Chapter 643 - The Mountain Dragon

Chapter 643 - The Mountain Dragon

Yue Zhengyu’s holy sword descended in a golden arc, but Long Yue caught it with his right hand and gripped it using his index finger and thumb. What the hell? He stopped my full-speed sword with just two fingers?!

Yue Zhengyu hurriedly tried to pull his sword back, yet it stuck and wouldn’t come out. By then, the holy light had spread from the sword and enwrapped Long Yue’s body, but it tried in vain to get inside. The holy sword suddenly disappeared, and Yue Zhengyu thrust at Long Yue’s stomach with a new one.

Long Yue’s left hand shot out and grabbed his sword again. Yue Zhengyu didn’t bother trying to get it out this time. He wasted no time summoning another holy sword and quickened his footwork using the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. A blur of movement, and he was already behind Long Yue. Immediately he stuck his sword at his back. In the meantime, his third soul ring started shining, and a beam of judgment light appeared and fused with his sword, making it translucent. There’s no way he can block this! But he wouldn’t have thought so if he had seen the smug smile on Long Yue’s face.

Long Yue whirled around in a flash and evaded his attack with ease. His agility was as good as that of Yue Zhengyu!

Yue Zhengyu was shocked. He can also use Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track?!

But he didn’t have time to think now, because Long Yue’s right hand had grown thrice its original size and was sweeping at him.

Yue Zhengyu pulled his sword back just in time to parry Long Yue’s powerful slap. He backed off two steps before steadying himself, the judgment light swiftly climbing over Long Yue’s body. 

The edge of his sword may not have done much damage to Long Yue, but the judgment light must be doing a number on him, judging from the way he grimaced. Fusing with the holy sword had made the already very powerful judgment light even more destructive.

Long Yue tilted his head back and let out a wild, ferocious roar; his body started changing, and in an instant he had grown into a five-meter-tall giant!

Yue Zhengyu sucked in his breath, astounded. He could see that the judgment light over Long Yue was already gone.

In front of him stood a dragon-like creature covered by hard, round bumps of an earthy color. It had a long, thick tail, its muscles big and its back wide and strong.

Yue Zhengyu’s heart stopped in his chest when he saw the soul rings that Long Yue had released for the very first time in this tournament. One, two, three, four, five, six! Six soul rings were revolving around him, three purple and three black!

Long Yue was not a five-ringed Soul King but a six-ringed Soul Emperor, and with three ten-thousand-year soul rings too!

“That’s impossible!” Xu Xiaoyan blurted out, shocked.

The eyes of her teammates went as wide as hers. 

How did he manage to reach such a high cultivation level at such a young age?! Tang Wulin thought. Even Teacher Wu was only a six-ringed Soul Emperor when I first met him. As much as I hate to admit it, Long Yue is in a different league than us. No wonder he didn’t release his soul rings before. Because he didn’t need to.

Even the Shrek Academy had never seen anyone reach such a high cultivation level before the age of 20.

Talented as Tang Wulin and his friends were, they didn’t hold out much hope of becoming a six-ringed Soul Emperor at the age of 20.

Yue Zhengyu fell back a few steps in shock and awe. Then clear thinking reasserted itself; he flapped his wings and flew fast away from Long Yue.

Long Yue looked at Yue Zhengyu with eyes which had become a dark red. “You can congratulate yourself now. Your power has earned you the privilege to see my martial soul. You are strong, for a four-ringed soul master. Yield now, and save me some trouble and you considerable pain. You and I both know your loss is inevitable. My martial soul is the Mountain Dragon!”

Yue Zhengyu looked closely and found that the wingless dragon did have some resemblance to a mountain.

“The Mountain Dragon?” Gu Yue whispered, a look of surprise flashing across her eyes.

Tang Wulin was standing beside her. “Do you know this martial soul? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before. What kind of dragon is it?”

“It’s a dragon king and one of the most powerful ones. I’ve heard a saying: ‘every mountain dragon is a king’.”

Tang Wulin didn’t understand. “But he doesn’t even have wings.”

“Thousands upon thousands of years ago, the Dragon God came into being. He roamed around the universe and finally found a planet to settle on. Then he created nine dragons, which are now known as the Nine Dragon Kings. They were his children as well as his subordinates.

“The Nine Dragon Kings include: the Gold Dragon King, the Mountain Dragon King, the Fire Dragon King, the Water Dragon King, the Earth Dragon King, the Wind Dragon King, the Light Dragon King, the Darkness Dragon King, and the Space Dragon King. They had inherited some of the Dragon God’s power, so all of them were very powerful. When they came of age, they left home to breed and founded eight dragon clans.”

“Hold on a sec. Why only eight dragon clans? There were nine dragon kings,” said Tang Wulin.

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