Chapter 660 - Tang Wulin, You’re So Gonna Die!

Chapter 660 - Tang Wulin, You’re So Gonna Die!

Tang Wulin wasn’t the first to fight today, because they could only rig the tournament so much without getting people suspicious.

Xie Xie would fight the third match; Yuanen Yehui the seventh; Tang Wulin the eighth.

Xie Xie’s opponent was a five-ringed Soul King, a powerful one, albeit without a full set of one-word battle armor; it had taken this agility-type soul master a good fifteen minutes to find an opportunity to break through his defenses. Yuanen Yehui’s opponent might be the weakest among them 32. She defeated him and advanced without breaking a sweat. It was quite rare for someone as young as them to make it into the top 16 in the Continental Young Elites Tournament.

Now it was time for Tang Wulin to enter the stage.

“I’ll beat him to the point where he can no longer move!” Dai Yun’er said to her brother after the seventh match was over, staring at Tang Wulin.

“Calm down, Yun’er,” replied Dai Yueyan.

Tang Wulin heard her, but he didn’t even bother to turn to look. He stood up and walked to the stage.

Dai Yun’er stormed out after him, furious.

“You’re so gonna die, Tang Wulin!” a voice said in Tang Wulin’s head. Dai Yun’er’s voice. Her spiritual power was strong enough to send her thoughts into his mind.

He didn’t like Dai Yun’er, but in his heart he knew she was not an opponent to be trifled with. She’s the princess, but this is hardly the only reason she’s one of the Monster Eight Kings. Perhaps her spiritual power alone is enough to secure that title.

Dai Yun’er glared at him silently on the stage, her hands coiling into fists. If not for the referee standing between them, she might have already lashed out at him.

“In this match, we have Princess Dai Yun’er, the Spirit King, who is an agility-type soul master with the Hell Civet for a martial soul, a martial soul passed down through the royal family,” said Fang’er, “and we have the captain of the Shrek Academy team, Tang Wulin, a strength-type soul master. He has shown some really fascinating techniques in his previous fights. But we have seen neither of their true power yet, so the outcome of this match is anybody’s guess.”

Actually, Fang’er wasn’t in great hopes that the princess would win – she had seen what Tang Wulin’s power and unknown ability could do – but she had to exaggerate a bit, since she was the princess and all.

Dai Yun’er sprinted the instant the referee told them to begin. She was incredibly fast, leaving afterimages behind her. Her soul rings appeared, three purple and one black – the same as those of Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was surprised. Her martial soul is… the Hell Civet? The same as one of Wu Siduo’s? He didn’t know that both the Hell Civet martial soul and the White Tiger martial soul were owned exclusively by the royal family of the Star Luo Empire.

He stood there, waiting for her attack. There is no way she got her strong spiritual power from her Hell Civet martial soul.

When Dai Yun’er was only a hundred feet away from Tang Wulin, her first soul ring lit up. Hell Rush! The same first soul skill as that of Wu Siduo. A blur of movement, and she was slashing down at Tang Wulin with her claws.

Suddenly, Tang Wulin caught a glimpse of her eyes; big, as blue as sapphire, and then he felt so dizzy and light-headed, as if he was about to faint. A spasm of pain shot through his chest an instant later, triggering his Golden Dragon Body and clearing his mind a little. He immediately realized Dai Yun’er had just unleashed a spiritual attack on him, so he quickly used his Purple Demon Eyes to resist it.

Tang Wulin was sent flying backwards 20 feet or so by her slash before he staggered to steady himself.

The people in the stands didn’t understand why Tang Wulin had done nothing to block the princess’s attack, but they could care less. They were euphoric to see his ass get beaten.

Thunderous cheer and applause went up in the stadium; the excitement of the audience could even be heard three miles away.

Tang Wulin shook his head vigorously, and with the help of the Purple Demon Eyes, his head was finally clear, and his body felt his own again.

Dai Yun’er’s attack had been powerful, but Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Body had been activated in time to fend it off. He was hurt, but not badly; not so far as bone and flesh were concerned. The five scratches on his scales were slowly fading away.

Dai Yun’er pounced on Tang Wulin again, and her second soul skill – Hundred Hell Claws – was upon him as he steadied himself.

Purple light shot out of Tang Wulin’s eyes to protect himself from the princess’s spiritual attack, and at the same time he threw a punch at her; a simple punch, yet its power seemed to have compressed the air around her and made it hard for her to breathe.

Dai Yun’er bent her knees and avoided his blow nimbly enough.

Tang Wulin’s punch struck nothing but air. He lifted his right foot and was going to unleash Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. But Dai Yun’er was quicker than him. She saw the gap in his attacks and took advantage by rushing in. The best defense is a good offense. A beam of light shot towards Tang Wulin. This was her third soul skill: Hell Slash.

Tang Wulin was shocked by her quick reaction. There was no way he could evade this attack, not when it was just a foot from him.

He had no choice but to use Golden Dragon Tyrant Body to meet it, his golden scales shining resplendently. The beam of light caught him on his chest but didn’t break through his defenses.

Tang Wulin absorbed the power in her attack and brought his foot down hard. Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth!

However, Dai Yun’er managed to leap away before the phantom dragons could even reach her.


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