked in a low voice.

The old man smiled. “70 percent, at least. Don’t worry, my emperor. Yueyan is very talented and intelligent, and unlike many soul masters who tend to get arrogant after reaching a relatively high level in cultivation, he is never complacent with his achievements. Tang Wulin’s abilities are queer, but Yueyan’s soul power is much stronger. He will be victorious as long as he keeps his composure.”

Dai Tianling nodded. “That’s good to hear!”

After the tournament, he would choose a match for his princess and announce the crown prince publicly. That daughter of his was a handful sometimes, and he had a feeling that her engagement wouldn’t go well; he just hoped his son would make it easy for him by winning the match against Tang Wulin. If he lost, people might consider him as a man who had disgraced the empire. They wanted their crown prince to be perfect, even though they were well aware that no one was perfect.

“Our next match is Tang Wulin versus Dai Yueyan, the fourth prince,” Fang’er said, her voice was excited and nervous all at once, her hands coiling into fists on her lap. You can do it, Dai Yueyan.

The crowd broke into chants of “Fourth prince! Fourth prince!”

Dai Yueyan rose to his feet proudly. He could feel blood pumping in his veins. The chanting made him feel like he was already the emperor.

“Ha-ha!” A loud laugh broke out, breaking the silence. The laughter couldn’t have come at a worse time for Dai Yueyan, who was savoring the beautiful moment and whose morale was rising.

Dai Yunyan turned sharply to see who it was and found Xie Xie standing there, guffawing with his head thrown back.

The prince’s mouth twitched with annoyance. What the hell is he doing?!

“I figured it out! I finally figured it out! Ha-ha!” Xie Xie laughed.

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