Chapter 655 - Yuanen Yehui vs. the Shadow King

Chapter 655 - Yuanen Yehui vs. the Shadow King

There had already been several clashes between the Monster Academy and the Shrek Academy. None of the Monster Eight Kings had any doubts that Long Yue would be the champion of the one-on-one competition, but still, they were in desperate need of a win against the Shrek Academy team, because Su Mu, Hua Lantang, and Ye Zhi had failed so miserably.

Now a chance had come for them to redeem themselves. Teng Teng was determined to prove to everyone that the Monster Academy team was not a one-man team.

“Teng Teng is from the Monster Academy, an agility-type soul master. His nickname is: the Shadow King,” said Fang’er. Teng Teng hadn’t entered the stage yet, and the barrier was still open, so she had revealed no info on him that might put him at a disadvantage.

Yuanen Yehui stood there, waiting patiently. She was so skinny that Teng Teng frowned with disappointment when he stepped onto the stage and laid eyes on her. Taking down such a weak-looking guy will never show how powerful I am.

He had watched several of Yuanen Yehui’s previous matches after he learned that his opponent was her. Judging from his fights, he should be a strength-type soul master. Strength-type soul masters have the upper hand over agility-type ones, but so what? With my speed, I’m untouchable.


The audience stopped chatting, straightened their backs, and gazed down at the two contestants attentively. They hadn’t been very dismayed when Sima Xian of the Imperial Star Luo Academy had lost, but they would be if the Monster Academy also lost to the Shrek Academy. They had completely ignored the age gap between the competitors of the two schools; the only thing they cared about now was crushing the Shrek Academy team.

Teng Teng immediately started sprinting, five purple soul rings revolving around him; then the third one lit up as two clones appeared out of thin air. The three of them were moving extremely fast, charging at Yuanen Yehui from three different angles and leaving afterimages behind them.

Yuanen Yehui’s four purple rings appeared, the first and the third shining. She grew larger and larger, bursting her clothes and showing her super-elastic suit, and turned into a 16-feet-tall giant in an instant.

By then the three Teng Tengs had already reached her, but they didn’t attack right away; instead, they started running around the Diamond Titan. With their speed and the afterimages they were continuously casting, it looked as if there were thirty Teng Tengs. It was not a soul skill but a technique he had invented.

Teng Teng was holding a pitch-black dagger in each hand, a soul dagger – soul devices were also permitted to be used in the one-on-one competition.

His martial soul was the shadow, and his clones were shadow clones, which were physically real.

Agility-type soul masters were blessed with high speed. Using his speed and shadow clones, Teng Teng had developed this technique to confuse his opponents.

Such an aggressive start to the match had immediately grabbed the attention of the audience.

“Teng Teng is now using a high-tier fighting skill exclusive to agility-type soul masters,” Fang’er said, nervous with excitement. “His speed is making his opponent unable to keep track of his movements while he is biding his time, waiting for an opportunity.

“Yuanen Yehui seems to be strong. His martial soul should be the Titan Giant Ape, the king of the jungle. It’s one of the most powerful martial souls. Will he dodge Teng Teng’s attack, or will he block it? We’re about to find out soon enough.”

Yuanen Yehui didn’t try to track his movements like most people would do; she stood there, calm and focused. She seemed to have read Teng Teng’s mind. If you want an opening in my defense, then I’ll give you an opening.

Her second soul ring started shining. She took a step forward, pulled her fist back, and punched the air.

The instant Yuanen Yehui took that step, two of the three Teng Tengs stopped running and pounced towards her back, aiming the daggers at her two sides. It was too good an opportunity for him to miss, and Teng Teng was known for his decisiveness. With her standing like that, it was almost impossible for her to dodge the attacks from the two blind angles.

When many people thought it was over, a loud deep sound shook the arena. Boom!

Yuanen Yehui’s Air Cannon was so forceful that it seemed to have warped the space in front of her. Being dragged helplessly by this force, the two Teng Tengs missed her and flew past her sides.

Then she shot out two large palms and struck them. The two Teng Tengs disappeared. They had been shadow clones.

A blur of movements, and Teng Teng was already a hundred feet away from her.

“You can warp space?!” Teng Teng said, shocked. The disdainful look in his eyes was gone, and he had donned a grave face. Her punch was simple, yet it definitely warped the space for a second. He is much stronger than I thought.


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