Chapter 567 - Into the Sea

Chapter 567 - Into the Sea

Wu Zhangkong wasn’t Tang Wulin’s only competitor for prince of the ball and best-dressed man. So was Yue Zhengyu. In fact, Shrek Academy yielded several nominations for different categories. Best-dressed lady, for example, flaunted the elegant styles of Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan. As for belle of the ball, Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan, Ye Xinglan, and the non-Shrek Lin Yuhan all made the cut. Gu Yue’s dance in particular had been so enchanting that her relatively average physical appearance seemed less so. It made her popular with the crowd. 

The voting came as quickly as it went. In the end, Tang Wulin was crowned the best-dressed gentleman, and he and Gu Yue won best dance couple. Surprisingly enough, Gu Yue also won best-dressed lady. On the other hand, that the Ice Prince Wu Zhangkong won most handsome man was hardly shocking. And a young girl from Star Luo snatched away the win for the most beautiful woman contest. 

Tang Wulin noticed a hint of embarrassment on Wu Zhangkong’s face as he ascended the stage to accept his reward. Even for the dashing Wu Zhangkong, it was his first time experiencing this type of limelight. If not for Elder Cai’s presence, he would have refused to go up. 

The awards themselves weren’t too flashy, merely some local specialties of the Star Luo Empire. But the contest had achieved its purpose. The two delegations were much more at ease with each other now. 

“Your dance was amazing,” Lin Yuhan said as she greeted Gu Yue.  “Congratulations on your award.”

A thin smile formed on Gu Yue’s lips. “You were pretty good too.” 

They locked stares. Sparks flew.

Lin Yuhan turned to Tang Wulin. “Wulin, do you have any free time tomorrow? If yes, want to give me some blacksmithing tips? We can hammer some metal in the blacksmithing workshop onboard.” 

Just as Tang Wulin was about to answer, he felt a sharp pain at his waist. He coughed awkwardly. “I-I, uh, think I’ll be busy tomorrow. I gotta cultivate and do some other stuff. A-another day maybe.” 

“Okay. I’m in room 521. You can call me through the internal comms line.” 

While aboard the ship, there was no reception for soul communicators. They could only call each other through the hardwired lines. 


Although unsatisfied with the outcome, Lin Yuhan bid them a short goodbye and left. When she was finally out of sight, Gu Yue removed her fingers from Tang Wulin’s waist. 

Tang Wulin glanced at Gu Yue just as she did the same. A pause, but their gazes did not falter.

“Damn, did someone spill some vinegar? It’s getting real sour around here,” Yue Zhengyu said as he approached the two, sending a smirk Gu Yue’s way. 

Gu Yue quickly separated from Tang Wulin. She sent a glare Yue Zhengyu’s way. Sharp enough to cut. Regrouping, they enjoyed the rest of the banquet’s performances.


In the end, the banquet was an overwhelming success. The members of both delegations were much friendlier towards each other. Which was great, since there were diplomatic representatives from every profession, and naturally quite a few high-ranking members of the military as well. 

A while back, Wu Zhangkong had mentioned to Tang Wulin both delegations possessed quite a few powerful mecha pilots and battle armor masters. Most of those powerhouses came as representatives of academies. 

After his contact with the Imperial Sun Moon Academy, Tang Wulin could tell that they were strong. However, even with an age advantage, they might not necessarily match up to his team. It was unfortunate, to say so the least, that he wouldn’t have a chance to probe their strength any further.

Back at his cabin, Tang Wulin carefully undressed from the clothes Gu Yue had given him, smoothing out the wrinkles and hanging them neatly in his closet. 

The vivid image of Gu Yue’s lithe body performing her wild and passionate dance popped into his mind. Never had he seen such a side to her before. He found it enchanting, as did everyone else at the banquet. Her dance would be forever etched into his memory. 

After changing into his usual clothes, Tang Wulin felt much more at ease without anything constricting his neck. He pushed open the door to the balcony and let the sea breeze in. His heart relaxed as it brushed against his skin. Tang Wulin took in a deep breath and looked up at the evening sky. Clouds obscured the stars and moon, leaving the sea shrouded in darkness. He could hear the faint sound of waves tumbling along and crashing into the ship’s hull. A peaceful song to calm the soul. 

The world really is amazing! Tang Wulin felt glad that he had come on this exchange trip. Although his trip was just beginning, he had already gained so many new experiences, experiences he never would have dreamed of. 

He placed a foot past the doorway and onto the balcony. He swept his other foot through. Tang Wulin continued on his stroll, ending it to lean on the balcony railing. His eyes flashed purple with the power of Purple Demon Eyes, peering into the watery depths. With the light cast from the ship, he could make out as far as a dozen meters deep.

Back in class, he had learned that the ocean covered roughly seventy percent of their spherical planet. He found this concept interesting and wondered what other planets apart from Douluo existed. The field of astronomy was fledgling, and scientists were only beginning to peer into the unknown of space with telescopes in recent years. Unfortunately, Tang Wulin had no time to spare to satisfy his interest in astronomy with the burden of cultivation taking up the majority of his time. 

As thoughts meandered through Tang Wulin’s mind, he felt a sudden pressure on his neck and found himself flying through the air the next instant. 

Oh shit! His instincts screamed in alarm and he urged his soul power forth. But he found a mysterious energy enveloping him and cutting off the flow of his soul power. This time, he urged his blood essence to resist, but the force on the nape of his neck sent pain coursing through him that beat down any attempt at resistance. 

Tang Wulin’s numerous brushes with death prepared him for this crisis. Instantly, he calmed his mind. He steadily coaxed his soul power and blood essence to circulate within him and waited for an opportunity to escape, bracing for impact. 

A loud splash. The frigid water surrounded him as he continued to be dragged deeper and beneath the surface. He sank like a stone, his high body density proving to be his downfall. The sea devoured the light around him. 

Unable to breathe, Tang Wulin mustered all his willpower to hold his breath and break free from the hand’s iron grip. But it was to no avail.

His vision grew dark and his soul power and blood essence slowly churned to a halt. His lungs burned with desire for air while the immense pressure of the ocean depths crushed him from all sides. Am I going to die? 

Tang Wulin didn’t know who he had offended. But if there was anything he knew, it was that his attacker was far more powerful than him. The gap in strength was so great that any resistance was futile. 

Pretty soon, the water pressure released the remaining thin air in his lungs. Pain built up within him, so much that he could feel it in his flesh, his bones. Could feel it in his being. His blood essence worked in overdrive to endure the burden, but it only delayed the inevitable.  

No! Not like this. I can’t die yet! 

His eyes burst open underwater. Blood essence whipped into a frenzy, from his body a golden aura erupting. Tang Wulin activated Golden Dragon Body. Gone was the sharp pain from his neck. With the power of the Golden Dragon King unleashed, he could endure the water pressure. Scales rippled across the right side of his upper body. 

He thrust his elbows backward while urging his blood essence to flow in reverse. From his elbows unleashed Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. In the same instant, he used Golden Dragon Tyrant Body. His figure flashed iridescent. 

He needed an opportunity. A single opportunity to break free. 

Tang Wulin angled his neck, facing the water’s surface. The ship was still cruising along above him. As long as he could reach the surface, at least one of the numerous powerful people on this diplomatic exchange would discover him and send help. 

He struck his attacker with his elbows. And cried out, the water muffling his voice. It felt as if he had struck a hard metal plate instead. If not for his tough body, Tang Wulin’s bones would have shattered into pieces.

The hand on his neck pressed down with renewed strength. Luckily for him, Golden Dragon Tyrant Body was still in effect and absorbed all of the transmitted force, converting it into energy. It was his chance. He took advantage of the recoil of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens to finally break free of the vice-like grip. Slashed his attacker with Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, unleashing five dark-gold streaks of energy. 

This Golden Dragon Dreadclaw combined with a fully charged Golden Dragon Tyrant Body was the most powerful attack he could currently unleash. 

As Tang Wulin tracked the course of his attack, he finally saw his attacker. A man swathed in a dark-gold aura. 

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