Chapter 620 - The Battle Begins!

Chapter 620 - The Battle Begins!

After getting on the stage, all the seven members of Monster Academy looked to Long Yue. When he nodded slightly, their morale was boosted greatly.

With Dai Yueyan commanding them, they cruised to victory without breaking a sweat.

Xie Xie’s brows furrowed. “Five rings, five rings, five rings, five rings, five rings, five rings, four rings!”

All the seven members of Monster Academy were five-ring soul masters with the exception of the princess. On top of that, three members’ soul rings were all purple, three had black soul rings, and Dai Yueyan possessed two black soul rings; even Dai Yun’er had three purple soul rings and one black one.

They totally annihilated their opponents when it came to soul rings. It was hard to tell how powerful they were, since their opponents got crushed in an instant. One thing was for sure though – their teamwork was excellent.

An expression of surprise dawned on Tang Wulin’s face; he never expected Dai Yun’er to have the same soul rings as him. I was under the impression that she was just a spoiled princess, but it turns out that she is actually a talented soul master.

Monster Academy has certainly lived up to its name. They are a powerful team even without that Crazy Long. If all of them are one-word battle armor masters, then the odds of us winning will drop drastically. As the number one academy in the whole Star Luo Empire, their one-word battle armor masters must be much stronger than normal ones.

With our speed and strength, we may have some chance of taking them down in one-on-one combat, but team battle is another matter entirely.

“Do you still remember the most fundamental rule of Shrek Academy?” a cold voice sounded behind Tang Wulin and his teammates.

They turned to look and found Wu Zhangkong standing there.

“To perform miracles,” Wu Zhangkong continued. “Remember who you are. It’s time to prove that you’re students of Shrek Academy!”

Tang Wulin’s hand coiled into a fist, conviction glinting in his eyes.

Wu Zhangkong walked over to his students and closed his eyes to think. His face was calm, but his mind was in a turmoil. He had arrived before his students and thus had seen the pure battle of strength that was disguised as a handshake.

Being high in cultivation level, Wu Zhangkong was able to see more than his students. When Long Yue left laughing his loud laugh, he had given off an aura that had reminded him of the strong soul beasts in the most advanced level spirit ascension platform. Wu Zhangkong came to a shocking realization that he wasn’t one hundred percent sure he could beat Long Yue. He tried to think of someone who was of Long Yue’s age and stronger than him, but found he couldn’t. Maybe he really is a prodigy not seen in a thousand years. 

Of course, he would never share these thoughts with his students, who had no idea how daunting their opponent was.

At this moment, the competitors in the waiting area parted again – the Monster Academy group dressed in red had come back. Long Yue was walking in front. As soon as he entered the room, he gave Tang Wulin a thin smile and then strode away.

Dai Yun’er looked at Tang Wulin and gave him a thumbs-down.

Tang Wulin watched them leave, expressionless. Suddenly, a soft hand took his. “I’ll compete in the team battle,” Gu Yue said. Her voice was almost emotionless, but it warmed his heart nonetheless. Almost as a reflex action, he grabbed her hand.

Every stage for the team battle was spacious, about 300 meters in diameter; the soul barrier around each stage was apparently stronger.

When Tang Wulin and his teammates entered the stage, their opponents dressed in yellow were looking at them warily. The strength battle between Tang Wulin and Long Yue had ended in a draw in their eyes, so how could they not take them seriously?

“Begin!” the judge declared. The first team battle of the Shrek Academy group started.

Standing on the stage were Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi. Gu Yue was the substitute.

Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui immediately charged forward, like three arrows leaving bows. Xie Xie followed them and hid behind Yuanen Yehui.

Xu Lizhi threw buns to the others right away. They caught the buns from behind, ate them, and became lighter and faster instantly. They were Agility Soup Buns.

It seemed the Shrek Academy group’s formation was loose; Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi were charging as well, but they were not as fast.

However, their opponents’ formation was much tighter; they rushed forward in V-formation. The one taking point was a young man of average stature. Five soul rings rose from his feet – two yellow and three purple.

His soul rings were normal, but his martial soul was a fan! As his soul rings started shining, the fan grew bigger and bigger.

He waved it, and suddenly a gust of wind drove down the stage.

A wind-type martial soul!

Tang Wulin activated Golden Dragon Body, his body shining golden, and braved the wind without losing any speed.

Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui dodged behind their captain. With Xie Xie still behind Yuanen Yehui, the four of them had formed a straight line, minimizing the effect of the wind.

Tang Wulin strode forward, strong gusts of wind swept towards him, but his steps were extremely firm, bringing him closer.

The young man frowned, his fifth soul ring shining; he was going to use his ace in the hole.

He sure had wisdom and battle experience. Although they are young, we cannot take them lightly, as even Long Yue praised him, the young man thought. Their formation may be loose, but that’s probably because they have confidence in their abilities. Me holding back might cause serious consequences. I will use my trump card to create an opportunity for my teammates!

He waved his giant fan again. A blue tornado appeared and stormed towards Tang Wulin. Blue Tornado – his most powerful soul skill.

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