Chapter 637 - Yue Zhengyu Enters the Stage

Chapter 637 - Yue Zhengyu Enters the Stage

If not for my Golden Dragon King bloodline, Hua Lantang would have put me through the wringer even without his battle armor, Tang Wulin thought. Please let the martial souls of the other Monster Eight Kings be dragon-type. At least there is a high possibility that Long Yue’s martial soul is a kind of dragon, since his name is Long Yue[1]. The thought brought a smile to Tang Wulin’s lips.

Gu Yue nudged him and whispered, “Even if Long Yue’s martial soul is a dragon, you won’t be able to defeat him easily like you did Hua Lantang. He’s awful strong.”

Tang Wulin froze for an instant. “How did you read my mind? Are you a psychic or something?”

Gu Yue giggled. “I suppose you can say that, except I can only read YOUR mind. Come on, Zhengyu’s match is about to start.”

Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan walked up to their stage; it was their first round-robin match.

In their group, Long Yue and Dai Yun’er were, without doubt, the biggest threat to them, but they didn’t have to face them today..

Yue Zhengyu took Xu Xiaoyan by her arm, bent his knees slightly, and jumped onto the stage with her. He was all about looking cool.

Their rivals were two men, who were looking exactly the same, both of them big and muscular. By the look of them, they should be strength-type soul masters.

Yue Zhengyu leaned over and whispered something in Xu Xiaoyan’s ear. The girl nodded.

“Another pair of students from the Shrek Academy have just entered the stage; the boy’s name is Yue Zhengyu, and the girl’s is Xu Xiaoyan,” Fang’er said. She decided to analyze Tang Wulin’s match after she got back, since it seemed to be more complicated than she had thought. When she saw Tang Wulin’s teammates stepping to the stage, she found herself not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to find out more about the students of the Shred Academy.

“Yue Zhengyu is also a participant in the one-on-one competition,” Fang’er continued. “His techniques are magnificent. He is a four-ringed soul master and possesses a very rare and powerful martial soul – the Holy Angel. We have yet to see his full power though, since he hasn’t run into anyone on a par with him.

“Xu Xiaoyan didn’t sign up for the one-on-one competition, and we’ve only seen her use her soul skills a few times in the two-on-twos, so we don’t know much about her. But based on the information I’ve learned, she should be a four-ringed control-type soul master. Her martial soul is some kind of magical staff.

“Their opponents are twins – Lei Xing and Lei Tian. As it happens, I know them. They’re 20 years old – just under the upper age limit for this tournament. Their soul powers are around rank 45. Neither of them has a complete set of one-word battle armor. Their martial souls are the same: the Lightning Axe, a powerful assault-type martial soul. Since they’re twins, their teamwork is bound to be impressive. This promises to be a great match!”

On the stage, Lei Xing and Lei Tian looked grave. There was good reason for this. Strong as they might be, they didn’t hold out much hope for winning, not after seeing Tang Wulin defeat three of the Monster Eight Kings and make a name for the Shrek Academy.

That said, they would never go down easily without putting up a fight. They were convinced they still had a chance to win, slim as it might be, and they were willing to give it their all to make that happen.

“Begin!” the referee shouted.

Lei Xing and Lei Tian raised their right hands simultaneously as the same soul rings appeared around them, two purple and two yellow. Then two Lightning Axes appeared in their right hands respectively after two bluish-purple flashes of lightning.

Their Lightning Axes were about three feet long, with the head occupying half of the length. There were bluish-purple lightning bolt symbols carved in the two axe heads, shining dangerously.

They brought their Lightning Axes down as their first soul rings lit up, and then two flashes of lightning, which possessed terrifying destructive power as well as high speed, were upon Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan in an instant.

When the Lei brothers started summoning their axes, Yue Zhengyu moved in front of Xu Xiaoyan, released his martial soul, and spread his wings, his four purple soul rings revolving.

Holy light had descended around Yue Zhengyu when the two flashes of lightning shot towards him; yet the moment they came into contact with the holy light, they vanished without a trace.

“Such powerful holy light! Even lightning has been destroyed,” Fang’er said, surprised.

Yue Zhengyu flapped his wings, and in a flash, he had flown across half the stage, his second ring shining, his holy sword in his right hand.

The Lei brothers were startled; Yue Zhengyu moved so fast that their eyes could barely track his movements. They raised their Lightning Axes, their third soul ring shining. Bluish-purple lightning suddenly appeared around the axes and instantly spread across their bodies, enveloping them in lightning armor.

It was their third soul skill: Bluish-Purple Lightning Armor.

Then real pieces of armor flew out of their bracelets and covered their chests, right shoulders, and right arms.

Do you really have to use your lightning armor AND the battle armor at the same time? Yue Zhengyu thought. Thanks to the Captain, nobody let their guard down now.

By then Yue Zhengyu was already upon them. He brought his holy sword down, not at the Lei brothers but at the place between them.

Holy light exploded from his sword, dazzling the Lei brothers, but they quickly squinted their eyes and hacked at Yue Zhengyu with their Lightning Axes.

With the benefit of their Bluish-Purple Lightning Armor and battle armor, both their defensive power and attack power had increased dramatically. They believed they were now strong enough to take on two five-ringed Soul Kings.

As Yue Zhengyu slashed down, the Lei brothers were shocked to feel some strange power dragging their bodies towards each other. Their axes slowed a bit, albeit still whistling towards Yue Zhengyu.


1. Long means dragon in Chinese.

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