Chapter 653 - Dominating the Match

Chapter 653 - Dominating the Match

Sima Xian was determined to defeat Tang Wulin, so he was not going to hold anything back. Without hesitation, he used his third soul skill. Thick, brownish red scales sprouted out of his body as he grew bigger. In an instant, he had become 16 feet long including his tail, moving as fast as a soul train. With his speed, assault-type martial soul, and Gravity Control, he had easily come up with several different attack combos.

Tang Wulin felt the air thickening around him and the gravity dragging him down. He could have overpowered the gravity and dodged Sima Xian’s attack, but he decided to meet it head-on. A faint smile touched his lips. With a draconic roar, he stomped on the ground with his right foot, summoning eight phantom dragons which were giving off a kingly vibe.

To Sima Xian’s shock, the roar sent a chill down his spine. He didn’t stop though. Even if he had wanted to, he couldn’t have stopped in time, not with his current speed and weight.

On coming into contact with the phantom dragons, Sima Xian suddenly found that he was losing control of his body, as if his blood and soul power had stopped circulating and started freezing. Before he could figure out why and make any reactions, the eight phantom dragons slammed into him, sending him flying up into the sky.

Everyone watching was stunned, including Fang’er.

“I can’t believe my eyes!” Fang’er exclaimed in shock. “Somehow Sima Xian’s soul skill had no effect on Tang Wulin at all! Tang Wulin’s technique didn’t look like a soul skill to me, but look at its power! It stopped a charging dragon with such ease and then knocked him into the sky! Sima Xian has suffered a forceful attack.”

Fang’er’s commentary was extremely fast, but not without emotion. Judging from her incredulous tone, apparently she didn’t have a clue as to what had just happened.

The smile on Long Yue’s face disappeared abruptly. He found himself sitting up straight and gazing intently at the stage. He had fought Sima Xian more times than he had liked, so he had quite a good understanding of his soul skills. Sima Xian’s power can’t hold a candle to mine, yet the gap between him and the other Monster Eight Kings is not big. But still, he is getting completely dominated by someone whose cultivation level is lower than him. Tang Wulin, you and your techniques have successfully intrigued me.

Tang Wulin bent his legs and leapt into the air, leaving both the ground and Sima Xian’s Gravity Control shattered.

Sima Xian struggled to regain control of himself in mid-air but failed, his body numb and heavy with pain; the impact from the attack had left him unable to move a muscle. He hurriedly used what was left of his control over his soul power to fortify his defenses, bracing himself for what was coming next.

Once Tang Wulin caught up with his opponent, he raised both hands high above his head, coiled them into fists, and brought them down with a draconic roar louder than before.

Many people closed their eyes in fear of what was about to come.

Sima Xian shot down like an arrow and smashed into the ground with a dull thud, leaving a crater with long, deep cracks webbing out around the impact.

Tang Wulin landed steadily on the stage, his scales and golden claws blinding in the sunlight.

The stadium fell deathly silent. They stared at Tang Wulin, but it seemed all they could see was a beast in human form.

Sima Xian was lying there, motionless. The man hailed as the most talented soul master in the Imperial Star Luo Academy had gotten taken down in mere seconds.

The medical team rushed onto the stage the moment the referee declared Tang Wulin victorious.

Fang’er gaped at Tang Wulin, eyes wide open. He could have torn Sima Xian into shreds if he had hit him with his sharp talons instead of his fists. What incredible power! He won without breaking a sweat, even though his opponent is a five-ringed Soul King and didn’t take him lightly.

Everything had happened so fast that Sima Xian hadn’t even gotten to use his battle armor.

Without doubt, battle armor could bring a soul master’s attack and defensive power to another level, but this didn’t seem to have applied to Tang Wulin’s opponents who had a full set of one-word battle armor, since none of them had gotten the better of him even for a second.

Ling Wuxie had managed to put on his battle armor, but Tang Wulin had defeated him before he could use its power; Hua Lantang’s battle armor had gotten trapped in a net; as for Sima Xian, he hadn’t gotten any chance to release his armor.

Each of Tang Wulin’s matches had ended quicker than the one that had come before it, each one more shocking than the last.

Everyone sitting in the stands was taken aback, including those who had laughed at him when he forfeited his match against Dai Yueyan. For a moment they were confused whether standing there on the stage was a human or a beast.


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