Chapter 625 - Fox King – Su Mu

Chapter 625 - Fox King – Su Mu

Yet Long Yue countered her technique without even using his martial soul.

“He must be a defense-type,” Gu Yue said, thoughtful.

Ye Xinglan nodded her agreement. “Only a defense-type could have done what he did that easily. And he’s probably a six-ringed Soul Emperor!”

As well-renowned as Shrek Academy was, no one there Long Yue’s age was a Soul Emperor.

He was truly a prodigy not seen in a thousand years. His powerful martial soul and high cultivation had undoubtedly placed unbearable pressure on them, depriving them of any hope.

Gu Yue’s eyes swept over her teammates. They all looked daunted except for her and Ye Xinglan; Even Yuanen Yehui’s face showed no sign of confidence. “He sure is a formidable adversary,” Gu Yue said, “but I’m not ready to give up yet. Are you?”

“No!” Yuanen Yehui replied.

“We represent Shrek Academy,” Gu Yue continued, “it’s all our duty to defend its honor. Wulin has resolved to defeat Long Yue. We need to do our part as well. Let’s prove to them that Shrek Academy is the number one academy on the whole planet!”

The fear in their eyes was gone, replaced by courage and determination.

They had faced worse odds and won. For students of Shrek Academy, stress was always a powerful motivator. Their teachers had trained their minds as well as their bodies. The name “Shrek Academy” was enough to boost their confidence.

“For Shrek Academy!” Tang Wulin rose to his feet and extended his right hand, his eyes shining golden with excitement.

Gu Yue placed her hand on top of his, and the others quickly followed.

“For Shrek Academy!”

They had come here to have some fun, but now that their competitive nature had got in the way of fun, it was time to put their game faces on! They had but one objective – to win the tournament.

The one-on-one battles continued. Long Yue’s match had totally fired up the audience, who were cheering and applauding.

“I overheard your inspirational speech. Thank you, Gu Yue,” Tang Wulin said to Gu Yue after the other teammates had left to compete.

That earned him a smile. “No thanks necessary,” said Gu Yue. “I did it for our academy, not for you.”

“Our academy’s honor is at stake here. We must win!” Tang Wulin clenched his fist.

“Be careful. Our adversaries are strong.”

Tang Wulin nodded with a smile. “I will.”

Since it was just the preliminaries, the opponents of Tang Wulin’s teammates were not very strong; they all made it to the third round without any surprises.

The time had finally come for Tang Wulin – whose luck had hit rock bottom – to fight Monster Academy.

“I’m so envious, Brother Su Mu,” Dai Yun’er said in another waiting area. “Teach him a hard lesson for me, will you? And don’t hold back.”

Su Mu was an attractive young man like Dai Yueyan, but he was mild and suave, unlike Dai Yueyan, who always gave off the aura of a leader.

Many outsiders had heard of Monster Academy’s Crazy Long, since he had made quite a name for himself, but the name “Su Mu” was not that well-known. However, it was still capable of striking fear into the hearts of the students of Monster Academy.

Su Mu, also known as the God of Sword, was one of the Monster Eight Kings; he ranked third, after Long Yue and Dai Yueyan, the fourth prince.

In fact, his skills were on par with Dai Yueyan’s, who himself hadn’t even seen his full power.

“Don’t listen to her, Su Mu. After all, your opponent is a delegate,” Dai Yueyan said, wrapping his arm around Su Mu’s shoulder.

Su Mu smiled. “All right. I’ll keep that in mind. If you’ll excuse me, I have to get on the stage now.”

Dai Yun’er watched him leave and then turned to her brother, confused. “Why can’t I shake this strange feeling that there is some chemistry between you two, Fourth Brother? Are you in a relationship with him? People are talking, you know.”

Dai Yueyan froze for an instant. Then he pinched her cheek. “Are you seriously implying that I’m gay?”

Dai Yun’er giggled. “You’re not? The way you looked at Brother Su Mu said otherwise.”

“You’ll learn the reason later,” Dai Yueyan said impatiently.

“Yun’er, don’t say things in public that might endanger your fourth brother’s chance of becoming the crown prince,” Long Yue laughed.

“Sorry…” She looked at Long Yue, and then at Dai Yueyan. Are they trying to keep me out of the loop about their scheme?

A confident smile appeared on Dai Yueyan’s face. He stood with his hands behind his back, looking up at the screen before him. He was convinced Su Mu would win, just like he was convinced he would become the crown prince and then succeed to the throne. He was strong, and he had support from Monster Academy; he had every confidence that he could rule well.

“Elder Cai, I still don’t think it’s a good idea,” Wu Zhangkong said with a puzzled frown, looking at Elder Cai in box two in the stadium.

“If an eagle wants to soar in the sky, it needs a storm to provide currents to lift it into heights it could not otherwise reach on its own,” Elder Cai said, expressionless.

“But I fear this storm might be too fierce for them. The students of Monster Academy are older and much stronger.”

“You know the Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yuhao, and you know he was one of the Shrek Seven Monsters and the Master of the Sea God's Pavilion. But do you know how he did it?”

Wu Zhangkong was taken by surprise.

“When he was young, he and his friends went to take part in a tournament as substitutes for seven older students to get some experience,” Elder Cai continued. “Unfortunately, the seven older students got caught up in the blast caused by the self-destruct of an evil soul master and were put out of commission.

“Then the Spirit Ice Douluo and his friends stepped up at that crucial moment and took on opponents who were much older and stronger.”

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