Chapter 665 - The Wind King

Chapter 665 - The Wind King

Peerage titles brought great benefit, even though they couldn’t be passed onto someone else by inheritance.

Peerage title holders didn’t own land, but each one of them had a house and a handsome annual salary provided by the government, and they enjoyed a high social status. One would be offered the title of baron if one managed to make it into the top 8 of the one-on-one competition, and the champion would be granted the title of viscount. A viscount’s social position in the Star Luo Empire could compare with that of a lord of a city. That was mostly the reason why so many people competed in this tournament; there was no other way easier than this to garner such fame and fortune. A soldier would have to complete an important mission or play a big part in a war to earn a peerage title.

All the 16 contestants sitting in the waiting area were nervous with excitement right now, except for the ones from the Shrek Academy and the Monster Academy.

“The first match is guaranteed to be a good one,” Fang’er announced. “Both of the competitors are agility-type soul masters. Xie Xie of the Shrek Academy versus Lin San, the Wind King, of the Monster Academy. Will the two competitors please step onto the stage?”

Lin San rose to his feet unhurriedly, giving off an air of calm. Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui watched him walk, shocked. They could see him, but they were not able to sense his aura; it was as if he had become one with the air surrounding him. He was a daunting opponent. There was no doubt about it.

Unlike before, Xie Xie was neither nervous nor excited. He made his way towards the stage, his face expressionless. Yuanen Yehui saw in his eyes a single-minded determination to win. He has grown stronger, but his opponent won’t be easy to take down.

She had defeated Teng Teng, but not without using her full power, and she attributed her victory to his ignorance of her twin martial souls. Lin San is apparently stronger than Teng Teng. Will Xie Xie be able to handle him?

When both of them entered the stage, the soul barrier rose and the stadium quieted down. They stood still, like two statues.

The audience watched them, nervous. They were worried that Lin San might suffer a defeat like Teng Teng had. It would be a nightmare for the Monster Academy if the Wind King was knocked out as well.

“Begin!” the referee announced.

Xie Xie and Lin San rushed towards each other like two arrows. They were both incredibly fast, but Lin San was much lighter on his feet, as if he were weightless.

Five soul rings appeared around Lin San, three purple and two black. The first one started shining, and then two crescent-shaped daggers materialized in his hands. They were light-looking, translucent, about a foot long, and somehow Xie Xie knew they were extremely sharp.

Xie Xie charged, four purple soul rings revolving around him, Light Dragon Dagger in his right hand, his eyes as cold and dark as onyx.

They reached each other in a heartbeat.

The moment their daggers met, they moved with quick silent steps, like two ghosts.

They were both using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Again and again the daggers met, the ring of metal on metal filling the quiet air.

Suddenly Lin San danced away. Xie Xie stood there, blood welling from a cut on his left shoulder.

Xie Xie’s forehead furrowed. He is really fast and nimble. He parried my every attack, but his angles of attacks were so hard to predict! If not for my quick reaction, that attack of his might have left more than just a small cut.

Xie Xie lunged at him, thrusting and slashing with his Light Dragon Dagger, faster than before. Lin San dodged and parried, his daggers dancing with pale blue light. No matter how hard Xie Xie tried, his weapon never caught its target once. Neither of them used a second soul skill; they just kept on slashing at each other, steel glinting in the sunlight.

“Lin San is getting the better of Xie Xie,” Fang’er commented. “If you look closely, you’ll see that Lin San has the upper hand in speed and agility, which are what agility-type soul masters are all about. Especially speed. Lin San is showing not only speed but skill; he times his attacks well and strikes his opponent when he is vulnerable. Xie Xie has already sustained at least six injuries. They’re not serious, but they’re taking their toll.”

Fang’er’s commentary was precise and to the point.

Lin San anticipated his opponent’s attacks and responded quickly with an agility that was difficult to match.

Xie Xie never knew what might be coming next. Lin San used his dynamic technique to attack him where he least expected it, making it tough for his opponent to read him; the speed of his combinations was threatening

Lin San stayed cool, calm and collected. His patience and endurance allowed him to capitalize on Xie Xie’s mistakes. He was biding his time patiently, waiting for the opportunity to use a more powerful soul skill to take Xie Xie down.

They were moving so fast that all the audience could see was a blur of movement; they needed Fang’er’s description to know what was happening on the stage.

Xie Xie was panting from the effort now, blood oozing from his cuts.

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