Chapter 592 - Annihilation

Chapter 592 - Annihilation

Empowered by Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and Golden Dragon Body, Tang Wulin easily tore open the black-grade mecha’s cockpit with his dragon claw. He drew back his claw from the gigantic gash. Then he thrust it in once more!

Shock coloring his face, Feng Linwan activated his fifth soul ring. Fur covered his body while it swelled in strength, and he threw his arms forward to intercept the attack. 

His martial soul was the Dusksilver Bear! Not only did it possess mighty defensive power, so did he! But before the golden dragon claw, he could hardly boast of this fact. His defense amounted to nothing. Even with his cultivation at the six-ring level, he could not match Tang Wulin’s full-powered dragon claw strike. 

A crunch pierced through the air as Tang Wulin’s claw crushed Feng Linwan’s arms, stopping just short of penetrating his chest. In an instant, Feng Linwan urged his soul power through his body to minimize the damage. 

So close! If it were just a bit more… Feng Linwan groaned in agony, hair standing erect in the face of death. Never had he expected this. That a brat with only four soul rings could threaten his life. 

Good thing it nearly missed…? Feng Linwan’s eyes went wide as the claw shone brilliantly and suppressed the strength in his arms. From the dragon claw burst dark gold blades of light.

“Battle armor!” Feng Linwan roared in indignation. But it was too late. The blades skewered his chest, damp with red at the ends, a cloud of red mist expelling from his mouth. His eyes dulled. He slumped back into his seat. His life’s fire was extinguished, but not before regret crept within his heart. Regret for his carelessness. Regret for underestimating his opponent. And more than that, he could not comprehend how a four-ring soul master managed to kill him.

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of his opponent’s demise. Then blood sprayed from his lips, body finally registering the impact of tens of tonnes of force. It painted the cockpit crimson. 

The black-grade mecha hit the ground with a boom, its hammers kicking up clouds of dust when upon impact. 

Meanwhile the battle was still in full swing. Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan were the strongest members of the Shrek Academy team, but they were not the ones who wiped out the most enemies. 

A while before the end of Tang Wulin’s fight, a starwheel silently appeared beneath a yellow-grade mecha, shutting down its operation instantly. With no more thrust to propel it through the sky, it plummeted hundreds of meters to the ground. 

With a wave of her staff, Xu Xiaoyan summoned dozens of twinkling stars in the air. It sent numerous mechas into a state of panic. Formations broken, some even crashed into their comrades, barriers emitting dazzling sparks upon collision. 

After Xu Xiaoyan’s Star Staff evolved, its control abilities skyrocketed in power. Backed by Gu Yue’s ranged elemental attacks and working in tandem with Yuanen Yehui,  Ye Xinglan, and Yue Zhengyu, she found it easy for them to take down tens of mechas at a time. 

Having long since rescued the civilians trapped in the train, the students from the Imperial Star Luo Academy could only watch in awe, dumbstruck. They could hardly believe their eyes. 

Just like them, Shrek Academy’s students were at the four-ring level, yet what the latter accomplished was something the Star Luo Academy students could never dream of! 

To intercept a pair of incoming energy beams, Yuanen Yehui leaped into the air and curled her body as she released two blasts of air. Bathed in the explosion of light, her figure shrunk, a pair of black wings unfurling from her back. She accelerated instantly, transforming into a violet streak in the sky. 

In no time, she swept past a yellow mecha too slow to evade her. She cleaved its legs off with her demonic sword while clad in battle armor. Without the jets in its legs, the mecha plummeted to the ground. 

Nearby, Yue Zhengyu emitted holy radiance, overshadowing Yuanen Yehui with his dazzling aura. Darkness and holy light mixed, the powers of the Fallen Angel and Holy Angel clashing. But in an instant, a sword of black and white formed at the point in which the two energies met. The sword flashed through the air, wrecking a purple-grade mecha, in its wake a mesmerizing streak of light.

When Feng Linwan’s black-grade mecha had slammed both of its hammers down on Tang Wulin, Xu Lizhi had shouted out in alarm. Yet in the next moment, he heard a dragon’s roar and witnessed the black-grade mecha fall from the sky!

All of a sudden, Gu Yue disappeared in a flash of silver, then reappeared beneath the mecha with another flash. Just as she was about to act, to save Tang Wulin, the person in question threw himself out of the cockpit. He kicked off the mecha into the air. Eyes shining, Gu Yue waved her Elemental Staff and teleported Tang Wulin to her side.

Tang Wulin staggered when he appeared beside her, blood dripping down the corner of his mouth. But his eyes burned with excitement. It was his first time facing a black-grade mecha, a piece of technology sometimes referred to as a super mecha! And he won! The pilot was even a six-ringed Soul Emperor! Despite the pilot’s final attempt at defense, Tang Wulin’s all out attack broke right through!  His injuries were a light price to pay for victory considering the strength of his opponent. 

“You’re injured?” Gu Yue asked, voice wavering with concern. 

“I’m fine. Let’s go,” said Tang Wulin. “I want those hammers.”  

In a flash of silver, Gu Yue took them from the top of the train carriage to the ground near the black-grade mecha. 

Black-grade mechas truly were worthy of being called super mechas. Even after falling from hundreds of meters, it suffered no damage from the impact. The only damage visible was caused by Tang Wulin’s claw.

First grabbing one of the hammers with his dragon claw, Tang Wulin then transferred it to his normal hand. He picked up the other undamaged hammer with his dragon claw, easily lifting both hammers that were each over five meters long.

Gu Yue’s eyes widened by a fraction as she watched this display of inhuman strength. At the same time, she had retreated a few steps. This guy’s strength just keeps getting more and more ridiculous!

With hammers in hand, Tang Wulin planted a foot in the ground before spinning in place. In an instant, a whirlwind formed around him.

At the sight of Tang Wulin’s ridiculous feat, enemy mechas ascended higher in the air, desperate to distance themselves from him. Suddenly, the pressure on Yuanen Yehui’s group lightened significantly. The enemies were aware the of amount of devastation those hammer could wreak! The possibility of being obliterated into chunks of meat struck fear into their hearts.

At that moment, what seemed to be numerous black dots appeared a few kilometers away. They rapidly approached. A whistle rang in the air and the Green Skull Renegades started their retreat. Reinforcements had arrived. 

Tang Wulin gradually stopped spinning. Eventually, he firmly planted his feet into the ground to stop his momentum. He dropped the hammers to the ground, panting. Running through his body were pangs of pain and a feeling of heaviness, the result of his injuries and extreme physical exertion finally catching up to him. 

High up in the air, the red-grade mecha broke off combat with Elder Cai and fled. Its speed was too great and it easily evaded her attacks. 

Elder Cai didn’t bother to chase after it, descending to hover closer to the Douluo delegation and guard them. She didn’t dare pursue the red mecha and risk the delegation members.

In the end, the Green Skull Renegades made a swift retreat.

As the reinforcements neared, it was clear they were from the Star Luo Empire’s military. They used a standardized model for all of their mechas, and there were over three hundred of them. A portion of them left the main group to guard the delegation. The rest pursued the Green Skull Renegades.

Tang Wulin fell onto his butt in exhaustion, rubbing his stomach in pain. But as soon as he looked back and saw the black-grade mecha and its two hammers by his side, he replaced the grimace on his face for a grin.

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