Chapter 623 - An Unlucky Streak

Chapter 623 - An Unlucky Streak

Ling Wuxie’s eyes went wide when he saw that symbol. Monster Academy! They sure know how to make their students feel special. A look of envy appeared on his face. Tang Wulin will definitely be crushed if his next opponent is a student from Monster Academy.

The golden symbol had fired up the crowd. For people from the Star Luo Empire, Monster Academy had always been their holy land, and always would be.

The participants from Monster Academy didn’t have to compete in the first round of the one-on-ones; it was an age-old privilege they had earned by delivering excellent results in each tournament.

As Ling Wuxie was lost in thought, he suddenly spotted what he had been searching for.

The 163rd match: Su Mu versus Tang Wulin.

And next to Su Mu’s name stood a round golden symbol with a hideous mouth.

What?! As much as Ling Wuxie hated Tang Wulin, he was thunderstruck. Talk about an unlucky streak! His first opponent was me, a one-word battle armor master, and now he has to face a student of Monster Academy!

Each and every participant from Monster Academy is the strongest at their age. And this academy once took all the top eight spots in a tournament. The students there are in a league of their own. Strong as I am, I’d stand no chance against them, not by a long shot.

A malicious satisfaction was aroused in Ling Wuxie; he almost felt sorry for Tang Wulin. Almost.

Serves you right! I bet you won’t even last five minutes.

Due to the large number of contestants, there were several waiting areas. Tang Wulin was in one of them, and he saw what Ling Wuxie had seen.

Xie Xie walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder with a sly smile. “Captain, it turns out I was wronged all along.”

Tang Wulin did not understand. “You were wronged?”

“Yes. I always thought it was my jinxing mouth that always got us in trouble, and I felt so guilty and ashamed. But just now I realized I was wrong, Captain. It’s you who is a bad luck magnet. What are the odds of running into a student of Monster Academy in the second round? One in a thousand?”

Tang Wulin bristled. “Why, thank you for pointing that out.”

“Don’t feel bad about losing to him, Captain. He’s much older,” said Xie Xie.

“You are really lousy at cheering people up, Xie Xie,” Yue Zhengyu said, pushing him away. “Captain, I’m so sorry. We won’t think any less of you just because you lose a match or two. You can rest assured of that.”

Yuanen Yehui looked at Tang Wulin, shook her head, and didn’t say anything.

Ye Xinglan was standing with her arms crossed. “I wish I could have such a worthy opponent as well.”

Xu Lizhi grinned a big stupid grin and looked at his captain with compassion.

Xu Xiaoyan smiled. “Guys, have some faith in our captain. I believe he won’t lose… too badly.”

Tang Wulin was totally speechless.

He turned to Gu Yue and smiled when she suddenly took hold of his arm. Come on, tell them I can do it.

“I’ll pray for you,” she said calmly.

Tang Wulin’s smile froze on his lips.

He scowled at them. “You don’t believe your captain will win?!”

“He’s a one-word battle armor master, Captain, and not just any battle armor master.”

“Wanna bet?” Tang Wulin snorted.

“I’ll bet all I have,” Yue Zhengyu blurted.

“Are you sure?” Tang Wulin said.

Looking at his burning eyes, Yue Zhengyu suddenly felt a lot less confident. “I was just kidding,” he said hurriedly, “I’ll never bet a friend that much.”

“All right. If you lose, I want you to get me a certain ten-thousand-year spirit item.”

Yue Zhengyu was surprised. “A ten-thousand-year spirit item? And if I win?”

“If you win, I’ll provide you with all the spirit alloys you need to make a two-word battle armor.” Tang Wulin wasn’t boasting; being a sixth-rank blacksmith, he was unmistakably the best among the younger generation on both the Douluo Continent and the Star Luo Continent.

Yue Zhengyu might never have said it, but in his heart he believed there was a chance that Tang Wulin would become a Divine Blacksmith. As arrogant as he was, he recognized Tang Wulin as his captain, because he could tell Tang Wulin would go far.

“Deal!” Yue Zhengyu laughed.

Xie Xie was a little tempted as well, but when he saw the excited look in Tang Wulin’s eyes, he held back his urge. He had known him longer; he knew him better than Yue Zhengyu did. Come to think of it, he never bets when the odds are not in his favor. He has figured out how to defeat that one-word battle armor master?

Perhaps he has. After all, he never ceases to amaze us. I should sit this bet out.

Although Yuanen Yehui didn’t know Tang Wulin well, she knew Xie Xie. She figured there must be a reason why Xie Xie acted so abnormally, so she refrained from betting, despite the huge temptation of spirit alloys.

The other teammates didn’t care for betting.

Since their armors were made of spirit alloys, I just need to add another metal to upgrade their armors to two-word, thought Tang Wulin. Even if I have to buy that metal for all of them, it won’t be much more expensive than a ten-thousand-year spirit item.

The desire to win the bet will drive me to defeat Monster Academy. If I can’t beat this Su Mu, then how can I take on Long Yue who must be much stronger?

Wu Zhangkong didn’t come here today. Tang Wulin didn’t know if it was because he had confidence in them or because he had other matters to attend to. He sat down in a corner and began meditating. His match wouldn’t be until noon.

The second round started. Although the participants had thinned out, the ones that had made it here were stronger. The spectators were excited, even though the tickets’ prices had gone up.

Some official gambling games had started, since Monster Academy would compete today; it was another sign that this academy held great importance on the Star Luo Continent.

One could place a bet on the students of Monster Academy or other students.

“Have you placed your bet yet? Will Monster Academy take all the top eight spots again?”

“Of course. I just placed a bet on them taking all the top eight spots. They’re simply unstoppable.”

“Hahaha, you made a mistake. Her Highness is also a participant. Don’t you remember? To be sure, she’s talented, but she’s young and just a four-ringed soul master. She doesn’t have a complete set of one-word battle armor. I don’t think she’ll be able to make the top eight.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, buddy. Her Highness will be choosing a groom after the tournament. She’s a goddess. Her opponents would have to be pretty dumb not to let her win. Besides, her teammates will help her when they can. I think she’ll definitely make the top eight and probably even make the top three.”

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