Chapter 619 - Crazy Long

Chapter 619 - Crazy Long

Dai Yun’er’s eyes swept around the waiting area, as if she was looking for someone. Soon she spotted Tang Wulin and smiled.

Undoubtedly, she was really pretty, and her smile was like a hundred flowers blooming, yet somehow Tang Wulin felt a sudden chill down his spine.

She ran over to the bald man in front and tugged at his sleeve. When the baldy looked down and found it was her, he subdued his aggressive aura and stooped down. Dai Yun’er whispered something in his ear. Then he raised his head and looked to Tang Wulin, his eyes turning dark red in the blink of an eye.

The air seemed to have become thick with tension the moment his eyes changed color. Many contestants shuffled back despite themselves, fear written all over their faces.

The bald man started striding towards Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s gaze sharpened and he stood his ground. He was a leader, and a leader should never show weakness or fear.

He reached Tang Wulin in just a few strides, his dark red eyes shining.

“Are you the one who bullied Dai Yun’er?” His voice was deep and not particularly loud, but the pressure exuding from it was too strong to ignore.

Tang Wulin smiled thinly. “I don’t think ‘bully’ is the right word.”

“My name is Long Yue. People call me Crazy Long. Nice to meet you.” He put his hand out.

Tang Wulin could see that even his skin was a little red. His hand was huge, like a cattail leaf fan. He smiled and shook his hand. “Tang Wulin, a student of Shrek Academy.” He gave a brief introduction.

That was a strong handshake. Perhaps too strong, from the looks everyone gave them.

Dai Yun’er’s eyes were shining with great satisfaction. Asshole, you dare to shake hands with Brother Long? You’re dead!

Much to her surprise, however, the two hands were motionless.

As the dark red color in Long Yue’s hand deepened, Tang Wulin’s hand turned light golden. The two men were as steady as two rocks.

Long Yue jerked his head up and stared at Tang Wulin, his dark red eyes shouting danger.

Tang Wulin met his eyes without blinking, his eyes shining golden.

After a good 15 seconds, their arms started shaking a little, but neither moved.

Dai Yueyan stepped up to them. “Brother Long, that’s enough.”

Long Yue and Tang Wulin loosened their grip at the same time. Tang Wulin was expressionless, but Long Yue suddenly burst into loud laughter, a flicker of madness flashing across his eyes. “Haven’t seen such an interesting opponent in ages! Too bad you’re too young. It would be more fun if you were much older.” Laughing, he turned around and left, followed by Dai Yueyan and his sister.

Tang Wulin had his right hand behind his back, presenting a cool posture, but his teammates standing beside him saw that his hand was shaking.

“Captain!” Xie Xie called in a low voice, walking over to him.

Tang Wulin frowned and didn’t reply. Only he knew what had happened just now.

He had never met anyone who possessed more strength than Long Yue. It was the first time he had lost to someone in strength after he started breaking seals on the Golden Dragon King.

Long Yue’s strength was bottomless. Tang Wulin might have been calm on the outside, but he had gone all out. He hadn’t used his golden dragon claw, not because he hadn’t wanted to, but because Long Yue had kept his claw at bay by sheer force.

Nothing like that had ever happened to Tang Wulin before. He was a little frightened, partly because of Monster Academy team’s captain’s unimaginable power, but mostly because of his insatiable craving for battle.

Tang Wulin had never seen such a formidable opponent.

Obviously, Long Yue had felt the gap between him and Tang Wulin, which was why he had said he was too young. And like he had said, Tang Wulin could be as strong as him in four or five years, but now…

Gu Yue touched Tang Wulin’s right hand gently and poured soul power into him. It felt like his hand was immersed in warm water, the bone-crushing pain going away quickly.

“Why didn’t you teach him a lesson, Brother Long?” Dai Yun’er said to Long Yue. “You could have easily crushed his hand.”

Long Yue laughed and stroked her head. “Trust me, he got his lesson all right. If you play with a toy too much, it might break. Besides, I don’t like picking on someone younger than me. His strength was a little surprising though; he is as strong as me when I was his age. Don’t worry. I won’t hold back on the stage. I’ll help you get your revenge.”

“Promise me!” Dai Yun’er held out her pinky.

Long Yue smiled and locked his pinky with hers. “Fine, I promise. And I never go back on my promise to you.” Then he lovingly stroked her hair again.

“Don’t muss up my hair,” she pouted, but didn’t bother to fix it up.

Xie Xie went for a walk and came back with information on Long Yue.

“A prodigy not seen in a thousand years?!” The Shrek Academy group gaped.

“At least that’s what I heard,” said Xie Xie. “It’s said that he was already a three-ringed soul master when he was accepted into Monster Academy at 10. He possesses innate divine strength. At the age of 16, he became invincible in Monster Academy and then became the undisputed head of the Monster Eight Kings, which comprises eight really strong students from Monster Academy. He is a legend; nobody really knows how strong he is. I think he’s at least a one-word battle armor master, and not just any one-word battle armor master. He may prove to be our most challenging opponent.”

“We’ll just do our best,” said Xu Xiaoyan.

“And God will do the rest!” added Yue Zhengyu.

Xie Xie looked at them. “You two are so in sync!”

“They’re much older than us, so we don’t need to feel bad even if they beat us,” said Yue Zhengyu.

Tang Wulin said nothing, but the fire in his eyes said plenty. I don’t care even if he is a prodigy not seen in a million years!

“There they are,” Xu Lizhi said suddenly.

They raised their heads and looked up at the screen on the wall. The Monster Academy would compete in the first match.

Long Yue was not on the stage though. He was standing there like an immovable mountain, the madness gone from his eyes.

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