Chapter 649 - Buying Spirit Items

Chapter 649 - Buying Spirit Items

The only way to join the Battle Hall was to get chosen. One may have accomplished many missions but was still a member of one of the outer halls; one had to be excellent in talent, power, and character to get a chance to join the Battle Hall.

This was the second time Tang Wulin had come to the Tang Sect’s headquarters in Star Luo City, so the building wasn’t as confusing to him as when he last came here. He quickly found the place for exchanging contribution points. It was even bigger than its counterpart in Shrek City, with many big screens displaying different kinds of commodities: secret arts, soul devices, rare metal, mechas, etc.

He could have gone to an auction, but it would take more time and the spirit items there would probably be inferior in quality and cost more money.

He typed “tens-of-thousands-year-old spirit items” into the search bar, and then pages of results popped up. Wow! Impressive! Never thought there’re so many tens-of-thousands-year-old spirit items here. Then he typed “tens-of-thousands-year-old Dragonscale Fruit” to narrow down the search results. This time only eleven results popped up.

The first one was ten thousand six hundred years old and priced at 21,000 contribution points.

The second one was eleven thousand five hundred years old and priced at 22,300 contribution points.

The last one was ninety-seven thousand eight hundred years old and priced at 340,000 contribution points.

Tang Wulin found it hard to tear his eyes away from the last one. A nearly one-hundred-thousand-year-old Dragonscale Fruit! It is to die for! But unfortunately, I don’t have the money.

He had earned some points from that bomb-defusing mission, but after he bought the Mysterious Jade Hands, now he barely had enough for the first Dragonscale Fruit on the list. It’s better than nothing. He quickly paid for it with his badge.

While he was waiting for his purchase to be delivered to him, he typed “tens-of-thousands-year-old Gray Jade Root” into the search box. It was another spirit item he needed to break the sixth seal of the Golden Dragon King.

Only three results popped up.

Gray Jade Root, thirteen thousand nine hundred years old. Price: 43,500 contribution points.

Gray Jade Root, twenty-one thousand six hundred years old. Price: 100,000 contribution points.

Gray Jade Root, fifty-four thousand years old. Price: 310,000 contribution points.

Tang Wulin pulled a wry face. He couldn’t afford it, not even the cheapest one.

He thought a moment and then went to seek out a staff member. “Excuse me, can I sell some rare metal here? Could you please tell me where I should go?”

“Sure,” the staff member answered respectfully. “You need to go to the assessment center first to have your rare metal assessed. My colleagues there will help you. It’s that way,” she said, pointing.

Tang Wulin thanked her, and after he got his Dragonscale Fruit, he walked towards the assessment center.

He found it where he had been told it would be. It was spacious, like a warehouse. Quite a number of staff members were bustling around in it.

He saw a line of people waiting, so he naturally stepped towards the end of it.

A staff member approached him and asked with a smile, “How may I help you?” That was a benefit of being an agent – he didn’t have to wait like others.

Tang Wulin hesitated a moment, as if not sure whether he should do this. “I want to sell a black mecha. Can you assess its value for me?”

The staff member was taken by surprise. “A black mecha?” She had worked here for a long time and had seen people sell all kinds of things, but never a black mecha.

Black mechas were second only to red mechas in terms of power. If one wanted to make a black mecha, the materials alone would cost a fortune. No one in their right mind would sell their black mecha.

Tang Wulin nodded. “Yes. It’s a little damaged though. Could you assess its value?”

“Absolutely!” she answered, recovering from her surprise. “Let’s find a place for your mecha.”

She led Tang Wulin to a corner, where he released from his storage ring the damaged Green Skull Renegades’ black mecha, and then went to get help.

A few moments later, several mechanics came over and started assessing the damage.

There were deep slashes in the front, which had been caused by his claws, but otherwise it was pretty intact. Tang Wulin would have tried to fix it himself if he had had the means needed back in his hotel.

The people waiting in line were dumbstruck; they couldn’t believe that someone was selling a black mecha which was still in quite good condition. Although it was customized, a mechanic was able to make it compatible with anyone; it was definitely a lot easier than making a new black mecha.

An old man walked up to Tang Wulin. “Do you really want to sell it?”

Tang Wulin nodded with a wry smile. “Yes. I wouldn’t if I weren’t in urgent need of contribution points.”

The old man nodded. “I figured as much. It’s pretty intact, and the materials are of great quality. I see the symbol of the Green Skull Renegades on it. It must be your battle trophy. Great job fighting them.”

“Thank you. I got lucky,” said Tang Wulin. “How many contribution points can it fetch?”

“Normally a black mecha is worth at least three hundred thousand contribution points. Humanoid mechas can fetch more. But there is a self-destruct trap installed in it, and it will be costly and risky to have it removed. All things considered, it’s worth one hundred thousand contribution points, but I will give you ten percent more, since you’re a white-class agent. Therefore, one hundred and ten thousand is our best offer.”


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