Chapter 644 - The Legend of the Mountain Dragon King

Chapter 644 - The Legend of the Mountain Dragon King

“Because the mountain dragons didn’t form a clan; each and every one of them was a king,” Gu Yue answered. “The planet was almost completely covered by the sea when the Dragon God first found it. His nine children could swim of course, but they required vast amounts of land to roam, so he ordered the mountain dragons to transform into mountains and rivers to enlarge their living space when they were old enough. The Dragon God rewarded them for their sacrifices by making every one of them a king. All the other dragon kings admired them and held them in very high regard.”

This legend left Gu Yue’s teammates dumbfounded.

Even the usually silent Ye Xinglan couldn’t help but ask, “How did you know all this? Isn’t it supposed to be a secret within the dragon clans? I don’t think I read anything about it in the school library.”

“It’s written in an ancient scroll I found in the Spirit Pagoda,” Gu Yue replied. “I always assumed it was just a myth, but apparently it’s real, since we’re looking at a mountain dragon right in front of us. I just can’t bring myself to believe that someone can have the Mountain Dragon for his martial soul. I mean, the Mountain Dragon King.

“The mountain dragons didn’t have much time to breed due to the responsibility they had to fulfill, so they were not many in number. But the draconic blood flowing in their veins was much purer than that in the offspring of the other dragon kings. That must be what’s making Long Yue so strong.”

Tang Wulin looked at the screen and allowed himself a wry smile. I was super excited when Long Yue said his martial soul was the Mountain Dragon; I thought my bloodline would be able to suppress his, but now I find it will probably be the other way around…

“Is there anything about the Golden Dragon King in that ancient scroll?” asked Tang Wulin.

Gu Yue nodded. “Yes. The legend of the Golden Dragon King is even more astonishing than that of the Mountain Dragon King. I’ll tell you about it after this match.”

After Long Yue released his martial soul, the vibes emanating from him had become even more terrifying. Even the ground was shaking a little in awe and fear.

Yue Zhengyu had faced strong opponents before, but never one like Long Yue, who looked like an insurmountable mountain standing before him.

“Yield, now!” called Long Yue.

“You want a piece of me? Come and get it!” Yue Zhengyu shouted back, sounding far bolder than he felt.

Long Yue looked at Yue Zhengyu and burst into a fit of laughter – loud and hard. Suddenly, he stomped the ground with his right foot as his first soul ring started shining. “Mountains!”

The stage started shaking violently as numerous little mountains in the shape of a cone grew out of the ground and shot up towards Yue Zhengyu.

Yue Zhengyu soared up into the air and quickly activated his fourth soul skill: Holy Angel Descends! My slim chance of winning has just dropped to zero. But be that as it may, I will still give it my all and try to find out as much about his skills as I possibly can, because my friends are counting on me!

Yue Zhengyu started shining a dazzling golden color. He flapped his wings and flew towards Long Yue, evading one mountain attack after another. He was very fast, to be sure, but there were just too many mountains for him to dodge them all; he had to use his judgment light to destroy some close-call attacks.

Beams of judgment light clashed with Long Yue’s mountains, sending rocks flying everywhere. The audience couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular fight.

Finally Yue Zhengyu found an opening and seized it. He flew through several mountains and at last there was nothing between him and his target. It was his only chance; it was now or never.

He spared no soul power in his final technique; his body was now enveloped in golden flames of holy light. He clutched the sword – which had fused with his holy light and judgment light – with both hands, and brought it down in a savage arc. He knew that even this attack might not be very effective against such a strong opponent, so he wasn’t holding anything back,

Long Yue only smiled at him, his second soul ring shining. “Rivers!”

All of a sudden, a huge amount of water cascaded down upon Yue Zhengyu and swallowed him up before he could land his final attack.

Yue Zhengyu tried to fly out, but the strong current rendered his wings useless. He was like a helpless leaf caught in a tempest.

Such a terrifying martial soul! Tang Wulin thought, stunned. His first two soul skills are both wide-ranged and both very powerful.

Even Dai Tianling was a little shocked. He had heard Long Yue was strong, but he hadn’t expected him to be this strong. What is this martial soul of his? And how did he manage to become a six-ringed Soul Emperor at such a young age?

En Ci looked at Long Yue with an approving smile. Long Yue was his best student; if not for him, Long Yue’s power couldn’t have reached such heights so quickly.

Most people envied Long Yue’s talent and martial soul, but they didn’t know the suffering and pressure he had endured throughout his training.

The Gods were just; they had blessed Long Yue with incomparable power and inflicted on him imaginable pain.

The blood of the Mountain Dragon King was both a blessing and a curse. The power in the draconic blood was too strong for a normal human being to tame. As Long Yue’s soul power grew, the power in his draconic blood grew with it; he needed strong spiritual power to keep that immense power under control. If he couldn’t, he would definitely go crazy.

Owing to Long Yue’s strong will and the countless spirit items supplied by the Monster Academy, he had got where he was today.

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