Chapter 565 - Follow Me

 Chapter 565 - Follow Me

“Huh? I don’t know how to dance.” Tang Wulin waved his hand dismissively at the idea. He had never danced before, nor had the opportunity to learn. 

“It’s not hard. How about I teach you?” Lin Yuhan said, offering her hand to him. 

Tang Wulin blinked a few times as he stared at her hand. Before he could react, she grabbed him by the hand and dragged him to the dance floor. 

“Big Sis! That girl from Star Luo is taking away Wulin!” Xu Xiaoyan exclaimed, nudging Gu Yue with her elbow. 

Gu Yue turned. Her eyes zeroed in on Lin Yuhan gripping Tang Wulin’s hand as they headed to the dancefloor and frowned. 

“What are you going to do Big Sis?” Xu Xiaoyan quietly asked. 

Contrary to Xu Xiaoyan’s expectations, Gu Yue smiled calmly. “It’s fine.” 

Xu Xiaoyan smiled as well. “Captain sure is popular! You better keep a close eye on him.” 

“If a girl lets her man get snatched away by another girl, then she only has herself to blame.” 

Ye Xinglan nodded in agreement and gave Gu Yue a thumbs up. As for Yuanen Yehui, she could only smile wryly at the exchange. 

Seemingly out of thin air, Xie Xie popped up next to Yuanen Yehui and said, “Don’t worry! No matter how pretty other girls are, I’ll always be faithful!” 

“Get away from me,” Yuanen Yehui said without batting an eye while the other three girls watched with warm smiles. 

Back on the dance floor, Tang Wulin realized how helpless it was to throw off Lin Yuhan. As expected of a blacksmith, her large and powerful hands had a vice-like grip on him. 

In truth, Tang Wulin was quite impressed with her. It was already difficult for men to become blacksmiths, and exponentially harder for women. Blacksmithing was the hardest main profession to advance in, so the fact that she was also a fifth-rank blacksmith at nearly the same age as him served testimony to her sacrifice to get there. Tang Wulin understood all too well how challenging blacksmithing was. The hardships he went through to reach his current level made it all the more obvious that she possessed immense willpower and tenacity. Blacksmithing was a path walked by many and he was bound to meet many others walking this path, so as reluctant as he was, he didn’t fight her anymore and let her take him to the dance floor. 

Once they found their own little space, Lin Yuhan whirled around to face Tang Wulin without letting go of his hand. She raised the hand that held his and put her other hand on his shoulder. 

“Just follow my movements. I’ll lead. Now put your free hand on my waist,” Lin Yuhan said softly.

“Huh?” Tang Wulin stared at her blankly. He had never been so close to a girl before except for Gu Yue and Na’er. He subconsciously followed her instructions and placed a hand at her waist. When he felt her slim waist, his heartbeat quickened and crimson warmth rose to his cheeks, highlighting his obvious lack of experience with women. 

Lin Yuhan giggled at how stiff Tang Wulin was acting. “I’m going to start now.” She slid her left foot to the side and brought Tang Wulin deeper into the dance floor. With her hands, she exerted strength to guide him along on the proper movements. 

Although Tang Wulin did not know how to dance, he had learned the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step so he had a good foundation for footwork. His movements were a bit sluggish, but he managed to keep up with Lin Yuhan to form an awkward but acceptable dance. 

Lin Yuhan gradually picked up the pace as Tang Wulin grew more familiar with the routine. Soon, he found the rhythm and was moving in tune with the music. 

While the two clearly weren’t the best dancers on the floor, they were a handsome man and beautiful lady and easily attracted countless eyes. 

As Lin Yuhan led Tang Wulin along, a smile blossomed on her face. “You’re real heavy even though you don’t look fat at all.” Indeed, Tang Wulin’s weight was wholly inconsistent with his body figure. His muscle and bone density was far greater than the average person and granted him a weight that would astonish people. 

Tang Wulin smiled wryly. “I’m not a good dancer, but I can tell you’re really good at this.” 

“How about you visit me at the Imperial Star Luo Academy when we arrive?” 

Tang Wulin chuckled. “Sure. You guys have some unique perspectives on blacksmithing that I’d love to hear about. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two.”

Lin Yuhan rolled her eyes. “You’re still focused on learning? You’re already good enough as you are. Let me tell you, I’m the best blacksmith we got there, and I’m still no match for you. Really, just what sort of training have you been doing? When did you start blacksmithing?”

“I started learning the fundamentals at six years old. My innate strength was high, so I was naturally good at it and I’ve been forging ever since.” 

Lin Yuhan snorted. “Then you haven’t been blacksmithing as long as I have. I started when I was three. My dad’s a blacksmith too. When I was still a baby, he gave me a mini blacksmithing hammer for a toy. Then he kept replacing it with a bigger and bigger hammer as I grew up. You could say I was born with a hammer in hand. I always believed that there’s no one in the world that could possibly love blacksmithing more than me until I met you.”

Tang Wulin’s brows shot up in astonishment. While Lin Yuhan spoke lightly, he knew that she must have encountered many hardships growing up as a blacksmith. “Is your dad really strict?”

Lin Yuhan’s cheek puffed up a bit in a pout, then she slowly nodded. “My teacher couldn’t stand seeing how strict my dad was to me, so he brought me with him on this exchange. You have no idea how free I’ve felt this past year. I had so much fun on Douluo that I almost didn’t want to leave. Especially when I thought about facing my dad.” 

Tang Wulin sighed. “At least you can see your dad. My dad was kidnapped and I haven’t seen or heard from him in years. No matter how much I want to see him, I can’t. I think you should try to understand your dad a bit more. He’s only so strict with you because he wants you to inherit his legacy. You’ve made it through all these years already, so keep doing your best. I’m sure he’ll lighten up on you once you’re a Saint Blacksmith.” 

Lin Yuhan blinked a few times at the surprising show of sorrow in Tang Wulin’s eyes. Compared to him, am I actually quite lucky? 

“You really know how to comfort people. I’m sorry for making you think of sad things,” Lin Yuhan said. 

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Don’t mind me. I’m just doing my best. I’ll definitely find my parents and bring them back one day. It’s my goal to reunite my family.”

“Yeah. I’m sure you will.” 

The song finished and the dancers stopped. Although it was only one short song, Tang Wulin had already grasped the basics of dancing. 

Tang Wulin quickly withdrew his hand from Lin Yuhan’s waist and broke off their linked hands. 

Lin Yuhan smirked at him. “Wasn’t dancing fun? Up for another round?” 

Tang Wulin hastily waved his hand dismissively. “No, I’m fine. I’m way too nervous to do that again. Didn’t you see me staring at my feet the entire time? I was scared I would step on your feet.” 

Lin Yuhan covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. Just as she was about to speak, someone approached behind Tang Wulin.

“Excuse me,” Gu Yue said to Lin Yuhan, then pulled Tang Wulin away by his arm. 

Astonishment flickered in Lin Yuhan’s eyes, but she managed a strained smile. “Was I intruding?”

Gu Yue smiled confidently. “He’s my dance partner. He’ll be accompanying me for the next dance.”  

Tang Wulin turned to her in astonishment. When did I agree to that? Then he saw the dark look she gave him and didn’t dare talk back. 

“Oh.” Lin Yuhan didn’t say anything else and just smiled. But she did not leave. She simply stood there and watched the two. 

As the next song began playing, Gu Yue pulled Tang Wulin back to the dance floor. He had no choice but to obey. 

Lin Yuhan pouted as she watched the two leave, her hands clenched in tight fists. Of course there’s lots of competition for a good guy like him. I’ve gotta snatch him for myself with my own two hands. 

Since childhood, Lin Yuhan had spent her days in the monotony of blacksmithing. It was only after spending a year in Douluo that her suppressed wants and desires surfaced. As a by-product of her heart loosening, her blacksmithing skill had increased as well. As a four-ringed soul master, she had the qualifications to call herself a sixth-rank blacksmith. 

Lin Yuhan had always known that no one was as talented a blacksmith as her in all of Star Luo, so now that she met her match in Tang Wulin, she couldn’t help but be attracted to him. Although she couldn’t fully accept her loss to him in their previous competition, she had to admit that he was a greater genius than her. They were rivals! She had never expected to meet someone she could call a rival, and even surpass her. Since that fateful day, Tang Wulin’s determined face as glistening sweat streaked down his forehead was burned into her memory. 

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