Chapter 634 - The Dragon Wolf

Chapter 634 - The Dragon Wolf

Being a five-ringed Soul King, Hua Lantang was strong, and now that his strength and speed had increased by 60%, he had become even more intimidating.

That was all thanks to the power of the number one support-type martial soul.

Ye Zhi’s Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda would play a more important part in the team competition. If the abilities of the likes of Long Yue, Dai Yueyan, and Su Mu could be improved by 60%, they would prove to be daunting opponents.

According to legend, after the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda evolved into the Nine Treasures Glazed Pagoda, it was even able to bring dead people back to life, which was absolutely incredible.

Bang! Tang Wulin and Hua Lantang collided head-on.

Tang Wulin felt as if he had slammed into a thick iron plate. The impact sent him falling back a few steps, and Hua Lantang was forced to do the same.

“Tang Wulin is indeed very strong. Although Hua Lantang’s specialty is not strength, with the help of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, his strength has already surpassed that of a five-ringed strength-type soul master; however, he is equal to Tang Wulin in terms of strength,” Fang’er said. She couldn’t hide the surprise in her voice.

As Hua Lantang’s second soul ring lit up, his eyes turned purple, his speed jumped up, and his claws started shimming a purple glow. Then he turned into seven purple beams of light, shooting towards Tang Wulin. This was his second soul skill – Dragon Wolf’s Killing Spree!

Tang Wulin was not impressed. He gave a snort, planted his right foot into the ground, and reversed the flow of his blood essence, letting out a draconic roar.

Despite himself, Hua Lantang’s speed slowed a bit, but still, he was upon Tang Wulin in a fraction of a second.

By then, eight phantom golden dragons had burst out from below Tang Wulin’s feet. They opened their jaws, gobbled up the seven purple beams of light, and thumped into Hua Lantang, who was then sent flying backwards.

What?! Ye Zhi was rooted to the spot in shock. Even Fang’er froze for an instant. They did not understand why Hua Lantang’s unbelievable speed and power couldn’t break through Tang Wulin’s defenses.

Ye Zhi immediately recovered from her shock. She and Hua Lantang had been partners for years; they could read each other’s minds without even trying. At this point, there is no need to gauge his power.

“Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, lend me soul power and defensive power!” Ye Zhi shouted. Then two beams of light shot out of the third and fourth stories of her pagoda.

Her third and fourth soul skills could increase soul power and defensive power respectively.

The Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda had one drawback though: it couldn’t be empowered by battle armor; perhaps that was because it was already powerful enough. But her battle armor was still able to enhance her soul power as well as defensive power, and therefore, she could use the extra soul power to make the effect of her soul skills last longer.

The moment the two beams of light landed on Hua Lantang, his soul power and defensive power surged up. Then he made a quick decision. I won’t make the same mistake as Su Mu did.

He thrust out both hands, and pieces of armor flew out of his bracelets and towards his body.

Even Hua Lantang himself couldn’t begin to understand why his second soul skill had got completely countered by Tang Wulin’s technique. He felt a quiet sense of fear in front of Tang Wulin, which led to him unable to unleash his full power. If not for Ye Zhi’s Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, this match might have become one-sided.

That said, with his speed, strength, soul power, and defensive power having been increased by 60% and the aid of his battle armor, Hua Lantang had every confidence that he would win.

Yet things didn’t always go as planned.

All of a sudden, a beautiful hand with slender fingers appeared on Hua Lantang’s shoulder. Then with a flash of silver light, they both disappeared.

The pieces of armor were still floating in the air, since they couldn’t find their owner.

At the same time, Tang Wulin’s real soul rings – three purple and one black – appeared for the first time in front of the audience. And an instant later, countless thick and dark blue vines shot up into the air and formed a large net around Hua Lantang’s battle armor. It quickly captured every last piece of it, tightening.

Although normal one-word battle armor was connected with its owner’s bloodline and soul power, it took time to put on.

Because their opponents were likely to be battle armor masters, it was natural for Tang Wulin and his teammates to come up with some tactics.

And this tactic they were using now was designed to deal with the Monster Eight Kings exclusively.

Of course, that beautiful hand was Gu Yue’s. She couldn’t have teleported Hua Lantang to her side, since he would have resisted. So she timed it perfectly and teleported him away.

With his battle armor trapped in the net, Hua Lantang couldn’t put it on.

The audience was gaping at the stage; they had never seen such an ingenious tactic before.

Hua Lantang felt dizzy and disoriented when he reappeared a second later. He looked around to get his bearings and suddenly found Gu Yue standing beside him. He roared and slashed at Gu Yue’s shoulder with his sharp claws.

But Gu Yue showed no intention to move, her lips curving in a smile. A flash of silver light, and Tang Wulin appeared before her with a draconic roar. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

Hua Lantang might not know why his martial soul got suppressed, but the same thing couldn’t be said for Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.

When Tang Wulin had learned that his opponent possessed a dragon bloodline, he had already figured out how to fight in this match.

His Golden Dragon King bloodline had never once let him down ever since it awakened in his body. His opponent was bound to be suppressed by him, as long as they had a dragon bloodline. And the weaker they were, the stronger the suppression. Although there was a gap in cultivation between him and Hua Lantang, this gap was not too big. Besides, he had broken the fifth seal, and consequently his Golden Dragon bloodline had become stronger. It was natural that he could suppress Hua Lantang.

Boom! The phantom dragon head slammed into Hua Lantang directly.

Increased as his defensive power had been by the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, he staggered back seven or eight steps before he finally steadied himself.

Yet then he found himself staring at a large blue fireball only inches away from him.


Hua Lantang’s third soul ring lit up right away, his scales giving off an odd hue. He had unleashed his third soul skill – Diamond Dragon Wolf! Then he jerked his arms up just in time to block the explosion. Blue flames engulfed him, only to go out quickly.

Between the assistance of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda and the defensive power of his Diamond Dragon Wolf, he had managed to withstand Gu Yue’s blue fireball.

By then another beam of light had arrived at Hua Lantang. It was Ye Zhi’s fifth soul skill – attack power increasing.

Now Hua Lantang looked as if he were enveloped in purple flames, his eyes deep purple, his arms swelling up. A rapid blur of movement, and he had already moved past Tang Wulin and was about to slash at Gu Yue with his razor-sharp claws.

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