Chapter 579 - Bluesilver Emperor

Chapter 579 - Bluesilver Emperor

The Tyrant Dragon’s influence extended far beyond Tang Wulin’s martial soul and new soul ring. It roused his blood essence to greater heights of power, creating waves of might that slammed into his fifth seal. 

Tang Wulin grabbed the reins of his body quickly and pacified his blood essence.  However, the damage was done. The fifth seal was looser than before. He didn’t need to ask Old Tang to know that the delicacies Mu Ye had been feeding him these last forty-nine days were treasures, treasures packed full of nutrition and provided the fuel needed to break the fifth seal at his discretion. 

Now that he had four soul rings, Tang Wulin’s strength had skyrocketed. Especially since his bluesilver grass awakened once more! 

In the past, Tang Wulin’s greatest power was his Golden Dragon King bloodline, especially when compared with his meek bluesilver grass. However, now that his bluesilver grass had evolved into the Bluesiilver Emperor, he had another potent weapon in his arsenal. If he were to face the herd of great white demon sharks again, he was confident that he could annihilate them completely. 

With four soul rings, he also met the final qualification necessary to become a sixth-rank blacksmith. It also meant he had the strength necessary to become a one-word battle armor master. 

The ten-thousand-year Tyrant Dragon spirit soul at his disposal, Tang Wulin could cultivate until seven rings without needing to find another spirit soul. 

I finally did it! It’s going to be a lot harder to cultivate my soul power from now on, but I have to persevere. At least my martial soul awakened a second time. Plus, I should be able to cultivate as fast as the others now. I’m not even fifteen yet, so I’ve got plenty of time. 

At his urging, strands of bluesilver grass swarmed out onto the sea and propped him up in the air. 

“Teacher,” Tang Wulin said.

A smug smile formed on Mu Ye’s face. “You’ve finally experienced your second awakening. How do you feel?”

Tang Wulin beamed. “Great! That was the end of the training right? Am I free now?”

Mu Ye nodded. “For you, the hardest part is over. The next phase of training will be much easier.”

A crack appeared in Tang Wulin’s smile. “T-teacher, I’ve already been training for so many days. How about you give me a few days off?” 

“Practice makes perfect. Slacking off won’t do you any good. You think resting will benefit you when you’re in the prime of your youth? Well, fine. I’ll let you have the rest of the night off. But that’s it.” In a blur, Mu Ye grabbed Tang Wulin and sped through the skies, their destination the ships. 

The lustrous golden hue of the bluesilver grass faded as they flew and the grass withdrew into Tang Wulin’s body.


When Tang Wulin awoke from meditating the next morning, he was greeted with hints of sunshine peeking through the window. He rushed over to the balcony just in time to absorb the first light over the horizon, the morning purple flash. 

He was astonished by how different he felt. His bluesilver grass truly had evolved into the Bluesilver Emperor. He could even feel a connection to the plants in the ocean now, which made even the ocean a suitable cultivation environment for him. Furthermore, his base cultivation speed had grown at least three times faster. Is this what having a powerful martial soul is like? I endured forty-nine days of hell for this, and it was totally worth it! I feel amazing! Gratitude toward Mu Ye filled Tang Wulin’s heart. Without Mu Ye, he never would have experienced this. 

Tang Wulin soon finished cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes for the day. The sun hung well above the horizon now, coating the ocean with a golden warmth. 

Currently, they were two-thirds of the way to Star Luo, growing closer by the second. In the recent days, the government officials often organized social events to foster friendship between the two delegations and for diplomats from both parties to gradually become familiar with each other. 

Just as Tang Wulin walked out his door to invite Gu Yue out for breakfast, the door of the cabin across from his opened as well. Xu Xiaoyan stepped out, and when she saw Tang Wulin, astonishment colored her face. “Captain, you…”

Tang Wulin smiled. “What’s up Xiaoyan? Why are looking at me like that? Don’t you recognize me?” 

Xu Xiaoyan shook her head. “That’s not it! There’s just something different about you today. Your skin looks even smoother than normal. You’re practically sparkling! And there’s this aura about you that’s kinda spooky.” 

“Huh?” Tang Wulin was taken aback, consciously making an effort to subdue his aura.

The moment he did this, Xu Xiaoyan relaxed her shoulders. “Oh.  That’s better.” 

Tang Wulin scratched his head. “I made a breakthrough last night so I haven’t had a chance to practice controlling my aura yet. I won’t let it leak next time.” Unknown to Tang Wulin, fusing with the Tyrant Dragon spirit soul granted his aura a frighteningly domineering edge. However, the effects of fusing with a Tyrant Dragon spirit soul normally wouldn’t have been so great if not for the synergy with his Golden Dragon King bloodline. Although he couldn’t feel this change, one look and it was clear for Xu Xiaoyan.

“Breakthrough? Captain, you’re finally rank 40?” Xu Xiaoyan’s smile was warm and bright, full of joy.

Tang Wulin coughed. “What do you mean finally? You calling me slow?”

Xu Xiaoyan nodded and giggled as she fled. 

Gu Yue had overheard them from her cabin and came out on her own. The rest of the group soon left their rooms as well. 

She made her way toTang Wulin’s side. Stared at him in astonishment. “You broke through that fast?”

Tang Wulin nodded. “I worked hard to catch up to you guys!” 

Ye Xinglan also approached him. “I’ve been trying to complete a core these last few days, but I’ve had no success. So I think I’ll work on battle armor for you guys next. Captain, I’ll start with yours. The first piece will be a pauldron for your right shoulder. Should I alternate who I make armor for, or focus on making you a full set first?” 

Tang Wulin pondered for a moment, a hand rubbing his chin. “Let’s take turns getting our armor made. It’s better to increase our strength as a whole since we’ve all got our own specialties. Who knows what sort of challenges we’ll face in Star Luo?” 

“Okay.” Ye Xinglan nodded. 

At that moment, a deafening boom. The ship shuddered with screeching metal. Tang Wulin and his friends quickly grabbed onto whatever fixtures to could find in the hall to steady themselves. 

“What happened?” Tang Wulin blurted, eyes darting around in confusion. 

Apart from Xu Xiaoyan who had run off earlier, every Shrek Academy student was gathered in the hall. 

“Everyone, come closer together. Let’s regroup in my cabin and figure out what’s going on,” Tang Wulin said as he opened his cabin’s door and ushered everyone in.

Metallic screeching and rumbles filled the hall again as the ship shuddered once more. 

Tang Wulin was certain the cabin was safer than the hall since it had a balcony, giving them an escape route in case of an emergency. 

The moment they were all inside, Tang Wulin slammed the door shut and dashed to the balcony. He peered outside. 

Horror spread across his face at what he witnessed. The azure sea was tainted deep purple and a giant stream of water tens of meters in diameter burst out of the ocean, slamming into the soul barrier erected around the ship. The impact rippled through the barrier. 

A purple ocean? What the hell is happening? As Tang Wulin gaped at the water, Mu Ye landed on the balcony in front of him. 

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