Chapter 578 - Evolution!

Chapter 578 - Evolution!

Although Mu Ye was uncertain if the soul ring of the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark suited Tang Wulin, he didn’t dare intervene now. It was a natural ten-thousand-year soul ring, after all! It would not burden Tang Wulin’s spiritual power, unlike artificial soul rings. Furthermore, Tang Wulin had slain this beast himself and it was best for him to absorb its energies. 

The black soul ring flew over to Tang Wulin, gently descending upon his head. 

Tang Wulin possessed spiritual power at the Spirit Sea realm and a mighty body. Considering this and his unyielding nature of spiritual power, Mu Ye was wholly confident in his ability to absorb a ten-thousand-year soul ring. Especially since Tang Wulin had undergone his second awakening.

Obtaining this ring as his fourth would be quite the achievement and lay a solid foundation for the future. And because great white demon sharks were powerful beings, their soul rings could be very beneficial. The only question was how compatible its ring would be with his martial soul.

That Tang Wulin could experience this second awakening after forty-nine days of hardships was a testament to his tenacity. Even the previous master of the Body Sect had only endured until the twenty-eighth day before reawakening. Since the torment of the devilish training increased exponentially with each day, it was clear how much potential hid within Tang Wulin and how unyielding his will was. 

To Mu Ye’s astonishment, Tang Wulin’s spirits would always recover after a satisfying meal, even if he had previously endured torturous training enough make even those with an iron will wish for death. Unlike ordinary people, who would grow dispirited as the days dragged on, Tang Wulin found his stride after a shaky start, his bravery increasing by the day. He even seemed to enjoy the challenge by the end and showed no signs of resentment toward the training. 

Tang Wulin’s body was truly amazing. Although he was fueled by heavenly treasures, his body had to be strong enough to digest those treasures for that to matter anyway. 

The black soul ring finally touched Tang Wulin’s head, pride painting Mu Ye’s face as this happened. The fusion process began. 

Suddenly, a roar thundered out from the depths of Tang Wulin’s being. From his forehead came a small figure, dashing out to intercept the black soul ring. 

What’s going on? Mu Ye’s eyes went wide in bewilderment. A phantom draconic beast about the size of Tang Wulin’s head, its legs thick and its tail long. No matter how he looked at it, it was a Tyrant Dragon out of the ancient legends! 

Mu Ye knew full well that Tang Wulin’s first spirit soul, Goldsong, was originally a defective spirit soul painstakingly raised to the thousand-year level. There was no way this was Goldsong. Before Mu Ye could digest what he was seeing, the phantom Tyrant Dragon spread its mouth wide, leaping to engulf the black soul ring, chewing a few times before swallowing. Not a trace of the soul ring remained. 

It ate the soul ring? What the hell? As knowledgeable as he was, Mu Ye had never seen or heard of anything like this! 

The Tyrant Dragon let out a burp then roared toward the sky, hopping up and down on Tang Wulin’s head in excitement. In the blink of an eye, it left Tang Wulin and transformed into a behemoth over sixty meters tall. A domineering aura exploded from its form, striking terror into the hearts of the surrounding great white demon sharks. None dared approach this tyrant. 

A mist of rusted gold flowed out of the dragon’s body to envelop Tang Wulin. His bluesilver grass instantly absorbed the mist upon contact and sent its mystical energy along its length, funneling the energy into his body. 

The Tyrant Dragon let out another roar in exaltation. 

Mu Ye was dumbstruck. Once again, he couldn’t fathom what he was seeing. Where the hell did that Tyrant Dragon come from? It resembles a spirit soul, but I’ve never heard of someone having an extra one before breaking through! 

The enormous body of the Tyrant Dragon gradually shrank, and as it did, the strands of grass deepened in color, transforming from a bright blue to a shade of sapphire. They shone lustrously, the veins within each strand taking on a dark-gold hue. 

As Mu Ye stared at the sight in astonishment, his thoughts ran wild. It really is a Tyrant Dragon spirit soul! I can’t believe it! A weak martial soul like the bluesilver grass is fusing with a Tyrant Dragon spirit soul! No. His martial soul isn’t bluesilver grass anymore. It’s Bluesilver Emperor! The only way it could fuse with the Tyrant Dragon is if it’s the Bluesilver Emperor! But I wonder what sort of soul skill the Tyrant Dragon will grant him? 

It’s unfortunate though. Doesn’t he still have his bloodline soul skills? It would be far better if the Tyrant Dragon fused with his bloodline instead. It’s a perfect match with a draconic bloodline after all! Really though, why did a willful spirit soul like that choose him? Joy welled up within Mu Ye the more he tried to comprehend what was happening. However, he was certain of one thing: he had been absolutely correct to choose Tang Wulin to inherit the Body Sect’s legacies. 

An inky black soul appeared beneath Tang Wulin’s feet. It rose, revolving around him. From his body rolled off a wave of renewed might. After enduring numerous hardships, he finally became a four-ringed Soul Ancestor, the last of his team. 

Tang Wulin’s aura continued to grow stronger while vines of his Bluesilver Emperor dipped into the water. After fusing with his fourth ring, they rapidly grew until each strand was as thick as a man’s thigh. In light of these changes, there was no doubt that his martial soul had evolved. 

The Bluesilver Emperor and a Tyrant Dragon were an unlikely combination, but with Tang Wulin’s bloodline of the Golden Dragon King bridging the two contrasting powers, he was able to perfectly fuse them together. 

Mu Ye sighed in awe. From henceforth, no one would dare call Tang Wulin’s martial soul weak. It looked like his fourth ring was an all-around power boost type. His eyes shone as he observed. 

The radiant aura around Tang Wulin subsided and he slowly opened his eyes, a chilling light shining within them. 

A gasp involuntarily left Mu Ye’s lips as he saw Tang Wulin’s pupils. They were erect slits just like a real dragon’s, brimming with bloodthirst. But that ferocity only lasted a moment before his eyes returned to normal. That’s probably because he just fused with the Tyrant Dragon. He should be fine after some rest. 

Tang Wulin could sense all the changes within him clearly. His body burst with power and his bluesilver grass was no longer as thin and frail as before. Each strand was as powerful as his own limbs now. 

Only now did he realize where the Tyrant Dragon had disappeared to during the day of their encounter. It had submitted to his majesty and hidden within him, waiting for the day he broke through to become his second spirit soul. 

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