Chapter 594 - Why Didn't You Act?

Chapter 594 - Why Didn't You Act?

Gu Yue’s pupils suddenly transformed into vertical slits. She lifted her hand from Tang Wulin’s shoulder, the silver scales on her arms twinkling. A split second later, her eyes and hand returned to normal. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she pulled the blanket over Tang Wulin. She closed the curtains. Then she quietly left, not there to witness as Tang Wulin’s breathing steadied moments later, the teen whisked away to the land of dreams. 

The door of her room shut behind her. With a wave of her hand, a silver light enveloped the surrounding space. From the silver appeared a man, cloak the shade of night draped upon his form.

“Why didn’t you act?” the man asked. “Even the Tyrant Dragon has acknowledged him and chose to become his spirit soul. That is already enough proof that he contains the pure bloodline of the Golden Dragon King. It’s impossible for someone to naturally be born with the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline, so there must be a special cause for this. As long as you strip him of his bloodline, we will have the answer. And if you’re able to fully absorb the bloodline when the time comes, then perhaps—”

“Enough!” Gu Yue said, her voice soft but cold enough to freeze. 

The man dropped to one knee before her, lowering his head. 

“Leave me. We need to pick up the pace,” said Gu Yue. “I already have a plan.”

“My Lord, what about Na’er? Will you really let her continue as she pleases?” 

“I won’t interfere with Tang Wulin. We will wait for him to make his choice. The bet between Na’er and I will be seen through to the end. Once the outcome is determined, I will act against him, but for now, focus on the objectives I’ve given you.”  

“Understood,” the man answered respectfully. Once he rose to his feet, he disappeared into the shadows without a sound. 

Gu Yue waved her hand to dispel the silver light. She approached her window and lifted it, watching the last light of the sun vanish beyond the horizon. Her eyes were unfocused, her mind in a daze. As if she hadn’t a care in the world.

But in the end, Gu Yue noticed the confusion within her heart and was at a loss. 


When Tang Wulin roused, he felt refreshed. His mind was clear and his body brimmed with energy. 

As he stretched, his stomach roared in hunger. Wow. I’m starving! He had forgotten to eat dinner the previous night. Now he paid the price. 

His hunger stirred up fond memories of his time with Mu Ye. Every morning after his torturous training under the stars, Mu Ye had delivered delicious and nourishing food to him. After the past two months on the ocean, he had practically eaten anything and everything worth eating in that biome. His body couldn’t have grown so strong in such a short timespan without that food. 

In just one day, the injuries Tang Wulin had received from battling the black-grade mecha had completely healed. Blessed with such an extreme recovery ability, he didn’t have to worry about most wounds.

He approached his window. Cracked it open to let in some fresh air. It was a bit moist from the morning and invigorated him. Looking to the east, Tang Wulin waited for the first light of the sun. 

“Wulin,” Gu Yue called out from the window beside him, sticking her head out to look at him.  

“What’s up?” A smile formed on his lips.

A stare, then Gu Yue shook her head. “Oh, it’s nothing. I just wanted to say your name.” 

His smile transformed into a grin. “Although my mind was in a bit of a daze last night, you visited me, right?”

“Yeah. I wanted to go on a stroll with you. But since you were so sleepy, I didn’t want to force you,” Gu Yue said softly. 

“Alright! Since we couldn’t yesterday, let’s go out today! We have three days off, don’t we? I wanted to check out the city anyway. I’ll go call the rest of the guys then?” 

Once again, Gu Yue shook her head. “I just want to go with you. Don’t invite the others.”

Tang Wulin blinked a few times, a gush of warmth filling his heart. Although Gu Yue always came off as cold to strangers, he could tell that she treated him specially. After knowing her for so many years, he had become accustomed to her spontaneous mood swings. But no matter what, whenever he faced danger, she was always the first to leap to his side.

“Okay,” said Tang Wulin. “Let me finish cultivating my Purple Demon Eyes and eat breakfast first though. I’m totally starving! We can go right after.”

“Pftt. I did find it strange that you slept without eating dinner first last night. It was totally not you.” 

“Not me?” Tang Wulin asked, cocking a brow. 

“Well, you’re a glutton.” 

Tang Wulin stared at her, face twisted into a sunken expression for several excruciating moments. “So that’s how you thought of me! I’m hurt!” he said, clutching his heart in exaggeration. 

Gu Yue giggled. “Then if you can go without breakfast today, I’ll take back my words.”

“Uh. Nevermind. I’m a glutton,” Tang Wulin said, expression instantly back to normal. 

He turned back to the horizon just as the sun rose. A flash of purple, and his eyes captured the light, filling him with tingling warmth. He could feel that his Purple Demon Eyes were on the verge of a breakthrough. After many years stuck in the first stage, he was finally about to enter the second. 

Cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes was split into four stages. From first to fourth, the stages were Survey, Detailed, Mustard Seed, and Boundless. Few ever managed to reach the third stage, not to mention the fourth. Regardless of that, cultivating the Purple Demon Eyes had a profound effect on the growth of one’s spiritual power. 

Tang Wulin sensed that the rapid growth of his Purple Demon Eyes was due to the Body Sect’s training he had undergone. It had dragged out the potential hiding within him and strengthened his spiritual power. 

“Gu Yue, what’s your spiritual power at now? Do you know?” 

“I’m not sure. But I’m certain it’s still higher than yours,” Gu Yue said, a slight smirk on her lips.  

“Hey, I’ll have you know that my spiritual power increased a lot recently,” said Tang Wulin. “Maybe it’s even higher than yours now.”

Gu Yue rolled her eyes at him. “You wish.”

“How are you so confident that you’ve got me beat?” Tang Wulin pressed. 

“I’m not in the Spirit Sea realm anymore.” With that, Gu Yue closed her window, her figure disappearing from Tang Wulin’s sight.

“Not in the Spirit Sea realm anymore? She couldn’t have regressed—” A thought struck him as he mumbled to himself. Wait! There’s no way her spiritual power regressed. She’s still so powerful, and spiritual power usually grows as someone ages, all the way until they’re fifty years old. Since she didn’t regress, then she’s…. Holy shit! Did she break through to the next realm? 

Tang Wulin began to sweat at the thought. Cultivating spiritual power grew harder and harder with each realm achieved. In fact, each realm was multiple times harder to reach than the previous. 

However, it was still a possibility he had to consider! After the Spirit Sea realm came the Spirit Abyss realm. The power of the Spirit Abyss realm was that of an abyssal prison between heaven and hell.

At that realm, everything existed. The human mind was physically incapable of comprehending its entirety. As such, it was necessary to possess such mighty spiritual power in order to obtain legendary spirit souls. A soul master at this level could fuse with whatever spirit soul they wished. Even an orange or red spirit soul. But if that occurred, their remaining capacity would only be that of the Spirit Sea realm. If excluding orange and red spirit souls, they could fuse with up to five of any level up to and including black. 

Normally, the Spirit Abyss realm was the limit of humanity. 

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