Chapter 585 - Second Phase of Training

Chapter 585 - Second Phase of Training

As Tang Wulin began forging and continued to examine the changes in his body, he discovered something interesting: there were things he could only do when he kept his soul power and blood essence separate. For example, any ability founded upon his Golden Dragon King bloodline could only be fueled by his blood essence. Even as he forged, he focused on the function of his body, for knowing the changes within him was essential. 

At nightfall, Tang Wulin dragged his exhausted body over to eat dinner, then returned to his cabin. He collapsed onto his bed. Sprawled on the mattress, entire body relaxed and comfortable. 

Tang Wulin had always spared no effort when it came to cultivating and improving himself, ceaselessly pursuing strength to make up for his inadequacy. His eyes were always pointed upward, at those who towered above him. And ahead, at the backs of his companions as he chased after their footsteps. Whenever he finally had a moment to catch his breath and look back, he would discover that his efforts had not been in vain. He had made swift progress since he first became a soul master. Compared to who he had been when his old companions, Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi were still around, he was a completely different person. He only just realized that he was closer than ever in qualifying for Shrek Academy's inner court. Not only that, but he was now both an agent of the Tang Sect’s Battle Hall and a disciple of the master of the Body Sect. 

Wow. The world is really amazing. Tang Wulin sighed in satisfaction, joy filling his heart. 

Everyone’s happiness was different. Some believed that contentment was happiness. Others believed the answer was peace. As Tang Wulin matured, however, he realized that neither of these two were his brand of happiness. His came from strength, the endless pursuit of strength and continuously reaching new heights. 

Tang Wulin still remembered what his father told him in his childhood. Contentment could bring someone happiness for their entire life. But that was for a low caliber person. People needed greed to motivate them, to drive them forward and diligently work toward growth. Success was ninety-nine percent talent and one percent effort. While talent would bring opportunity, success was impossible without that one percent of effort. 

The words of his father resonated with him. It was those words that aroused his greed and ambition, his drive to always pursue greater and greater achievements. He was not content with merely Douluo. No! He aimed for the stars! 

A bang jolted Tang Wulin out of his reverie, and he immediately rolled off his bed and onto his feet. He turned to see the balcony door wide open, Mu Ye casually leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. 

“Looks like you didn’t get complacent. Good.” Mu Ye nodded. 

Tang Wulin stared blankly at Mu Ye, memories of his teacher’s grand battle against the Great Beast still fresh in his mind. He could hardly believe what he had witnessed. That mighty man was his teacher! 

“Teacher,” Tang Wulin said, respectfully bowing his head. 

“I like the way you said that. It sounds good. Well, let’s get going.” Mu Ye beckoned Tang Wulin to follow. 

Tang Wulin blinked a few times, confusion coloring his face. “Where are we going?”

“Huh?” Mu Ye looked at Tang Wulin as if that were the most ridiculous question in the world. “We’re going to do what we do every night. Train!” 

Tang Wulin’s jaw dropped. “I-I thought I was done with that? I already got my second awakening!”

Mu Ye crossed his arms and puffed out his chest. “Who said you’re done? That was just the first phase of training. How could we stop with something as easy as that? Today, you will start the second phase of training. Or are you telling me you’d rather laze around?”

Tang Wulin’s bit his lip. Easy? That was easy? How the hell were those forty-nine days of torture ‘easy’? 

“Teacher, don’t you think your precious disciple should properly rest and recover too? A rested mind and body are even better for training,” Tang Wulin said earnestly. 

“Enough dilly-dallying. If you don’t go through hell, how are you supposed to become great? Let me tell you, if my teacher had been more strict with me when I was young, I might have been able to become a true powerhouse.” 

Tang Wulin was speechless. He knew there was no persuading Mu Ye now. Since his fate was inevitable, he could only do his best now! Besides, he didn't actually want to just laze around anyway. 

With the matter settled, Mu Ye whisked Tang Wulin away for another clandestine night of training. To Tang Wulin’s surprise, they didn’t go too far from the ship this time.

“The forty-nine days you survived were the first phase of training. The focus of that phase was exerting pressure on your essence in order to drag out your hidden potential. The next phase of training is to adjust your martial soul after its second awakening. We do this by training what is external to you and hammer you into shape step by step. Your body is very tough to begin with and your blood essence is full of vigor, so I spent some time coming up with a suitable regimen. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with it.” 

Tang Wulin shivered at Mu Ye’s last words, an ill premonition creeping up on him. Thrilled? The hell would I be thrilled by? 

Soon, they arrived somewhere close to the rear of the ship. Mu Ye sealed Tang Wulin’s soul power and blood essence, tied up Tang Wulin’s hands with some rope made of unbelievably strong material. Then Mu Ye tethered him to the end of the ship. As the massive ship cut through the water, it dragged him along the surface. 

Although the ship didn't seem to move fast while onboard, the force in which it had dragged him along was tremendous, throwing him about in the water at breakneck speeds. Without his use of his arms to balance himself either, he couldn’t steady himself and stand up. He couldn’t even curse at Mu Ye as the ship dragged him across the ocean and smashed his face against the waves repeatedly, filling his nostrils and throat with saltwater. He had no control at all, flung about as the ship pleased. 

If anyone were to look at the rear of the ship, rather than Tang Wulin, they would only recognize a black speck flailing in the darkness.

The ocean had no rhythm or order to it. Waves crashed into him at speeds, speeds which made them resemble solid walls of water. The friction with the water littered his body with scrapes. Since his soul power and blood essence were sealed, Tang Wulin couldn’t even strengthen his body with those energies. 

Mu Ye flew above as he watched Tang Wulin get dragged along like a ragdoll. “This is a form of forging as well. We’re using the ocean to forge your body!” 

“Tea—” Tang Wulin coughed up a mouthful of water. “—cher! How long, cough, does the second phase, cough, last?” 

“All the way to Star Luo.” 


By the time Tang Wulin finished his training for the night and returned to his cabin, his entire body was limp, bruised up, and red all over. He collapsed onto his bed and instantly fell asleep.

This training continued night after night. Over time, Mu Ye grew to understand the limits of Tang Wulin’s body and always pushed his disciple to the very edge. Time after time, Tang Wulin met Mu Ye’s expectations and overcame the challenge.       

After training, Mu Ye never immediately released the seal on Tang Wulin’s soul power and blood essence. Instead, he would smear the Body Sect’s special ointments on Tang Wulin’s body first. Then, after he had unsealed Tang Wulin, he would force his student into meditating the rest of the night. 

Such was Tang Wulin’s nightly training. Every night was an abyss of suffering for him to overcome, and the only end in sight was the slowly approaching continent of Star Luo. 


One day, a smear of black became visible on the horizon. Tang Wulin nearly wept in joy at the sight. The end of his trials was near! 

Meanwhile, those from Star Luo cheered at their homecoming. 

From Star Luo’s beaches alone, the continent seemed very similar to Douluo. Even the architecture of the port was very similar.  

A grand welcome party was held for the return of the Star Luo delegation and arrival of the Douluo delegation. To those from Shrek Academy, however, this was simply another party where they went through the motions of formality. 

This also marked the time for the two delegations to go their separate ways after their long journey. The Star Luo delegation was disbanded immediately and the members were let off on vacation. On the other hand, here was the true start of Douluo delegation’s diplomatic mission.

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