Chapter 658 - An Easy Victory

Chapter 658 - An Easy Victory

What happened next was mind-blowing. Teng Teng’s speed advantage no longer existed because he had been seriously injured, so he had to rely on his attack power if he wanted to win. He took a deep breath and his fifth soul ring lit up.

One shadow after another appeared quickly, but they were standing instead of lying on the ground, and an instant later, there were already 36 of them. Then they rushed towards Teng Teng and fused into his body

Teng Teng lifted his broken daggers, his eyes shining with an intense desire to win; it seemed he had found his confidence again.

“A Hundred Shadows Become One!” he shouted, bringing the daggers down with all his strength. Two gray crescent-shaped sword beams immediately shot out towards Yuanen Yehui.

Every shadow possessed five percent of his power, so he had just released 2.8 times his power. This was his most forceful attack.

The only problem with this skill was that it took a long time to prepare, but it didn’t matter now, not when Yuanen Yehui was also accumulating energy there to prepare for her next attack.

Seeing that the sword beams were hurtling at her, she shot towards Teng Teng in a flash of light, and an instant later, she was right behind him.

Teng Teng’s all-out attack missed her, slammed into the barrier, and caused a massive explosion.

At the same time, Yuanen Yehui brought her sword down at his back and cracked his battle armor, sending him flying forward.

Teng Teng coughed out a mouthful of blood in midair, his battle armor making a low moaning sound and shining in a vain attempt to cancel out the dark energy. He crashed into the barrier, bounced off, and plopped to the stage, unconscious.

Yuanen Yehui stood there, expressionless, her purple demonic sword in hand and her dark red hair waving in the wind.

“Teng Teng made a fatal mistake at the last moment,” Fang’er said, disappointed. “He didn’t lock his final attack onto Yuanen Yehui. That was why she dodged so easily. Truth be told, I never expected such a mistake from someone as strong and experienced as him.”

Fang’er was right; he hadn’t locked that attack onto Yuanen Yehui, but it had been a conscious decision rather than negligence.

Normally if a soul skill had locked onto its target, it would be difficult to dodge, for it was able to adjust its trajectory, but such a soul skill lacked speed and power. That had been Teng Teng’s last attack which had used up all his remaining soul power, and he had needed it to be powerful enough to break through Yuanen Yehui’s defenses and take her down, or he would be as good as defeated. Another reason had been that he had thought she would meet his attack head-on, since she had gotten the better of him.

But Yuanen Yehui hadn’t taken any chances. Her Fallen Angel martial soul exceled in speed as well as attack power, and she had used the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to get behind him.

The Shadow King had suffered a crushing defeat.

Yuanen Yehui had cruised to victory like Tang Wulin had.

Long Yue had donned a grave face. Not because they had lost another match. No, it was Yuanen Yehui’s Titan Giant Ape martial soul. It was her Fallen Angel martial soul. Most of all, it was the fact that she was even stronger than Teng Teng.

If they had learned that Yuanen Yehui had twin martial souls and that both of them were extremely powerful, the result of this match may not have been such a disastrous defeat.

Yuanen Yehui spread her wings and flew off the stage. As soon as she landed on the ground, her wings disappeared, and she turned into a normal young girl in an elastic suit.

Tang Wulin and Xie Xie had already stood up. Xie Xie rushed to greet her, sweeping his arms wide, his eyes shining with excitement. “Yuanen, you’re amazing!” Xie Xie exclaimed.

Yuanen Yehui caught his shoulder and pushed him away. “Keep your distance from me.”

Xie Xie gave a silly grin and obeyed meekly.

Tang Wulin raised his right hand and Yuanen Yehui slapped it. It was their way of celebration, but the sound was harsh to the Monster Academy team.

Some of the contestants from other schools looked worried, and some were gloating.

The audience gaped at the stage, shock written all over their faces. They couldn’t accept this defeat, not after Teng Teng had clearly given his all, but they couldn’t come up with any excuses to make themselves feel better.

“Let’s go back to the hotel,” Tang Wulin said, making his way towards the exit of the stadium. Xie Xie’s match wouldn’t be until tomorrow; he had come here for Yuanen Yehui.

“It seems we have to reevaluate the strength of the Shrek Academy team,” Dai Yueyan said solemnly. “That Yuanen Yehui is strong.”

Long Yue inclined his head slightly.

“Is Yuanen Yehui a boy or a girl?” Dai Yun’er asked, frowning. “And why isn’t he their captain? He’s obviously stronger than Tang Wulin.”

Long Yue’s mouth curved in a smile. “Is he? I don’t know about that, since I haven’t seen Tang Wulin’s true power yet. Besides, if you want people to follow you willingly, you have to be stronger than them all. This rule applies everywhere.”

“I’ll make him show his true power,” said Dai Yun’er.

After they left the stadium, Tang Wulin turned to face Yuanen Yehui. “You didn’t tell us you’ve made the breastplate,” he smiled.

Yuanen Yehui smiled back. “You didn’t ask. It was ready yesterday. We worked hard, because if we don’t, we’ll never catch up to you. Anyway, I won so easily, not just because of my battle armor, but because I know how to deal with agility-type soul masters.” She shot an angry sidelong glance at Xie Xie.

“Yeah, you sure do,” said Xie Xie. “I’m meek as a mouse before you.”

“I hate mice,” she said.

“Well to hell with mice then. I can be anything you want if you go out on a date with me.”

“Maybe I will, after you beat me! I don’t like having a boyfriend who is weaker than me.”

Xie Xie’s eyes flashed with excitement.

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