Chapter 666 - Xie Xie’s Determination

Chapter 666 - Xie Xie’s Determination

There had already been a dozen cuts on Xie Xie’s body, and they stung as wind sliced into them. His chance of winning was dwindling.

Lin San was still expressionless. He was a patient fighter who liked to wait for the best chance to strike rather than going on a senseless barrage. Teng Teng had sparred with him countless times, but never once had he found a hole in his defense; he was sincerely convinced that Lin San was much stronger than him.

No one trained harder than Lin San, not even Long Yue. No one could imagine the arduous training he had gone through to achieve such mastery of quickness and agility. Not for nothing was he called the strongest agility-type soul master in the Monster Academy.

Xie Xie suddenly stopped chasing after Lin San. He stood there, never taking his eyes off his opponent.

Approval glinted in Lin San’s eyes. Not bad. That’s a sensible decision he has just made. Trying to keep up with my footwork did no good other than wasting his energy. It’s wise to focus on dodging and blocking my attacks while waiting for me to make a mistake, only I never make mistakes.

Lin San shot towards his opponent again, the dagger in his right hand thrusting at Xie Xie’s left shoulder. Xie Xie parried it with his Light Dragon Dagger, but then the Wind King brought his left dagger down, leaving a cut on his adversary’s arm.

Then the daggers flew at each other, and their steel song filled the arena. Lin San’s flurries of slashes coming from both directions were tough to deflect, the number of cuts on Xie Xie’s body increasing fast.

Yuanen Yehui found herself sitting up straight, her eyes fixed on Xie Xie.

The audience was excited; they had never felt so satisfied throughout the entire tournament. They couldn’t see a slim chance of Xie Xie winning.

Lin San was indeed stronger in every way – agility, speed, techniques, soul power, and battle armor. Yet Xie Xie’s hand was moving faster and faster, his dagger a blur.

Again and again the daggers met, until Lin San found to his shock that his opponent was beginning to see through his attack pattern. He leapt away, impressed by his perseverance and talent.

“You’re one hell of a fighter,” observed Lin San. Although Xie Xie was not a worthy adversary yet, he was quickly becoming one, and Lin San was always more than willing to fight someone strong. That was his way of getting stronger.

“Thank you,” replied Xie Xie. “You too.”

“Here I come!” Lin San’s second soul ring lit up. He charged again, approaching Xie Xie with lightning speed.

Xie Xie was astounded. He is even faster than before! Could it be that his second soul skill has increased his speed? He could feel the wind that came with Lin San, but he couldn’t hear him, and all he could see was a blur of movement. He raised his Light Dragon Dagger and braced himself for the attack. A flurry of slashes, and several more cuts appeared on Xie Xie’s body.

At this rate, I will be defeated! Xie Xie thought, his second soul ring shining. Light Dragon Storm!

He turned into a whirlwind to meet the countless strikes. Blood flew from his wounds, dotting the whirlwind with red.

The clang of metal on metal rang loudly. Lin San jumped around him, attacking from different angles, but couldn’t find an opening in his opponent’s defense. Then he stopped his futile attacks and jumped up, hovering in the air with the help of the winds he created.

Xie Xie’s spinning slowed down to a halt, blood dripping down to the stage, which had already been splattered with red. He was hurt all over, and he felt a little dizzy from so much blood loss, but he stood firm, his eyes shining with an unwavering determination.

“Yield. You are an admirable opponent, but you can’t beat me,” Lin San said solemnly.

Xie Xie laughed as if Lin San had told a joke. “Maybe I can’t beat you, but I’ll never yield. Not to you, not to anyone.”

Lin San saw the resolution in his eyes. “Then I guess I’ll have to put an end to this match myself.” His fourth soul ring started shining, numerous crescent-shaped wind blades appearing before him. Suddenly, they started rotating around him at high speed, forming a blade tornado.

It was a ten-thousand-year soul skill: Wind Blade Tornado!

Lin San was not a person who liked playing with people before taking them down; he didn’t like wasting time on frivolous things which were of no help to his training, so he decided to end this fight, now that he had gauged Xie Xie’s power.

The blade tornado was growing bigger and more violent by the second. Its power was enough to rip a man to shreds, but Xie Xie showed no sign of fear. He stood there as a golden mist started rising around him.

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