Chapter 657 - Getting Dominated

Chapter 657 - Getting Dominated

Long Yue had been baffled as to why a four-ringed soul master could have put on the core component of battle armor, but after Yuanen Yehui showed her second martial soul, he understood. The soul power of a soul master with twin martial souls was stronger than that of a normal soul master who was on the same cultivation level. This Yuanen Yehui is much stronger than we expected.

Teng Teng couldn’t see or sense anything in this darkness. He didn’t know what had happened, but he didn’t intend to stay here to find out. I’ve got to get out of here, and fast! He chose a direction and sprinted as fast as his feet could carry him, using his battle armor to create a shield of light around him.

He couldn’t tell if he was darting straight, but he didn’t care. He just ran and ran and ran. Bang! This is… the soul barrier around the stage! Yes! He was glad. I can run along the edge. There is no way the darkness has spread across the whole place.

Teng Teng recommenced running, heightening his sense of hearing to prepare himself to evade any attacks he couldn’t see.

That was when a black figure shot out of the darkness. She flapped her pitch-black wings and hovered in midair. She was wearing black armor over an elastic suit reaching down to her ankles, her dark red hair hanging loose behind her back and her legs long and slender. There was something evil in her eyes though.

For an instant the audience froze. Then they realized that this gorgeous girl was actually that plain-looking boy.

Yuanen Yehui’s second and third soul rings started shining.

Her dark purple demonic sword materialized in her hands. Empowered by her battle armor, it was six feet long and shining light purple, with dark energy dancing around it.

At the same time, her black armor faded to a light purple and she grew to as tall as eight feet. This was her third soul skill: Fallen Angel Descends.

She had turned into an incredibly tall and beautiful girl.

She raised the demonic sword in both hands, and the dark energy brought by her fallen angel form started flooding into the sword, turning the purple even darker.

The audience found her dark purple sword terrifying, even though they were watching it from afar.

Suddenly, she plunged down and slashed at Teng Teng who had just rushed out of the darkness and wanted to breathe a sigh of relief like most people will do when they manage to get out of a terrible situation alive.

If Teng Teng hadn’t been running at such high speed, he might be able to dodge this surprise attack. But dodging was not an option for him now. He barely got his daggers up in time and they caught Yuanen Yehui’s demonic sword filled with dark energy inches from his chest. But it was too forceful an attack for him to block. Her sword drove his daggers back onto his armor, shattered them, and slashed open his armor, which was giving off brilliant light in an effort to protect its owner.

With her strength and the dark energy, even a five-ringed soul master clad in a full set of one-word battle armor couldn’t get out of that unscathed.

Teng Teng was sent flying back into the darkness by the impact.

The eyes of the audience went wide as plates. They tried to look for excuses to account for this disgraceful defeat but found they couldn’t find any. It was a good, clean fight, and the two contestants weren’t holding anything back.

Yuanen Yehui didn’t pursue him. She hovered in midair, her sword shining purple. She was thinking back on the blow she had just delivered with all her force.

She couldn’t have timed that attack better, and she had fused everything perfectly – the demonic sword, the dark energy, her strength, and her soul power. It had been the most powerful blow she had ever landed with her sword.

She felt she had gained a better understanding of her Fallen Angel martial soul, and she found this fight had made her grow stronger.

The darkness was dispersed to reveal Teng Teng lying on the ground.

He grimaced, took a deep breath, and pulled himself up with great effort. Then he hurriedly sped away from her.

Blood was welling from the hideous crack in his battle armor, and he could feel the dark energy forcing its way into his body through his wound. He mustered up all his soul power to try to fight it; sweat sprang out on his forehead. His battle armor was designed to provide as much speed and attack power as possible, and it was relatively weak in terms of defensive power, so it had failed to block Yuanen Yehui’s attack.

His torso and both arms were numb. He couldn’t believe he was going to lose to someone with a lower cultivation level and only a few pieces of battle armor.

Yuanen Yehui lifted her demonic sword again and closed her eyes, dark energy rushing into the sword.

No! I can’t go down like this! I refuse to go down like this! Teng Teng bit his tongue and used the pain to fight off the numbness.


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