Chapter 618 - Wanna Bet?

Chapter 618 - Wanna Bet?

“Captain, what did you do to her last night?” Xie Xie asked with a smug smile. “She wants to see you first thing in the morning!”

Tang Wulin shot him an angry glare. “Cut it out!” He rose to his feet and walked over to her.

Beside Dai Yun’er stood a slim, attractive man. It was Dai Yueyan. He looked at Tang Wulin, and then at his sister. He is a charming young man. His face is almost flawless. Moreover, he’s a student of Shrek Academy. No wonder Yun’er is taking an interest in him.

“How can I help you, Your Highness?” Tang Wulin asked. “By the way, I don’t think it’s proper for a princess to be so loud in public.” He really didn’t like her.

Dai Yun’er snorted. “I came here as a commoner, not a princess. You can drop the formalities.”

“Very well. Then what do you want?”

“I’m here to offer you a bet.”

Tang Wulin raised his eyebrow in surprise. “A bet?”

Dai Yun’er nodded. “Yes.”

“Thank you, but no, thanks.” With that Tang Wulin turned around and left.

“You…” Dai Yun’er glared at him, her face pale with anger.

A smile flashed across Dai Yueyan’s face. Such an interesting young man. And clearly, he’s not a lickspittle.

“Don’t you walk away from me!” Dai Yun’er caught up with Tang Wulin in two strides, grabbing at his arm.

Tang Wulin moved his body slightly and dodged her grab with ease. “Men and women should not touch each other, you know.”

“I’m gonna kill you!” Dai Yun’er said through gritted teeth.

Tang Wulin said solemnly, “Are you threatening to kill a delegate?”

Now Dai Yun’er was mad as hell. She turned to Dai Yueyan. “Did you see how impertinent he is, Fourth Brother? Help me!”

Dai Yueyan had no choice but to walk over to them. He looked at Tang Wulin calmly, a pressure emanating from him

Tang Wulin turned around. He’s her brother? So he must be a prince of the Star Luo Empire.

“I’m Dai Yueyan. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” His down-to-earth introduction made a good impression on Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin greeted him with a smile. “So Her Highness told you on me. But I don’t think I did anything to her.”

Dai Yueyan was taken by surprise. He doesn’t seem to be affected by my pressure; he must be very strong.

“No, she didn’t tell on you. It’s just she heard so much about the prestigious Shrek Academy, the number one academy, so she wanted to provoke you into sparring with us.”

“I see,” said Tang Wulin. He surely knows the art of talking, unlike his sister. “So you came here to spar with us.”

“I heard you are competing in the tournament, and as it happens, my sister and I are competing too. So I guess we’ll see you on the stage,” said Dai Yueyan.

“You take pride in your team battles, right?” Dai Yue’er added. “Then we’ll bet on the team battle. We’ll annihilate you!”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “I told you I don’t bet. You have the home-court advantage. Besides, gambling is a bad habit; you’re setting a terrible example to your people.”

“You’re afraid of losing,” Dai Yun’er sneered. “That makes sense, since Shrek Academy only accepts cowards.”

Tang Wulin frowned. “You can insult me, but leave Shrek Academy out of this. I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.” He whirled around and went back to his breakfast.

Dai Yun’er was furious and was just about to rush after him when Dai Yueyan reached out and grabbed her arm.

“That’s enough, little sister.”

“Why didn’t you help me?!” Dai Yun’er’s face was filled with anger.

Dai Yueyan looked down at her, confused. “You’re not yourself today, little sister. You possess a spiritual-type martial soul; you never lost your cool. Calm down. Don’t act on impulse. Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

His words hit Dai Yun’er like a thunderbolt. Yes, what happened to me? I am the one to toy with people, and not the other way around!

Dai Yueyan patted her on the shoulder and dragged her away. “Let’s go.” He would never stoop so low as to pull rank on Tang Wulin and force him to apologize; he decided to teach Tang Wulin a lesson on the stage.

“You have successfully got the attention of the princess,” Yue Zhengyu said with a gloating look.

Tang Wulin paid him no mind and recommenced stuffing himself.

“That’s not a bad thing though,” Yue Zhengyu added, “they sure have made the competition much more interesting.”

Since Gu Yue refused to participate in the team battle, Xu Lizhi would compete. Each team must have a backup member, and Gu Yue was naturally taking this role; that meant she would still be present during the team battles.

The popularity of team battles could be seen by the flow of people outside the Grand Star Luo Stadium. Compared with the previous two days, the flow of people had significantly dwindled. That was because people here found team battles too chaotic to see what was going on. They had a point there. Although team battles were intenser and required more tactics, normal people found one-on-ones much more enjoyable.

When Tang Wulin and his teammates came to the waiting area to check their number, it was packed, since each team had eight members.

The stages for team battles were much larger, as a result of which, the stadium was large enough to hold only five simultaneous battles at once.

The number of Tang Wulin’s team indicated they didn’t have to wait long.

Suddenly, the bustling waiting area fell silent.

The Shrek Academy group turned to look in surprise.

A group of eight people were walking into the waiting area. They were all neatly dressed in dark red, with a round, black symbol on the chest, which had a strangely enlarged mouth full of grotesque teeth.

“Monster Academy…” said a low voice.

Tang Wulin overheard him. This must be the famed knockoff Shrek Academy. 

Their uniforms are red, and ours are green. Red and green don’t go well together…

The man walking in front was big, bald, and about two meters tall, with wide shoulders and a broad back. He was giving off an aura like that of a mountain. Even Tang Wulin was impressed. And he thought he saw red in the man’s eyes.

The crowd parted to let them through.

Then Tang Wulin saw the man behind the baldy. His eyes widened. The fourth prince of the Star Luo Empire – Dai Yueyan.

More to his amazement, the one bringing up the rear was none other than Princess Dai Yun’er!

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