Chapter 577 - Martial Soul Evolution

Chapter 577 - Martial Soul Evolution

Shit! Tang Wulin’s heart thrashed against his chest as a jet of water slammed into him. 

Great white demon sharks were not called the lords of the sea for no reason. They had just unleashed a bombardment of Demon Soul Waves at Tang Wulin. The signature move used to restrain and devour their prey. 

Tang Wulin was actually quite lucky. If the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark hadn’t underestimated him and got itself killed, Tang Wulin would undoubtedly die to their current combined assault. Under the effects of the Demon Soul Waves, he was forced into a kneel. 

As jet after jet of water struck him, Tang Wulin coughed up mouthfuls of blood, the wounds from his battle with the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark flaring open. He felt a flame eat at him from within, his blood essence rampaging and his life approaching its end. 

A thousand-year shark larger than the rest of the herd waited in the waters right below Tang Wulin, its eyes shining with eagerness as it watched him fall. When he was only a couple of meters above the water, it leaped out and opened its maw wide, projecting a Demon Soul Wave at him as it tried to swallow him whole. 

Tang Wulin gritted his teeth and prepared himself. Just before this second wave made contact with him, he unleashed his bluesilver grass and wrapped himself in it like a cocoon. Since his blood essence was being suppressed by the Demon Soul Wave, he could only rely on his martial soul. 

The instant the wave struck him, Tang Wulin’s body went stiff. Fortunately, the cocoon of bluesilver grass shielded him from being torn to pieces by the shark’s razor-sharp teeth. Taking this moment of reprieve, he focused on regaining control of his blood essence. 

However, the shark pressed down with its jaws and exerted crushing force through the cocoon, shredding the outer layer of grass. Every strand of bluesilver grass shone with tenacity as they fought against the shark’s jagged teeth. But in the end, they were merely bluesilver grass. They were no match against such mighty jaws.

A shark’s greatest weapons were its dagger-like teeth and great white demon sharks wielded the best of such weapons.

Tang Wulin could feel his bones grinding together under the force of the shark’s jaws. It tossed up waves in his blood essence’s flow. Under this intense pressure, his blood essence surged to his brain and his body flushed crimson. 

Unable to bite its prey no matter how hard it tried, the great white demon shark pulsed with rage. Once again it opened its maw wide. Clamped down.

Tang Wulin reached his limit. He could not endure against these attacks any longer.

Mu Ye sighed. In this situation, however, he had plenty of leeway to save Tang Wulin. In a flicker of movement, he appeared beside the shark attacking Tang Wulin’s cocoon. Raised his hand, preparing to strike the shark. But before Mu Ye did, he noticed strands of golden bluesilver grass twisting out of the cocoon. This kid still has an ace up his sleeve? 

Mu Ye hesitated from intervening. This was Tang Wulin’s last chance to reawaken. As long as there was even a glimmer of a chance of that happening, he dared not meddle. If Tang Wulin failed today, then he would not be qualified to join the Body Sect and inherit the sect’s legacies. 

The shark opened its mouth wide and chewed down once more, tearing away the remaining bluesilver grass. It left behind only the shining golden strands. Suddenly, those golden strands flared with life, so bright that they even blinded the sharks watching from the water. 

The thousand-year shark biting Tang Wulin froze in place, giving Mu Ye a clear view at the cocoon. All that remained of the cocoon were golden strands of grass. However, numerous strands frantically grew out of it, piercing the shark’s body and swarming outward. 

A frenzied aura brimming with life burst from the cocoon as the strands of grass dipped into the sea, sending ripples along the surface. The golden bluesilver grass shone resplendently gold as they drained the bloodied waters of its crimson, turning the water clear as crystal.

The cocoon repelled the shark, breaking its grip on the cocoon’s surface. Then golden strands of bluesilver grass whipped out of the cocoon to form a whirling ring around it. The intense waves of life energy coming from the cocoon spread and pacified the frenzied sharks. Now they sat still in the water, calmly watching the cocoon rise higher into the air as more and more golden strands of bluesilver grass sprawled out of it.  

He’s done it! Mu Ye’s eyes shone bright with joy. The only possible way for a three-ringed soul master to unleash such might was with a second awakening! On the final day, the forty-ninth life-or-death crisis, Tang Wulin finally reawakened!

Even with Mu Ye’s immense strength and wealth of experience, he couldn’t stop his heartbeat from accelerating. An awakening on the forty-ninth day meant Tang Wulin’s bloodline was of the highest grade, possessing unimaginable potential! What is it? What will his awakening bring? 

As the bluesilver grass spread further, its golden glow grew in intensity. Although the grass was primarily blue, that golden glow came from its shining golden veins. 

The strands of grass were visibly growing thicker by the second and their veins clearer and clearer. A change was becoming apparent in the golden veins themselves, growing more concentrated and dense. Blue scales were also forming on the surface of the grass, each reminiscent of the scales on Tang Wulin’s dragon arm. 

What sort of second awakening is his bluesilver grass hiding? Is it the legendary Bluesilver Emperor? Mu Ye watched with anticipation. 

In all of history, there was only one person who awakened his bluesilver grass as the Bluesilver Emperor, and in the twenty thousand years since that fabled figure appeared, every person still knew and spoke of him. He was the man who led soul masters in a rebellion against the Martial Soul Hall and defeated the ascended leader of the hall, Bi Dong! He was the leader of the first generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters, founder of the Tang Sect, and the most respected soul master in all of history. The Thousand Hands Douluo, Tang San!

Tang San had possessed twin martial souls and his primary one was bluesilver grass. Later on, it had evolved with a second awakening into the Bluesilver Emperor, paving his way to godhood. 

If Tang Wulin also awakens the Bluesilver Emperor, his name will go down in history! Excitement blazed within Mu Ye’s heart. The Bluesilver Emperor hadn’t been seen in so long and no one in the modern era knew the true extent of its power or its unique characteristics. Since Tang Wulin was Mu Ye’s disciple, his own pride, and by extension, the Body Sect’s pride, Mu Ye could only desperately hope for a miracle. 

When Tang San had shone as a peerless star throughout Douluo, the Body Sect had yet to exist. 

As the cocoon glowed brighter, its aura of might ascended to the heavens. Then the golden cocoon slowly unraveled, revealing Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s entire body was flushed red like a lobster as he floated in the air, eyes shut tight. An aura of mingling blue and gold enveloped him, making him seem an extension of the golden bluesilver grass. Enormous strands of bluesilver grass blossomed from his back like a giant tulip. The blue-gold aura flared and the strands of grass grew as thick as an adult’s arms, the scales running along their length solidifying. Three purple soul rings appeared around Tang Wulin, adding a faint purple hue to the blue-gold aura. 

The veins within the grass finally finished merging into what appeared to be a golden spine. It truly looked like a blue vine with a golden spine and golden-blue scales. This was a completely new type of bluesilver grass, or perhaps even the Bluesilver Emperor! 

Tang Wulin’s body emitted a golden aura now as well, rapidly growing from a faint haze to a resplendent glow. Scales appeared all over his body and his aura flared once more, a mysterious force of attraction centered on his body appearing. That force spread and grasped on tight to its target, the black soul ring lingering near the remaining pieces of the ten-thousand-year great white demon shark. Then reeled the soul ring back to Tang Wulin.

He’s fusing with the soul ring? He broke rank 40? Mu Ye’s eyes went wide.

Indeed, Tang Wulin had been on the verge of breakthrough during this trial, finally succeeding thanks to this second awakening! 

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