Chapter 624 - Crazy Long’s Power

Chapter 624 - Crazy Long’s Power

“I see your point.”

While opinions were diverse, there was a growing consensus that all the top eight spots would go to Monster Academy.

“Look! Crazy Long is getting on the stage! The last time I saw him was in the last tournament. He was 17 then. He won the one-on-one championship and got a soul bone. There’s no way he’ll lose.”

There he was, walking unhurriedly.

His bald head was conspicuous, and they had arranged for him to fight on the stage in the middle of the stadium.

In his scarlet uniform, he was no less bright than a ball of fire.

His opponent was a girl in a long blue dress; her beautiful eyes were shining with excitement as she looked at Long Yue.

“Brother Long Yue, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” the girl said, bowing her head to show respect.

Long Yue smiled. “The pleasure is all mine.”

“I know it’s rude, but would you mind letting me use all of my soul skills first?” she asked pitifully.

“By all means,” Long Yue replied, still smiling.

The judge was shocked, but after considering Long Yue’s power, he said nothing.

“You may begin,” the judge said. And so Crazy Long’s first match started.

He stood with a smile on his face and didn’t move, like he had promised.

The girl gave a shout, her four soul rings appeared, and the air around her was becoming thick with ice fog.

An ice-attribute martial soul!

It was pretty impressive for a girl of 18 to have become a four-ringed soul master.

As she released her martial soul, four icy blue pieces of battle armor flew out of her bracelet and enveloped her right arm and shoulder, head, and left arm.

A full set of one-word battle armor normally consisted of 13 pieces, and she already had four at such a young age.

Her pretty eyes were gleaming excitedly. As she pressed her hands together and her first soul ring started shining, an ice ball appeared and flew towards Long Yue.

Empowered by her battle armor, the ice ball was about a foot in diameter, with strange patterns all over its surface. It was giving out deep blue light.

The girl raced after the ice ball right away. Her second soul ring lit up when she caught up with it. Then a blue ray of light appeared from her right palm, with which she touched the ice ball.

The ice ball shook a little and suddenly expanded to twice its original size. The strange patterns had become clearer, as if containing a large amount of energy.

Her third soul ring started to shine. 

All of this had happened in a heartbeat.

She pressed her other hand on the ice ball. Sharp spines three feet long immediately shot out of the ball, which had turned deep blue with a diameter of over a meter.

The temperature around the stage had dropped significantly.

The girl stopped running and started dancing. As her fourth soul ring lit up, deep blue lights flew from her hands and reached the ball. All of a sudden, she disappeared. The huge ball accelerated and rushed towards Long Yue, its temperature overwhelmingly low.

Long Yue just stood there and watched with a smile, not moving a muscle.

The stages for one-on-one battles were not big, so in an instant the huge spiky ball was only inches away from him.

The audience was becoming worried and uneasy, as even they could see the horror of the ball.


The ball smashed into Long Yue, ice debris flying around.

But Long Yue’s smile never changed, as if he were a statue. The audience gaped at him in astonishment.

The spines collapsed the moment they came into contact with Long Yue’s body, and then the ice ball fell apart. It looked as if the ball had crashed into a mountain and not a human being.

Suddenly, the girl reappeared, and immediately all the cold energy in the air gathered around her and turned into a small ice vortex spinning in her right palm.

A sly and smug smile touched her lips. You underestimated me, Long Yue. Without releasing your martial soul and battle armor, even you can’t withstand my Icy Palm.

She was using that huge ice ball to create a diversion; this Icy Palm technique was her real ace in the hole.

Her right hand had turned icy blue. And it shot out.

She hesitated a moment and changed her target from his left chest to his right.

Her hand hit his chest with a dull thud. Long Yue didn’t move, neither did the girl.

She had directed all her soul power in her right hand. It was her most powerful technique. She believed she could freeze anything with her hand.

Yet Long Yue didn’t seem to be affected at all. He cocked his head to one side, still smiling. “You done?”

The girl was struck dumb. She looked at Long Yue up and down. “I… I…” What the hell just happened? This is not possible! He should have become an ice sculpture!

“You could have hit me on my left chest, but you didn’t. You’re a nice girl. Now yield,” Long Yue said, and touched her head.

The girl in blue looked up at him, confused. She still hadn’t figured out where all that highly condensed cold energy had gone. She could have sworn it had all gone into his body. There’s no way he has absorbed it all.

“It’s here.” Long Yue tilted his head back and opened his mouth. An icy blue stream of air spewed out. The temperature around them dropped dramatically again.

Now that the girl had seen the huge difference between their power, she bowed again. “I yield.”

The audience broke into rapturous applause. Long Yue’s match had been broadcasted on most of the screens; he had given them a brilliant performance by doing nothing. They were impressed by his gentlemanly behavior as well as his power. They were shouting his name.

Long Yue waved at them and got off the stage.

Tang Wulin’s team was shocked except for Tang Wulin, who was still sitting in their waiting area meditating. They couldn’t believe what they had just seen. They thought the girl’s trump card could have even done a number on a five-ringed Soul King.


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