Chapter 628 - Su Mu’s Power

Chapter 628 - Su Mu’s Power

As Tang Wulin had expected, the repulsive force had limits, and it got stronger the closer he got to Su Mu. If he could overpower this force, Su Mu’s repelling ring would be useless.

In a flash, the phantom dragons had pushed Tang Wulin two meters into the dark green ring. Although all he could see was a pale blur, he slashed with his Golden Dragon Dreadclaw at the place where he sensed Su Mu was standing.

Five dark gold beams of light burst forward, tearing through the air. For an instant, Tang Wulin’s dizziness was gone, and he caught the shocked look on Su Mu’s face – clearly he hadn’t seen this coming. Tang Wulin took advantage of this split second and used his Purple Demon Eyes’ spiritual attack, his eyes flashing purple.

Pain seared Su Mu’s mind into oblivion, and he stumbled back a step. By then the five beams of light were already upon him. But suddenly, his five tails acted independently of his will; they jerked up and gathered in front of him just in time.

Then Su Mu’s tails and the five dark gold beams of light collided with a boom.

Tang Wulin had ventured further into the dark green ring this time, so the repulsive force was naturally stronger. He was sent flying over 20 meters before steadying himself on the stage.

At the same time, Tang Wulin’s attack sent Su Mu flying a couple of dozen meters away before he crashed into the barrier and bounced off. But somehow he fell down slowly like a snowflake, and his big tails helped him steady himself when he hit the ground.

Tang Wulin’s face took on a grave expression. He met my Golden Dragon Dreadclaw head-on! And he’s just a control-type soul master without any armor on!

Su Mu looked pale. As he watched his hairs falling from his tails, his previous calm gave way to fury.

There was nothing he cherished more than his tails. He didn’t need to release his martial soul to make them appear; they were a part of his body. To a Nine-Tailed Fox, nothing was more important than its tails. He had been saved from Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, but at the cost of severe damage to his precious tails.

“Such gruesome power!” Dai Yueyan said to Long Yue, worried. “He made the same decision as you did when you fought Su Mu, Boss. Although his power can’t compete with yours, he made a good judgment call. I can’t believe that slash caused so much damage to his tails – they are as strong as normal battle armor.”

The interest in Long Yue’s eyes grew stronger. “Nine-Tailed Foxes are much more frightening when angry. That’s an opinion formed from my own experience. Let’s see if the kid can withstand his fury.”

Su Mu steadied himself and looked down at the hairs on the ground, his previously clear eyes darkening and reddening quickly, his tails growing longer and lashing furiously. The aura emanating from him had completely changed.

Tang Wulin frowned as he looked at Su Mu’s blood-red eyes and his white tails which had grown twice longer. Because of his Golden Dragon King’s bloodline, he could tell that it was not Su Mu’s soul skills or martial soul that was emitting such strong pressure, but his bloodline.

The fox dropped its false courtesy and bared its fangs!

Suddenly, to Tang Wulin’s astonishment, five rings shot out at the same time as Su Mu moved his tails. He is using five soul skills all at once?! That’s impossible! I’ve never met anyone who is capable of doing such a thing before. Soul skills can only be used one after another. This must be attributed to his queer bloodline.

Both Tang Wulin’s teammates and Su Mu’s were watching with bated breath.

The students of Monster Academy had seen Su Mu in this state of fury before. When Su Mu had fought Long Yue, Crazy Long had had to make some sacrifices to withstand this technique. In the end, Su Mu had conceded. Looking at Tang Wulin, they wondered what he would do.

The first ring of light was a speed-reducing ring, white; the second one was a soul power-draining ring, seven-colored; the third one was a repelling ring, dark green; the fourth one was a soul-eating ring, black; the fifth one was a destructive ring, golden.

Between the size of the five rings and their flying speed, it was impossible to outrun them under normal circumstances.

The rings adjusted their positions in the air, overlapped, and then fell down.

Tang Wulin looked grave as the rings fell. Yet, surprisingly, he didn’t dodge. Actually, he didn’t even move; he just let the rings fall around him and did nothing.

Suddenly, Tang Wulin felt like his body was being torn apart; even his Golden Dragon Body could barely withstand the pain.

The effect of the speed-reducing ring had doubled, and so had the effect of other rings. His soul power was being drained twice faster. The repelling ring didn’t repel him this time but made him feel so dazed and disoriented that even his soul power and blood essence were in chaos. Although it was just Su Mu’s third soul skill, it was really useful.

The soul-eating ring was consuming Tang Wulin’s soul. He felt like his spiritual power was being forced out of his body. The unbearable pain in his head made it impossible for him to think.

The destructive ring was tearing violently at his body as if with so many invisible hands.

Tang Wulin started shaking wildly despite himself. His clothes had been torn into shreds, revealing his lean and muscular body, the scales shining resplendently. He was fighting it with all his might, but still, a trace of white soul power was being separated from his body; there was even a faint trace of blood flowing out of him.

“Captain!” Xie Xie shouted, and was about to rush out. But Yuanen Yehui grabbed his arm and stopped him. Although he always bickered with Tang Wulin, they had known each other for many years and were very close.

Gu Yue’s face darkened, her fists clenched. “Trust him. He must have a plan, or else he wouldn’t have taken on the attack head-on.”

The atmosphere in another waiting area was completely different.

“It’s over!” Dai Yueyan said with a sigh of relief. That’s what you get when you make Su Mu angry. Hopefully his tails will heal up soon.

Dai Yun’er stared blankly at the screen. Watching Tang Wulin suffer, she didn’t feel the pleasure of revenge; on the contrary, she found herself worrying about him.

Long Yue frowned, thoughtful. The other members of Monster Eight Kings didn’t even look at the screen anymore.

Su Mu was attacking Tang Wulin’s body, spiritual power, and soul power all at once.

To be sure, it was a terrifying technique, but…

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