Chapter 663 - The Tang Sect’s Mission

Chapter 663 - The Tang Sect’s Mission

Fang’er walked on the street in a cloak with a hood to hide her head and face. Many a time she heard passers-by talk about the tournament.

“Got any spare tickets, bro? I have money,” a man said.

“I wish. I’m looking for someone to buy a ticket from as well,” said a second man. “This is definitely the best tournament ever. The Monster Academy versus the Shrek Academy. You don’t get to see such an epic fight as this every day. I’d give anything for a ticket.”

“Me too! Only three students of the Monster Academy have made it into the top 16; who would have thought? But the fourth prince will beat the captain of the Shrek Academy team tomorrow, that’s for sure.”

They’re rooting for the Monster Academy to win. I’m glad, Fang’er thought, walking. I also want them to win, but I still haven’t seen Tang Wulin’s true power. He knocked the princess out in a matter of seconds. Those vines of his may prove to be a troublesome technique for Dai Yueyan, even though he is one of the best among the Monster Eight Kings and he has pure royal blood.

As for Xie Xie, he seems to be the only agility-type soul master in their team. His speed and attack power are impressive, and he was hiding power too. But Lin San has the advantage of a full set of one-word battle armor, so the odds are in his favor.

She couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that Tang Wulin and his teammates were much younger. This tournament is not fair for them. If they were one-word battle armor masters, even Long Yue would have a hard time defeating them, I think. Hopefully the fourth price will stop Tang Wulin and redeem themselves.

Fang’er was walking past a rare metal shop when a man walked out. He was tall, and his face was hidden in a hood like hers, but she managed to catch a look at it, since she was much shorter, and one look was enough for her to recognize that face.

Tang Wulin? What’s he doing here? Shouldn’t he be training instead of buying rare metal?

Tang Wulin was in a good mood; he had just bought some pretty decent metal from the shop which had formed a partnership with him. He could use the metal to forge two-word battle armor for him and his friends after refining it.

He would fight Dai Yueyan tomorrow, a more formidable opponent than anyone he had faced in this tournament, but he found himself strangely calm. In fact, he hadn’t been himself after Gu Yue told him that she only got close to him because of his bloodline.

No! I don’t believe it. She was lying, he told himself over and over again, but his heart ached every time he thought of her.

He shook his head, as if trying to shake these thoughts out. When he was about to start back towards his hotel, the badge in his pocket vibrated.

The Tang Sect is summoning the agents? He thought, taking it out.

He was right; the arrow was pointing in the direction of the Tang Sect.

He could sit this mission out; he didn’t need to participate in any mission in a long time. That was the benefit of a first-class citation. Nonetheless, he found himself walking towards the Tang Sect. Whatever the mission would be, it would serve as a good distraction to get his mind off Gu Yue.

The Tang Sect headquarters in Star Luo City was bustling with people as always.

Tang Wulin found a place where no one could see him and changed into his white uniform.

When he followed the arrow and arrived at the place, many agents were already there. To his astonishment, everyone wore a white mask except for the one standing in front of them.

A smile showed on his face when he laid eyes on the only black-class agent and recognized him – he was wearing a mask and a cloak, but they couldn’t hide his build and vibes. Black One, his code name for the last mission. Hopefully today’s mission won’t take long.

Black One strode over to him when he spied Tang Wulin.

“White Three?”

Tang Wulin nodded with a smile. “Nice to see you again, Black One.”

Black one smiled back. “It’s been a while since we last met. I’m glad you came; this opportunity only comes once in ten years.”

Once in ten years? What is this mission? Tang Wulin wondered.

Black One chatted with him for a little while and then walked back to the front.

Soon there were 30 people here and counting.

Half an hour later, over a hundred agents had arrived, and they were all white-class agents except for Black One.

“All right, let’s get to the mission,” Black One said at last. All the white-class agents were looking at him.

“But first, all the agents under rank 40 or over rank 50 and all the one-word battle armor masters please step forward.”

Five agents moved forward.

“I’m afraid you are not allowed to participate in this mission,” said Black One.


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