Chapter 591 - Annihilating the Dusksilver Bear!

Chapter 591 - Annihilating the Dusksilver Bear!

The shadow behind Tang Wulin belonged to a dragon’s head, its eyes blood-crimson. The instant it appeared it suppressed the Dusksilver Bear’s mighty aura. Just its head was enough to illustrate the bear and its gap in strength. Opening its maws wide, the dragon head let out a rebellious roar toward the heavens! 

Feng Linwan wasn’t the only person with a ten-thousand-year spirit soul. Tang Wulin had the Tyrant Dragon! 

Every spirit soul possessed some sentience. The greater its cultivation level, the higher its intelligence. At the ten-thousand-year level, spirit souls were as smart as humans. While the Dusksilver Bear was a bit lacking in intelligence compared to its peers, its instincts still screamed out in fear before the Tyrant Dragon. Before the overlord of land soul beasts. Even if Tyrant Dragons had been extinct for many years now, the blood of the Dusksilver Bear knew to fear it. This was the dragon that inherited the most power from the Golden Dragon King, reaching the apex of brute strength. 

As a result of its instincts, the Dusksilver Bear trembled in fear when it heard the Tyrant Dragon’s deafening roar. It crumpled into a cowering ball. Yet somehow it still maintained its momentum as it flew toward Tang Wulin. 

In the next instant, Tang Wulin’s arm transformed into a golden claw, its talons digging into the metal of the hammer’s handle. Feng Linwan’s jaw dropped almost simultaneously. He couldn’t believe his eyes. That hammer was made of sturdy alloys! Yet it was merely tofu before Tang Wulin’s claw! 

As the giant hammer flew back to the mecha’s hand, Tang Wulin managed to swing it at the Dusksilver Bear mid-air! He exerted over ten thousand kilograms of strength in that instant! 

The hammer struck the bear with a bang! It stood there, gaping. Never in the bear’s dreams did it believe it would be struck by its own hammer!

Minutes ago, it had wielded that same hammer to smash others into oblivion. Now facing said hammer, it finally understood the fear of being smashed. Its body writhed in pain from the hammer’s crushing effect.

The moment the Dusksilver Bear was smashed to the ground, the force recalling the hammer to the mecha lessened. However, the force was still present. The hammer’s trek back to the mecha’s hand undisturbed.

“Fuck!” Feng Linwan could no longer keep his calm. Is that kid even human? He’s practically a Tyrant Dragon in human form! 

Even so, as an elite of the Green Skull Renegades, Feng Linwan did not falter before Tang Wulin’s domineering aura. He immediately stopped recalling the hammer. It plummeted from the skies. 

As the hammer fell, Feng Linwan burst toward Tang Wulin in his mecha, swinging the hammer in his left hand at his target. Even if you’re strong, you only have four rings! There’s no way you can fly! 

Hammer closing in on him, Tang Wulin concentrated all his strength into his arms and waist. In midair, he swung the hammer he held at the black-grade mecha and used the momentum to accelerate toward the ground. 

Thirty meters off the ground, the black-grade mecha easily evaded Tang Wulin’s swing and grabbed the other hammer by its handle away. By the time it turned around to glance at Tang Wulin, a fair distance had been opened up between them. 

I need to kill this brat! If he’s this strong now with only four rings, how strong will he be in the future? Bloodlust filled Feng Linwan’s eyes. His sights were firmly locked on Tang Wulin. 

At that moment, a yellow-grade mecha appeared by in front of Tang Wulin. Wielding its giant greatsword, it slashed down on him. 

Vines of Bluesilver Emperor shot out to protect Tang Wulin. His first soul ring shone and he used Bind to stop the sword. Empowered with Bluesilver Overlord Transformation as well, the vines weren’t even nicked by the greatsword. 

Tang Wulin used his vines to swing himself toward the yellow-grade mecha’s shoulder. As he soared over it, he released vine after vine to bind the mecha.

Meanwhile, Feng Linwan was fast approaching in his black-grade mecha, a mere dozen meters away. 

Pulling on the vines, Tang Wulin spun the bound yellow-grade mecha and tossed it at Feng Linwan. 

Seeing his comrade thrown his way, Feng Linwan was forced to stop them. In the blink of an eye, the mecha raised its right leg up to stop the yellow mecha. While it was dangerous for a mecha to go flying out of control, the problem could be solved as easily as steadying them. 

But right as Feng Linwan stopped the yellow mecha, Tang Wulin shot out from behind its waist. He jumped onto the black-grade mecha’s cockpit. A draconic roar exploded from his body as he unleashed a phantom dragon’s head at it. 

Back when Tang Wulin had thrown the yellow-grade mecha at Feng Linwan, he had shot a vine onto its back and rode behind it stealthily. Then as Feng Linwan steadied the mecha, it provided him the perfect opportunity to launch his sneak attack and unleash Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens! 

It was impossible to evade Tang Wulin’s attack at such close range. However, while mechas weren’t as flexible or nimble as humans, they possessed stalwart armor! A moment later, a barrier of black light shimmered around the black-grade mecha. Upon collision, a lightshow of gold and ink.

The yellow-grade mecha directly received the blast of energy from the collision and was blasted to the ground. 

Now that he was in close quarters, Tang Wulin could display his full power! 

His second soul ring shone as he used Bluesilver Impaling Array. Empowered by Bluesilver Overlord Transformation as well, his vines of Bluesilver Emperor shot out like writhing spears! The vine-spears impaled the black mecha’s barrier from all sides. 

Each strike massively drained the barrier’s energy reserves, sending tremors through the mecha that slowed its movements down. Feng Linwan frantically struggled to operate his mecha in horror of the onslaught of vines. 

If it were normal bluesilver grass, then Bluesilver Impaling Array wouldn’t have been anywhere near as threatening to the black-grade mecha as it was now. But the current grass was the Bluesilver Emperor empowered by the ten-thousand-year soul skill, Bluesilver Overlord Transformation!

Golden light burst in blinding radiance from Tang Wulin’s body as he activated Golden Dragon Body. His muscles swelled with strength, his eyes blazing with ferocity. 

Separated by only a few inches of metal, Feng Linwan saw the brutal madness in Tang Wulin’s eyes. Fear gripped his heart, but his pilot training took over and he desperately maneuvered his mecha to swing its hammer at Tang Wulin. 

Vines of Bluesilver Emperor released from Tang Wulin’s back and weaved a shield against the hammer. He stayed entrenched on the mecha’s cockpit. Vines bound him to the mecha from his feet and protected him from his back. 

Tang Wulin brandished his dragon claw, which was even larger than normal thanks to Golden Dragon Body. Its talons shone keenly. 

But Feng Linwan wouldn’t let it end here. He roared in defiance, six soul rings rising around him, two yellow, three purple, and one black. He poured his soul power into the mecha, sending it into overdrive. 

The two hammers slammed down like thunder upon the shield of grass vines on Tang Wulin’s back. Even empowered by Bluesilver Overlord Transformation, the vines trembled under the mighty power of a black-grade mecha. 

Yet the instant the hammers fell, Tang Wulin’s four soul rings disappeared, two golden rings rising in their place. The second golden ring shone and his body burst with light. A draconic roar erupted from his body as the impact traveled through the vines and into him. His dragon claw shone brighter than ever. He slashed his empowered claw at the cockpit, leaving behind five gruesome slashes. Deep and penetrating enough to glimpse the pilot within!

Feng Linwan sat there, shocked to his very bones. He can even endure that? The two hammers weighed 2500 kilograms each, and with the added strength of the mecha, they exerted tens of tonnes of force! Yet Tang Wulin easily absorbed the impact! 

The last two months of training on the ocean hadn’t gone to waste. The Body Sect’s speciality was bringing out the potential of the human body, transforming it into the ultimate weapon. The Awakening of his Bluesilver Emperor had transformed his body as well. Now in terms of survivability and toughness, perhaps not even Wu Zhangkong could beat him. Tang Wulin’s body was incomparably stronger than before he embarked on this trip, at least several times stronger in fact! 

Then Tang Wulin combined his physical strength, martial soul, and blood essence into one powerful attack! 

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