Chapter 571 - I Must Survive!

Chapter 571 - I Must Survive!

Mu Ye scoffed at Tang Wulin. “You damn shameless brat. You just ate a whole thousand-year bluefin tuna, and you got some gall to say you don’t know what I mean? Not even I can just waltz into the ocean and find a precious fish like that whenever I want.” 

“It was delicious and very filling,” Tang Wulin said, eager to placate him. “Uncle Ye, about yesterday...”

“That was just to test your body’s potential. You’ve proven that you possess even more talent than I ever expected. The reason you were so exhausted this morning was because your body and blood essence were strained to their limits last night. But breaking free of our limits is how the Body Sect cultivates. In order to reach the pinnacle, we need to stimulate our bodies and uncover its secrets. That is the way of the Body Sect.” 

“The cultivation method of the Body Sect?” Tang Wulin’s eyes went wide with astonishment. 

Mu Ye nodded proudly. “The Body Sect has many cultivation methods, but they all serve the same purpose. And that is to unearth the potential hidden within all of us. Have you heard of a martial soul’s second awakening before?”

“Yeah.” Tang Wulin nodded. “I learned about it in school. The teacher said that under certain circumstances, a martial soul could awaken to new abilities and mutations. Mutations can be good or bad, and their effects are always obvious.” 

A thin smile formed on Mu Ye’s face. “Correct. Looks like you’ve been paying attention in class. You should also know how difficult it is to awaken a martial soul a second time. Even for ancient and powerful clans with lineage martial souls, their chance of a second awakening is only a fraction higher than other soul masters’.”

“Yeah. I learned this in school too,” Tang Wulin said. 

“Well, what I’m about to tell you now is a surefire method to trigger a second awakening,” Mu Ye puffed out his chest in pride. “The Body Sect has a secret method to do so. And it’s guaranteed to be beneficial too.”

“What?” Tang Wulin’s jaw dropped. He didn’t know much about second awakenings beyond the basics, but what he did know was this: a second awakening could skyrocket a soul master’s strength. A method to guarantee a second awakening was something that he had yet to hear about until now. Moreover, this method of Mu Ye’s even promised it to be beneficial. Such secrets were priceless! He could only imagine how his bluesilver grass could evolve. 

“Uncle Ye, you’re not lying, right?” Tang Wulin couldn’t help but harbor some doubts. This all sounded too good to be true. 

“Don’t call me Uncle. Just call me Master.” 

“Master?” Tang Wulin’s brows jumped in alarm. “I haven’t agreed to join your Body Sect! I’m not betraying the Tang Sect!” 

Mu Ye snorted in impatience. “Forget about that. You don’t need to leave the Tang Sect. Either way, you’re joining the Body Sect.” In his eyes, he was already making an enormous concession to Tang Wulin.

“B-but I’m already a member of the Tang Sect,” Tang Wulin meekly said. “If I don’t get their permission first, I don’t think I can join another one.” 

Mu Ye glared at Tang Wulin. “What are you trying to say?” I’m already compromising so much, yet this damn kid…

Finding some ground to stand on, Tang Wulin’s voice grew firm. “That’s right. I can’t betray my sect. I’m sorry Uncle Ye. I’m grateful for your consideration, but I’m already part of the Tang Sect, so…”

“Enough nonsense. I don’t care what they say. You’ve already received benefits from the Body Sect already, so you’re one of our disciples now.” 

Before Tang Wulin could further retort, Mu Ye grabbed him by the neck and jumped over the balcony.

He couldn’t be… again? Next thing Tang Wulin knew, they were underwater. 

Grasping on to Tang Wulin tightly, Mu Ye dove toward the depths of the ocean at breakneck speed. 

The water pressure increased explosively, crushing Tang Wulin from all sides. But unlike his last deep sea adventure, Tang Wulin was more prepared today. He didn’t panic. He was as close to calm as he could be. His thoughts clear, Tang Wulin noticed that his body’s resistance to the water pressure was greater than before. 

In an instant, Mu Ye brought them to the same pitch-black ocean level as Tang Wulin’s test of tenacity. After another torturous brush with death, Tang Wulin rose to the surface gasping for breath. His lungs ablaze and starving for air. While he did not come close to losing consciousness, his body was still limp and painful from the unforgiving water pressure. But he survived with much more ease tonight.

The thousand-year tuna was truly nutritious. Even now, Tang Wulin’s body still hummed with warmth as the tuna supplied him with strength. 

Clad in dark gold, Mu Ye swiftly arrived at Tang Wulin’s side once he emerged from the water. 

“Uncle Ye, are we going back now?” Tang Wulin asked, forcing out a smile. 

“The greatest secret of the Body Sect is how we cause a second awakening. In truth, you already know what the method is. To draw out the potential hidden within someone, they must be put through a desperate crisis. Then claw their way to survival. Since you continue to refuse to join the Body Sect, I’ll have to silence you.” 

As Tang Wulin gawked, Mu Ye’s figure disappeared in a flicker of motion and reappeared before him. A blink later, Mu Ye firmly grasped his neck. Once more did they plunge into the sea. 

As they descended, the frigid waters rapidly snuffed the little strength that Tang Wulin had managed to recover. This time, Mu Ye brought him even further into the ocean’s cold embrace. 

The moment Mu Ye released his hold on Tang Wulin, no matter how deprived of oxygen and crushed from tremendous pressure he was, Tang Wulin felt his fading consciousness kick back into action. Without a single thought in his mind, he frantically swam for the surface. 

But before he could make it, his vision faded to black.

“Wake up,” sounded a voice, reverberating from all around him. 

Tang Wulin opened his eyes to find himself within his spiritual world. Old Tang floated a short distance away from him.

“Wake up,” Old Tang repeated.

“Old Tang, what happened?”

“Right now you’re on the brink of death. That’s the Body Sect, for you. Still, their methods are very helpful for training your body, and as long as you persevere, your potential will bloom. No matter what, you can never give up. You just have to push on and unleash your hidden strength. Since you possess the sealed power of the Golden Dragon King, your potential is far higher than anyone could imagine.

“Anyway, there’s something important I must inform you of. You know those seals on your body? The first nine differ from the last nine. For the former, you will be able to absorb their energy easily enough as long as you have the necessary heavenly treasures. The last nine are a different story, though. Because they possess a frightening amount of energy, when you reach those seals, every seal break will be a life-and-death crisis. Therefore, while the Body Sect’s cultivation methods may be cruel, they are a great way to temper your body and mind in preparation for the last nine seals. Persevere and gain the strength you need for the future.” 

Before Tang Wulin could say anything, his vision blurred and he returned to reality. Darkness surrounded him, his lungs screamed for air, and the ocean’s depths crushed him with its pressure. 

I have to persevere! I must survive! 

He bit his tongue to clear his mind. With adrenaline pumping through his veins, he once again frantically swam toward the surface. 

I must survive! He screamed within his heart, refusing to succumb to his weakness. Power surged through his limbs and he pressed on. 

Unknown to Tang Wulin a red mecha quietly watched him from a short distance away. Mu Ye’s red-grade mecha. When it had sensed how close Tang Wulin was to death, it prepared to swoop in as rescue. 

Instead, Tang Wulin jolted back to life right before it could. 

Surface side, Mu Ye watched Tang Wulin through the sensors of his mecha. Astonishment colored his face at the tenacity Tang Wulin possessed. This kid’s potential sure is hard to measure! 

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