Chapter 621 - The Fifth Seal, Break!

Chapter 621 - The Fifth Seal, Break!

Tang Wulin raised an eyebrow. “I’ll deal with it!” Yuanen Yehui called behind him.

She jumped up, her body swelling with strength. Four soul rings appeared around her, both the third and the fourth shining bright.

The young man in yellow was shocked to see that a giant with a height of more than five meters dropped from the sky, and fell directly on his tornado. Then, his tornado disappeared without a trace.

Yuanen Yehui’s Diamond Titan and Devil Titan had extremely strong attack and defensive power.

Then her right fist burst out, and with it an invisible pressure.

The young man just barely managed to raise his fan to protect himself.


Even Tang Wulin had to use Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens to meet such a powerful Air Cannon head on. The man in yellow was clearly not a power-type; the Air Cannon empowered by Diamond Titan and Devil Titan sent the man flying backwards, breaking their formation.

Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Ye Xinglan took this window of opportunity and charged forward.

Their opponents never stood a chance. Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi stopped running. The match was over in a heartbeat.

The young man had turned out to be just a five-ringed Soul King and not a one-word battle armor master, so he hadn’t posed much of a challenge to Tang Wulin’s team, but then again, it was not like one-word battle armor masters were that easy to run into.

They had won their first match, but the pleasure seemed to have evaded Tang Wulin. He was a worrywart; the fear of losing to Long Yue was still hanging over him. I’m the captain. If I’m not strong enough to lead them to victory, then what good am I? He had made up his mind.

Tang Wulin wasted no time in getting back to the hotel. After telling his friends he would skip lunch, he locked himself in his room. It’s time!

He heard a draconic roar echo from deep within himself. Tang Wulin closed his eyes and reversed the flow of his blood essence. His soul power fused with his blood essence and swept towards the seal, which was already covered in cracks.

The seal broke almost immediately with a loud “boom”, releasing the energy of the Golden Dragon King. It fused with his flesh and blood, raging through his meridian channels.

Between forty-nine days of torture, his martial soul’s second awakening, and breaking through to rank 40, his body had become much stronger. He felt bloated and painful, but nothing he could not tolerate; he didn’t even use any spirit items to help him this time. He could clearly feel even the smallest changes in his body.

The golden energy was strong and potent, with a touch of madness. It rushed around blindly, as if trying to break out.

With the help of his blood essence, he managed to mix the energy with his blood. He used the Mysterious Heaven Method, feeling the absorption of the energy as his soul power circulated several times quicker throughout his body.

He wanted to become stronger; he had to become stronger.

He had to win!

His strong competitive spirit had turned into an unstoppable urge to fight.

His eyes were wild with excitement, the pupils becoming slit, like those of a dragon. Golden veins sprang up all over his skin. Golden scales began appearing on his right hand, and then quickly spread across his right arm, shoulder, and torso. The spread slowed when the scales reached his left shoulder.

The pain was totally bearable. Tang Wulin could feel everything inside of him being dyed a radiant gold by the energy of the Golden Dragon King; he could even feel Goldsong and Tyrant Dragon cheering. They were basically a part of him, so they also benefited every time he broke a seal.

He knew well enough that Tyrant Dragon choosing to become his spirit soul was not because of his personal charisma, but because it was attracted to his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

As the golden scales spread slowly past his left elbow, Tang Wulin could no longer stay calm – he had foreseen what might happen next.

The soul power circulated faster, his body greedily gobbling up the golden energy.

As the golden scales popped out, his skin felt itchy and atingle, which had never happened in previous seal breakings.

At last, the scales reached his left wrist and showed no sign of stopping. Pangs of agonizing pain started coming from his left hand. With a succession of creepy creaking sounds, his left hand enlarged, his meridian channels elongated, and bones started protruding from his skin and turning into a golden claw.

He could feel his strength growing, yet it hurt so much!

He felt his hand was being torn apart, but he gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

Almost there!

The golden dragon claw had always been his trump card. If he had two trump cards…

Even if his left claw was just a normal golden dragon claw and not a golden dragon dreadclaw, he would be content, because even a normal golden dragon claw had incredible attack and defense power. Besides, the increase in his bloodline power would dramatically improve his strength, speed, and survivability.

Tang Wulin believed his defense power could compete with that of a one-word battle armor master, if the dragon scales could cover his whole body, 

He had decided to break his fifth seal when he heard Long Yue’s arrogant laughter.

Finally, the severe pain was gone, but the itch and tingle stayed. The skin was healing, and the scales were growing. Somehow he felt this golden dragon claw was different. My right claw has a crushing effect; what about this one? They are not the same?

The golden energy quieted down at last. Tang Wulin was now soaked in sweat.

This seal breaking was the quickest and easiest, but his feeling was the clearest. Old Tang had said that the golden energy was a double-edged sword, but at least as of today, it had only brought him positive effects. He would never have gone this far without that energy, so he was more grateful than scared of it.

Just like Long Yue had said, all he needed was time. As long as he could break the seals one by one without any incidents, he would surely become an incredibly strong soul master.

It was already dark outside. Tang Wulin sprang out of bed, stripped off, and ran into the bathroom.

He took a hot shower and washed himself clean. He was still a little exhausted, but he felt amazing.

He clenched his left fist, feeling the strong power. What is the special effect of this golden dragon claw?

Tang Wulin walked to the wall. As he circulated his blood essence, scales covered his hands and two golden dragon claws appeared.

They nearly looked the same with their tips shining golden, only the right claw was larger, most likely due to the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear's soul bone.

He pushed his left claw into the wall.

The wall would have been crushed to powder where it touched by the right claw.

But when the left claw came in contact with the wall, cracks began to appear and quickly spread. And in the blink of an eye, the wall was covered in cracks.

Is this…

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