Chapter 612 - Steam Rolling

Chapter 612 - Steam Rolling

The poison fog Die’er summoned did not possess particularly strong toxicity. It’s main purpose was incapacitating those affected by putting them into a stupor. Tang Wulin had taken a full hit of the poison fog, but his strong body made its effects negligible. 

A draconic roar erupted when Tang Wulin stomped his right foot. Phantom dragons shot out of the ground and swarmed Die’er. 

“Woah!” Die’er cried out. With a flap of her butterfly wings, she soared up into the air. But the eight phantom dragons were already upon her, spiraling around her to generate a force pulling her back to the ground.

Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth didn’t just have a stunning effect but also had the effect of pulling its target toward the ground.

The Scarlet Dragon Douluo had originally created Dragon Shakes the Earth to deal with flying soul masters. At his peak level, it could pull soul masters flying as high as one thousand meters in the air back down. 

Die’er had a fairly tough body, but it couldn’t be compared with the power of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. Try as she might to struggle, she still fell to the ground. 

The moment she landed, her soul rings lit up and her wings grew to thrice as large. She summoned an enormous fog of poison far more potent than before around her.

Tang Wulin charged forward and tore through the fog to attack the butterfly wings. The moment his claws slashed the wings, sparks shot out from their contact. But that only lasted a moment before Tang Wulin had a firm grip on her. 

He stomped once more and dispersed the fog in the area. The tremors ran through Die’er’s body and disrupted her blood essence flow, instantly sending her body rigid. 

“The match is finished. Team 161 is the victor.” 

The match had lasted merely forty seconds! 

Meng Xiaoran and Die’er hadn’t didn’t have any teamwork at all and underestimated their opponent, so this outcome was to be expected. However, that did not lessen the terrifying toughness of Tang Wulin’s body! 

“Boss, mission complete!” Tang Wulin said as he walked back to Gu Yue with a huge grin. 

When Die’er recovered from the shocks, she didn’t immediately step down from the stage. Instead, she chased after Tang Wulin. 

“Hey pretty boy, I know I lost, but could you tell me your name anyway? You’re so cool. You’re a perfect little prince! I’m your fan now!” 

Tang Wulin was taken aback, blinking blankly at her a few times. “You want to make me noodles?” he asked, mishearing her. “I wonder how much it would take to fill me up?” 

Seeing Die’er’s blank look, Gu Yue couldn’t help but roar with laughter to the point where her stomach hurt. Feeding a glutton like him was no walk in the park.

Meng Xiaoran ran over and dragged her off the stage, so she never learned Tang Wulin’s name. He had thought he was fairly eccentric himself, but he couldn’t hold a candle to Die’er’s flame! 

Shrek Academy had pretty good luck for the first round of two-on-twos. After Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s match, none of the other pairs encountered any powerful opponents and they all won their matches. 


Upon one of the viewing platforms, Dai Tianling asked one of his aids, “Shrek Academy is strong, just as we expected. It’s no wonder they’re the number one academy on Douluo. Has the data analysis been finished?”

“The analysis is done. From their previous matches and the individual competition, the strongest one is likely their captain, Tang Wulin. He’s the same kid who caused a commotion during the opening ceremony,” answered an elder as he scrolled through a tablet. 

“During his first match in the individual competition, he defeated Ling Wuxie. Although Ling Wuxie isn’t from Monster Academy, he’s one of the greatest talents of the rising generation. He’s even a one-word battle armor master.”

“That Tang Wulin managed to defeat a one-word battle armor master?” Dai Tianling didn’t know how to feel about this, but he had to acknowledge that his troublesome daughter had good eyes! 

“Yes, he did. I carefully reviewed the recording of the battle and have concluded that Tang Wulin has plenty of real combat experience. Due to his age, his cultivation level is lower and he doesn’t have as many battle armor pieces yet. But when Tang Wulin fought Ling Wuxie, he utterly suppressed Ling Wuxie and prevented him from bringing out the power of his battle armor. From there, he continued chaining attack after attack. Judging from the damage to Ling Wuxie’s armor, Tang Wulin possesses frightening strength and attack power, far higher than what an ordinary four-ringed soul master is capable of. There seem to be some peculiarities about his body and there are also those golden soul rings we need to take note of. We don’t know what those rings are yet, but we’re certain they aren’t the fabled million-year soul rings.” 

Dai Tianling smiled. “What an interesting brat. Shrek Academy really is a gathering of monsters. Keep a close eye on him.” 

For the first time, Dai Tianling felt that his daughter was right for stirring up trouble. As the Emperor of Star Luo, he was always in need of talented individuals. Although Tang Wulin came from Shrek Academy, Dai Tianling was the emperor of a country. If he could confirm whether or not Shrek Academy was cultivating him as a core member for the future, then he would have a better idea of how to handle this. 


When Tang Wulin and his friends finished their matches for the day and were leaving the stadium, someone called out right at the entrance, “Tang Wulin.” 

Tang Wulin turned to see Dai Yun’er poking her head out from a corner and waving at him. 

There was no doubt that Tang Wulin viewed Dai Yun’er in a bad light. After the stunt this princess pulled the other day, he had become the target of much criticism. Although no one took note of him now, once the tournament advanced further and the number of participants thinned out, more would notice him and he would likely run into opponents with grievances against him. 

Regardless of his opinion of her, however, she was still an imperial princess. He couldn’t treat her too rudely. He walked over to her as his friends gawked at them from afar. 

Gu Yue maintained a calm expression, her hands stuffed into her pockets casually as she watched in silence. 

“Hello, Your Highness. How can I help you?” 

“I watched your match, and I watched a recording of your duel too. You’re pretty good!” Dai Yun’er said, a sweet smile on her face. 

“That’s good,” Tang Wulin said perfunctorily.  

Dai Yun’er said, “Do you best! If you win the individual competition, maybe you’ll become the emperor’s son-in-law.” 

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes at her. “My apologies, Your Highness, but I’m from Douluo. I have no plans of staying here. Please do not choose me. You’re not my type anyway.” 

Dai Yun’er was stunned by Tang Wulin’s blunt rejection.

After watching him fighting in the two-on-two and one-on-one matches, her interest in him was piqued. She had always heard that Shrek Academy was Douluo’s number one academy. In fact, it had held that position for over twenty thousand years. Tang Wulin was the same age as her, yet he possessed far greater strength than others their age. He was even able to defeat a one-word battle armor master. With the addition of his dashing good looks, Dai Yun’er couldn’t help but be interested in him and want to chat with him. Yet when she approached him, she got a bucket full of cold water dumped over her head by his blunt rejection. 

Since she was a child, Dai Yun’er had been doted on by her father. She cherished by both her father and brothers, the apple of their eyes. When it came to her, they would always bend to fulfill even the most ridiculous of requests. No matter what sort of trouble she caused, her elder brothers would clean up after her. 

Never before in her life had she been rejected so coldly. She could see the annoyance and impatience in Tang Wulin’s eyes as he looked at her. The contrast with his mask of politeness stabbed at her heart. 

She hadn’t actually wanted to take Tang Wulin as her husband, but had just been teasing him. However, his rejection hurt her self-esteem. 

“You…” Dai Yun’er put both her hands on her hips and glowered at him, her large eyes filling with tears.

“Your Highness, if you don’t have anything else to say, I’ll leave to go rest.” After regarding her for a moment, Tang Wulin waved goodbye and left. 

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