Chapter 584 - Mu Ye's Strength

Chapter 584 - Mu Ye's Strength

Tang Wulin stared across the expanse of ice covering the ocean’s surface, his shining gaze focusing on Mu Ye’s magnificent figure. This was his first time beholding Mu Ye’s might. 

Tang Wulin had originally thought that Mu Ye was no match for Elder Cai since he wasn’t a Hyper Douluo, but that was clearly not the case. Even without his divine-grade mecha, his strength was overwhelming. Now equipped with his dark gold battle armor, Mu Ye seemed like a god who had descended from the heavens. Each attack brought heaven and earth into a tremble, pushing back the Great Beast little by little.

“I don’t need any more soul rings or a soul bone, and you have reached your current level after painstaking efforts. So get out of here. If you want revenge, then come find me when you’re stronger,” Mu Ye said in disdain. 

The kraken-like Great Beast roared. “Humans, you really think you can do whatever you please?” Infuriated, the giant kraken’s tentacles dove into the water and a torrent of blue energy surged from the depths of the oceans, through the tentacles and into the rest of its body. An olive shimmer covered its body, and its body swelled with even more strength.

“If you want to die that badly, then I’ll gladly lend a hand. You’ll serve as a good present for my disciple,” Mu Ye said, gaze sharpening as he raised his right hand to the heavens. 

A red streak tore through the sky, stopping right before Mu Ye. The gazes of countless spectators quivered at the sight, at the newly-arrived red mecha that stood six meters tall. It immediately transformed into a gigantic blade, red as blood. Mu Ye’s towering figure shrank until he was about ten meters tall, then he gripped the blade in his right hand, crimson radiance blossoming upon it.

“It’s a divine-grade mecha!” the onlookers exclaimed.

Tang Wulin hadn’t expected Mu Ye to use his mecha as a weapon instead of external armor. 

The giant kraken snarled as it waved its tentacles, expelling a mass of inky fog, concealing its body in the murk. 

Mu Ye maintained his position in the air and didn’t move to chase after the Great Beast. 

Meanwhile, the swarming soul beasts dove into the water and retreated in a hurry. Once the inky fog dispersed, there were no beasts in sight. 

With a flick of his hand, the crimson blade in Mu Ye’s hand returned to its mecha form, disappearing into his spatial storage device. Then he shrank back to his normal size, unequipped his battle armor, and was back in his spotless and white chef’s outfit. 

Just when quiet returned to the ocean, the people watching from the two ships erupted into cheers. While everyone stared at Mu Ye in reverence, his form flickered. And he was gone. 

Tang Wulin stood dumbstruck upon the ice. He was awed by the scale of battle between these existences who stood at the peak of the world. His awe was shared by his other companions from Shrek Academy as well. Only now did they realize how grand battles at the highest level were, and how much further they had to grow.

Furthermore, neither side had even engaged in all-out combat. From beginning to end, both Mu Ye and the Great Beast had been probing each other. In the end, the soul beasts retreated after determining that there existed an insurmountable gap between them and Mu Ye. He was simply too powerful for them to dare contend with. 

When will we be that strong? Tang Wulin’s heart yearned for such strength. He had been reluctant to become Mu Ye’s disciple originally, but now he understood what sort of strength the Body Sect possessed. He finally believed Mu Ye’s statement that the Body Sect was age-old rivals with Shrek Academy. Since that was the case, he could only wonder how powerful the experts of Shrek Academy were to dominate the rivalry in the current era. 

A minute later, Tang Wulin and his companions recovered from their awe and returned to their ship. They reported for a headcount of passengers and casualties, then left for their cabins.

In his cabin, Tang Wulin leaned against the balcony railing and stared out into the ocean. He had been feeling a bit arrogant after awakening his bluesilver grass into the Bluesilver Emperor, but such arrogance was obliterated after witnessing that world-shaking battle. He knew now that he was only at the beginning of his path to the peak, still an ant before those who possessed true power. He could not grow conceited just yet and had to put in double the effort if he wanted to become one of those world-shaking experts. 

“Your martial soul evolved?” Gu Yue asked Tang Wulin. 

Tang Wulin snapped out of his dazed thoughts, turned to see Gu Yue at the balcony beside his, and nodded. 

Gu Yue smiled. “Congratulations.”

“I need to put in even more effort now,” Tang Wulin said with a wry smile. “Once they’re done checking up on everyone, I’m going to go blacksmithing. Now that I’ve got four rings, I can try forging spirit refined alloys. When we all have our complete battle armor sets, we can immediately start working toward two-word armor.” 

Gu Yue turned to the ocean and looked out toward the horizon, something seemingly on her mind.

On this giant ship, only a few of the crew members suffered minor injuries thanks to the protection of the powerful experts onboard. No one had died despite the number of people involved in protecting the ships. In the aftermath, no one could locate that godly chef. Mu Ye had obscured his true features when he intervened in the battle, but his identity had been obvious to Tang Wulin. It wasn’t hard for Cai Yue’er to discover his identity either.

The ship continued its voyage to Star Luo.


A flash of silver, and Cai Yue’er appeared within Mu Ye’s cabin. She was back to her aged appearance now, lacking any youthful beauty. 

“You’re Mu Ye, master of the Body Sect, right?” Cai Yue’er said, eyes narrowing at him. 

A faint smile formed on Mu Ye’s lips. “Correct.” At their level, there was no point in hiding such facts. 

“I didn’t expect Sect Master Mu Ye to have already reached the four-word level,” Cai Yue’er exclaimed. “You’re probably the only four-word battle armor master and divine-grade mecha pilot in the world.” 

Mu Ye chuckled. “Would you believe me if I told you I’m not actually a four-word battle armor master?” 

Cai Yue’er stared blankly for a few moments, then shook her head. She smiled. “I won’t pry into your secrets. That’s not what I came here for anyway. What I came to ask is why is Sect Master Mu Ye accompanying us on this trip to Star Luo?”

Mu Ye’s eyes turned cold. “Why do you care?”

Cai Yu’er arched a brow in surprise. She hadn’t acted discourteously at all yet his attitude suddenly changed, filling the room with tension.

“Fine, if that’s how you want to be, I won’t push you about it. I’ll take my leave now. Best of luck, Sect Master Mu Ye,” Cai Yue’er said in an indifferent tone. Another silver flash, and she disappeared without a trace. 

Mu Ye snorted after she left, but he didn’t pay her  too much mind. There was no one on this diplomatic voyage from either side powerful enough to pose a threat to him. 

After returning to her cabin, Cai Yue’er furrowed her brows in annoyance. If she had faced anyone else, she would have already been on a rampage. That a peak-level expert appeared out of nowhere on this voyage, without her knowing if he were friend or foe, left her anxious. 

The Body Sect had not been hostile to Shrek Academy for many years now. But they weren’t on friendly terms yet either. Even if the Body Sect was different from how it had been in the past, it was still the Body Sect. In the past, the mighty master of the Body Sect was someone who stood as equals with the master of the Sea God’s Pavilion. 

No matter the nature of the relationship between the Body Sect and Shrek Academy, Cai Yue’er could not touch Mu Ye. She was no match for him in strength. Even in the entire Sea God’s Pavilion, only a few could stand against Mu Ye. I hope he’s not an enemy. 

Cai Yue’er walked out onto her balcony and waved to the sky, gathering specks of silver light in her right hand to form a glowing sphere. She quickly began drawing in air with the silver light, a strange design soon emblazoned in the sky. Raising her right hand, she pushed silver sphere into the design in the air. The design flashed, before disappearing. 


In a blacksmithing workshop, Tang Wulin finally had the time to examine just how much he had changed, after breaking through to rank 40 and having his martial soul evolve into the Bluesilver Emperor. 

The reason spirit refining was so difficult was its demand on both skill and soul power. In the past, Tang Wulin had only managed to succeed by supplementing his soul power with his blood essence. But that method was not feasible for spirit refining alloys. 

However, his cultivation had made a breakthrough and united his soul power and blood essence into one source of energy. Gold blood essence and white soul power fused together. He could use them in whatever ratio he chose or use them separately. When he fused them, his soul power gained a golden hue and was at its most potent. 

The combination of his pure soul power and powerful blood essence allowed Tang Wulin to forge for longer stretches of time now. He no longer had to stop prematurely due to a lack of soul power. 

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