Chapter 601 - Adding Oil to the Fire

Chapter 601 - Adding Oil to the Fire

The young noblemen surrounding Tang Wulin quickly moved out of the way. Turning to the voice, Tang Wulin was met with the approaching figures of the emperor and empress.

“What is your name?” Dai Tianling asked, sizing Tang Wulin up. 

During the ceremony prior, Dai Tianling had been too far to get a good look at Tang Wulin. Now that they were only meters apart, he could see Tang Wulin for the tall and handsome young man he was. Tang Wulin’s sunny aura, large eyes, and long eyelashes made him easy to like. Even women would be jealous of his pretty eyes. 

Tang Wulin bowed. “Greetings, Your Majesty. My name is Tang Wulin.” 

Dai Tianling smiled. “I look forward to your performance in the Continent Young Elites Tournament.” He gave Tang Wulin a curt nod, then turned and left. 

Tang Wulin stared at the retreating broad back, eyes bulging. Aren’t you just pouring oil on the fire now?  

The surrounding noblemen stared at Tang Wulin, their bloodlust having grown all the more thick.  But due to the emperor’s attitude to the matter, they dared not act against Tang Wulin there. 

Is this what they call an absurd calamity? God damn it! Tang Wulin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Is there no way out of this? Fuck it! I’ll just not join the tournament! 

“Good luck.” Turning to the voice, Tang Wulin saw Elder Cai walk past him, patting him on the shoulder. 

“Can I just not participate?” Tang Wulin asked, forcing out a smile. 

“You can.” Elder Cai paused, staring Tang Wulin right in the eye. “But let me remind you, this trip isn’t merely a diplomatic exchange. This is also a trial for you kids. It’s a trial to see who is worthy of joining the next generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters and entering the inner court. If you avoid this battle, then you will lose the qualifications to enter the inner court.”

Tang Wulin’s interest was piqued. For a student of Shrek Academy, joining the inner court and  the Shrek Seven Monsters was the most attractive opportunity possible.

“Furthermore, the tournament’s rewards are very generous. First place in the one-on-one tournament wins a soul bone,” Elder Cai said.

A soul bone? Tang Wulin’s eyes went wide. Since he possessed the right-hand soul bone in the spirit ascension platform, he was well aware of how powerful soul bones were. His Golden Dragon Dreadclaw was a trump card that had saved him on countless occasions already. Not only would obtaining another soul bone increase his strength by leaps and bounds, it would even benefit his body. It would make breaking the next seal on the Golden Dragon King a shade easier and bypass the need for spirit items. He would save boatloads of money! Screw it! I gotta win that spirit bone! I didn’t promise to be her boyfriend and she was just pranking me anyway. Hehe. Let’s see how you squirm if I really do become the champion! Tang Wulin clenched his fists with resolve. 

“Boss, you’re so damn cool! You just casually picked up a princess!” Xie Xie exclaimed in admiration as he walked over and swung an arm around Tang Wulin’s shoulders. 

“Get away from me,” Tang Wulin said, gloomy and annoyed.

“How could you do this to Gu Yue?” Yuanen Yehui earnestly said. 

“Yeah! You’re acting improperly! A man needs to be responsible and single-minded,” Yue Zhengyu chimed in. 

Tang Wulin felt the urge to punch Yue Zhengyu’s smug and handsome face. The guy who bought an entire drink shop just for a girl’s number is lecturing me? Who the hell are you to talk? 

Xu Lizhi also joined in on the fun. “Captain, good luck!”

What the hell do you mean by ‘good luck’? Tang Wulin glowered.  

“I never thought you would be such a player.” Ye Xinglan looked at Tang Wulin, eyes dripping with disdain. 

Tang Wulin stared at them. I’m only fifteen! I’m not with Gu Yue or anything! How am I a player? I just want to study and work hard! Is that so wrong? Damn it! 

Throughout the return to their hotel, Tang Wulin was in a dour mood. I can’t believe my luck is so shit. What kind of princess is she supposed to be? All she does is give me trouble! 

Down in the dumps, Tang Wulin groaned in his heart. Screw it all! I’ll just go become the champion! Let’s see how that damn princess screws with me then! 

Just as Tang Wulin had resolved himself, he arrived in front of Gu Yue’s room and knocked on her door. No response came.

“Gu Yue, don’t misunderstand! That princess said that out loud on purpose to screw with me!” Once again, he knocked on her door.

The door flew open. A thrust of a hand, and Gu Yue dragged him inside by the collar. She regarded him with a mask of calm as she took a seat on the sofa. 

A few strides later, Tang Wulin stood before a seat beside her. But before he could sit down, he caught sight of her glare. Left with no other choice, he stood there in embarrassment as he explained the true events between him and the princess. 

“Serves you right,” Gu Yue said after listening to his explanation, her expression a bit more relaxed than before. “What a manly man you are though, getting revenge on her, huh? You caused this yourself. Just skip the tournament.”

“But Elder Cai said that if I don’t compete, then I can’t make it into the inner court. The first place award is a soul bone too!” 

At the mention of a soul bone, Gu Yue’s eyes went wide, a chilling glint upon them. 

Tang Wulin said, “Soul bones are super useful. I got my Golden Dragon Dreadclaw from a right-hand soul bone! If I can get another one…” 

“Fine. If you want to compete, then compete. You can leave now.” Gu Yue abruptly rose to her feet and pushed Tang Wulin out the door. It slammed shut behind him.

Tang Wulin stared dumbstruck at the closed door. What’s with her now? Did I not explain clearly enough? 

Inside her room, Gu Yue leaned against the door. Her eyes were sharp and cold as she muttered to herself, “Soul bone!” 

The Continental Young Elites Tournament was one of the largest tournaments on the continent and drew in spectators from all over. It had a long history. So long, in fact, that it could be traced back to when the Star Luo Empire was still on the continent of Douluo. It could be traced back to the distant past when soul masters were still the pinnacle and the Martial Soul Hall controlled the majority of soul masters. The tournament had been where the most outstanding talents were selected. 

Later on, a coalition of the era’s three greatest empires led by Tang San overthrew the Martial Soul Hall, liberating the soul masters under its rule. Yet, years upon years later, this tournament still lived on. 

After the Sun Moon Federation fully occupied Douluo, the tournament finally faded from Douluo. However, the Star Luo Empire stayed true to tradition and continued to host it. 

Every three years, the Continental Young Elites Tournament was held in Star Luo City. Any soul master under twenty years old could sign up. Naturally, there were other conditions required. Only those with at least a soul power of rank 20 and the ability to pay the registration fee were permitted to compete. The registration period was a full month.

After countless years of cultural and technological advancement, the tournament now had competitions for one-on-one duels, two-on-two matches, seven-man team battles, and mecha challenges. That said, there were no competitions for crafting professions such as blacksmith or designers. This was purely a tournament to rouse the fighting spirit of the new generation. 

Anyone who achieved a good rank in the tournament would become a hot commodity. Whether they decided to pursue academics, corporate work, or even a military career, they would receive preferential treatment. 

Of all the competitions held in the tournament, the one-on-one duels were the most popular. The duels had no rules and any sort of weapons or equipment could be used. Mechas, soul devices, or even battle armor, none were barred. As long as the competitor had it, they could use it. As such, the duels were undoubtedly the most intense. 

The Star Luo Empire had always idealized the lone hero. To its citizens, Tang Sect Founder Tang San and Spirit Pagoda Founder Huo Yuhao were idols among idols. Through their own strength, they changed the course of history. They each possessed overwhelming strength that turned the tides of wars thought lost. 

In contrast, the people of Douluo and the Sun Moon Federation valued the strength of a team more, so team battles were the spotlight there. 

According to the registration lists, there were 5163 people registered for the one-on-one duels. Nearly all the competitors had opted for it. The two-on-two matches had 864 registered. The seven-man team battles had a mere 113 teams competing. As for the mecha battle, there were 461 combatants.

Registration closed and the tournament would begin a day later. 

Fortunately for the students from Shrek Academy, they were able to bypass the registration lines and register through the Star Luo official in charge of registrations. However, not all of them had registered by their own will. Elder Cai had simply declared who would participate. 

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