Chapter 600 - Want to be my boyfriend?

Chapter 600 - Want to be my boyfriend?

The banquet had already begun when Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong entered. In the center of the hall, the emperor and empress stood in magnificent attire as they chatted with the high-level members of the diplomatic delegation. The mood throughout the hall was joyous, nobles of Star Luo and influential people of Douluo happily mingling. 

Music entering the background, Dai Tianling approached a woman in her thirties of Douluo. Invited her to dance. A single glance at that woman would take one’s breath away. She accepted his offer with an enchanting smile, and the two stepped onto the dance floor for the first dance of the evening. 

As Tang Wulin watched the dance, his mind wandered off elsewhere. Memories of Gu Yue’s passionate dancing flickered before his eyes. Where’s Gu Yue and the others? He scanned the crowd. He soon spotted the others from Shrek Academy chatting with some young nobles of Star Luo. Xu Xiaoyan, Ye Xinglan, and Gu Yue were quite popular. Yuanen Yehui, on the other hand, wore male clothing, causing many to overlook her. Xie Xie stood beside her, desperate to strike up a conversation like a little puppy while she ignored him. 

Eh. Forget about it. I’ll go over later. It’s too crowded there. Tang Wulin would rather avoid being laughed at for his previous blunder. 

“Murderer!” someone whispered teasingly. A shiver went down Tang Wulin’s spine and he jumped to his feet, turning toward the voice. It was a pretty girl. She smiled at him.

Tang Wulin recognized the voice, although it seemed no one else had heard it. Now he was certain he hadn’t hallucinated the shout earlier that day. This girl had shouted it at him! He glared at her with gritted teeth, then strode over. 

“Why aren’t you releasing your martial soul? Did you learn from last time?” Dai Yun’er giggled. 

Tang Wulin glared at her with fury. “You’re the one who tricked me?” 

Dai Yun’er shrugged. “Isn’t it obvious?” 

“Why did you do it?” 

Dai Yun’er scoffed. “Who told you to sleep during the ceremony? You think it’s proper to doze off during such a grand event?”

Tang Wulin was at a loss for words. There was no denying that he had blundered for falling asleep during the ceremony. If he had been awake, then he wouldn’t have been so startled when someone whispered into his ear. 

“Well, let’s go. I’m taking you for a dance,” Dai Yun’er said as she pulled Tang Wulin by the sleeve to the dance floor. 

In the middle of the imperial banquet, Tang Wulin had no choice but to obediently follow. 

The moment they arrived at the dance floor, the second song had started. The emperor escorted his dance partner to the edge of the dance floor, courteously thanking her for the dance while the empress applauded and smiled. A blush spread through the woman’s cheeks like wildfire at the sight of the handsome emperor. Thus, the banquet’s ball began. 

Tang Wulin stumbled while being dragged, and just as he caught his balance, Dai Yun’er was already leading him into a dance. 

From the strength of her grip, Tang Wulin was confident that this princess was a soul master. Moreover, a talented one. 

In the spur of the moment, Tang Wulin raised the hand she was holding and placed his other on her waist. He leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “I, uh, don’t know how to dance.” 

Dai Yun’er smiled. “It’s okay. You just have to learn then. I’m actually a pro at this!” Then she yelped as Tang Wulin stepped on her foot. 

Tang Wulin hastily moved his foot, an embarrassed smile forming on his lips. “Sorry! I told you, I don’t know how to dance.” Although Tang Wulin wasn’t one to bare his fangs at someone, he was still quite two-faced. Since Dai Yun’er took the initiative to force him to dance with her, she couldn’t complain no matter how bad he was. 

Dai Yun’er rolled her eyes at him. “Be careful! Ouch!” 

Tang Wulin stepped on her foot again and once again apologized. 

Dai Yun’er shot him a resentful glare. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” 

Yet Tang Wulin feigned innocence. “No way! Why would I do this deliberately? I told you, I don’t know how to dance. You’re the one who insisted on dancing. How about we just stop here?”

“No way! Ouch!” 

Tang Wulin stepped on her foot for the third time. This time, Dai Yun’er bit back the pain looking up at Tang Wulin just in time to catch the hint of amusement flashing in his eyes. Her cheeks puffed out in a pout, but not a word left her lips. She endured and continued dancing. 

Tang Wulin continued to step on her foot a few more times, but she no longer reacted to it. On the contrary, she was earnestly leading him in their dance. 

Seeing her earnestness, Tang Wulin grew embarrassed by his petty behavior. He restrained himself and began matching her dance steps with the help of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step. After that, their dancing became smooth. 

At some time, Gu Yue appeared at the edge of the dance floor. Her eyes shone peculiarly as she took in the sight of Tang Wulin dancing with the imperial princess. She narrowed her eyes  but didn’t take any action. 

The song soon ended and the two stopped dancing. Dai Yun’er’s gaze fell upon Tang Wulin, a smile blossoming on her lips. “Feels good to step on me, huh?” Her voice was so soft that if he were any farther away, he would have just missed it.

Tang Wulin blinked a few times, an ominous premonition welling within him. 

Dai Yun’er’s smile took an eerie turn, before she loudly said, “I’ve always admired Douluo’s culture and Shrek Academy, and you haven’t failed to meet my expectations. Do you want to be my boyfriend?” 

Tang Wulin’s jaw dropped. Just as he was about to refuse her, Dai Yun’er spoke again. “But you know, my boyfriend needs to be really strong. I only like strong boys. So, I’ll only date you if you become the champion at the Continent Young Elites Tournament. Good luck! I’ll be cheering for you!” She flashed him a thumbs up and a sweet smile. Then she turned to run away, so swift that Tang Wulin’s mind had still yet to process what was happening. 

“Ah, I, I…” But Dai Yun’er had already left. In an instant, he became the focus of attention for everyone present, nobles and diplomats, and even the Emperor Dai Tianling and his wife. 

That girl is too cruel! Tang Wulin could immediately feel the bloodlust of hundreds of young men directed toward him. As if hundreds of needles were pricking him. Didn’t I only step on you a few times? 

“Are you really gonna do it?” Gu Yue asked, seething. “You’re going to become the emperor’s son-in-law?” Before he could explain, she turned around and left. 

“Gu Yue…” Tang Wulin tried to chase after her, but eight young Star Luo noblemen surrounded him. 

“You trying to date our Princess Yun’er? Brat, you looking to get your ass kicked?” a tall young man said, shoving Tang Wulin on the chest. 

Tang Wulin finally understood the despair of being unable to voice any good explanation. In fact, no amount of explaining or lying could get him out of this predicament!

“Please move out of the way,” Tang Wulin said forcefully. 

The young noblemen straightened their backs and puffed out their chests. “What are you going to do if we don’t? You better give up on Princess Yun’er right now. She shouldn’t be with a foreigner like you. Her Highness will be picking her husband soon. Brat, you better learn some tact.” 

“What are you doing?” boomed someone with an imposing voice. 

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