Chapter 561 - Suit

Chapter 561 - Suit

After the broadcast about the evening reception party, everyone started to make preparations.

In his room, Yue Zhengyu dug out clothes from his storage ring. He held each selection in front of a mirror, imagining himself in them. Not willing to settle for anything less than perfection. Finally, he found what he was looking for. “Yes! It’s got to be this one. No one will be able to take their eyes off me!” 

His chosen outfit: a pure white suit set with his Holy Angel clan’s crest embroidered into the collar. From the jacket, trousers, shirt, belt, bow tie, to even the shoes, nothing broke free from the thematic use of white. The only splash of color was the golden embroidery that complemented his luscious blonde locks. This was the handicraft of a master tailor. 

“I’ll definitely be the most dazzling person there tonight,” he said, a prideful grin on his face. 

He took his time dressing up, careful not to coax a wrinkle from the fine fabric. He posed in front of the mirror. “Damn. I didn’t know it was possible to be this handsome. I’m so handsome I almost want to pull myself into a dark corner and caress this handsome god that is me! Give this perky, tight ass a squeeze.” Yue Zhengyu slipped a hand under his finely pressed shirt, lifting it up. “And look at these muscles. Mmm!

“Wait! One more thing!” He adjusted his bow tie. With a flick of his hand, he summoned a decorative golden pocket square, folded it neatly, and slipped it into his chest pocket. “There! Perfect!” 

With a giant smile on his face, Yue Zhengyu left his room. The moment he walked out the door, Xu Xiaoyan came out of hers that faced opposite his. They were taken aback for a moment, staring at each other in silence. 

She felt as if she were blinded by his radiance. Yue Zhengyu was undoubtedly a handsome boy, nearly as tall as Tang Wulin with a slightly more slender figure. Her heart skipped a beat at the charming smile and noble aura he exuded in his regal suit. 

Yue Zhengyu similarly stared at Xu Xiaoyan blankly. She wore a dress that only went down to her knees. Coincidentally, her dress was sparkling white and gently draped over her shoulders. Along the bottom were tiny and golden decorative stars. 

Generally, soul masters tended to choose clothes that resembled their martial souls, and neither Yue Zhengyu nor Xu Xiaoyan were exceptions. To their astonishment, however, their outfits perfectly matched one another to the point that they looked like a couple. 

“You’re really pretty today,” Yue Zhengyu said sincerely. 

A hint of crimson rose to Xu Xiaoyan’s cheeks. “Thank you.” 

“Hey, who called me?” The door of the adjacent cabin swung open. Enter Xie Xie. In contrast to Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan, he was dressed in a jet black tuxedo, trousers, and bow tie. The only article of clothing breaking that trend was his dress shirt, white like the color of freshly fallen snow. To be honest, Xie Xie was as good looking as Yue Zhengyu, despite his less impressive height and sharper features. He gave off the impression of a dark prince upon first glance, a brooding noble with a chilling breeze blowing at his back, granted he didn’t open his mouth. This side of him surfaced once again now that he was all dressed up. 

Yuanen Yehui walked out of her room next. She was disguised as a man still, a black dress shirt with red trousers her outfit of choice. Although she wasn’t as handsome as the other boys while disguised, she still looked striking in her outfit. Coupled with their knowledge of her Fallen Angel spirit soul, her friends thought she was even cooler.

Xu Xiaoyan smiled. “Yuanen, if you had a rose in your mouth too, I think I might just fall in love with you.” 

Yuanen Yehui glanced at her, then Yue Zhengyu. “Since when have you two been together?” 

“Huh? No way!” Xu Xiaoyan’s face went beet-red and she ran off. 

Glancing at Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu puffed out his chest. “Xie Xie, I didn’t think you’d be so good-looking once you put in some effort.” 

Xie Xie straightened his back. He grinned. “Well, duh!” 

Yue Zhengyu let out a soft sigh. “Alas, you still can’t compare with my magnificence.” Before Xie Xie could retort, he turned around left. 

“The hell did you mean by that!” Xie Xie chased after him with a scowl. “Stop right there!” I can’t believe that bastard! And in front of Yuanen too! 

Yuanen Yehui shook her head helplessly and followed after them slowly. Hmm. A rose, huh? I like roses. Especially red ones. 

A bit later, Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi walked out of their respective rooms simultaneously. When the two saw each other, they paused. 

Xu Lizhi hadn’t changed into formal attire at all and was still wearing the iconic green uniform of Shrek Academy. Woefully unaware of how underdressed he was, he met Ye Xinglan with a goofy smile. 

On the other hand, Ye Xinglan wore a deep green, well-fitted dress that erred on the conservative side. It truly complemented her cold aura and beautiful face. 

“Big Sis Xinglan, you look so pretty!”  Without even realizing it, he gulped. 

“Why haven’t you changed yet?” Ye Xinglan asked.

“Me? I don’t have anything fancy!” Xu Lizhi scratched his chin. “If this isn’t enough, I guess I’ll just not go.” 

“It’s fine. You’re going. Just give me a minute.” Ye Xinglan immediately ducked back into her room to Xu Lizhi’s confusion. 

A self-mocking smile formed on Xu Lizhi’s lips. “With how fat I am, there’s no way I’d look good in anything fancy.” 

A while passed before Ye Xinglan returned from her room. Xu Lizhi’s eyes went wide when he saw what she was now wearing.  “Big Sis Xinglan, you…” 

“Let’s go.” Ye Xinglan pinched his chubby cheek and patted him on the shoulder. Then she walked proudly and gracefully toward the party as if it weren’t Shrek Academy’s green uniform she wore, but an elegant dress. 

Swallowing once more, Xu Lizhi hastened to keep up with her. “Big Sis Xinglan, I’m sorry. I…”

“What are you saying sorry for? It’s not like you wanted to be this fat. This is all because of your martial soul. Besides, you’re cute when you’re that chubby! You gotta be like a bear. Laze around cutely, warm to hug, and a great pillow to nap on. Then if we starve in the winter, become an emergency food source. And if there’s danger, stand up and show the world how fierce you are. I’d feel really safe if you become like that!” 

“Oh. Then I’ll become your bear. Big Sis Xinglan, do you like polar bears more or black bears? Or maybe brown bears?”

“I like silly bears.” 

“Oh! I’m already silly! Hehe” 


The SLS Seafarer’s banquet hall was on the second floor of the ship. The hall, easily able to accommodate a thousand people, was still packed. For the sake of fostering friendly relations, all of the dining tables and chairs were removed, leaving only a few cocktail tables. Snacks and beverages of every sort were gathered there, more than enough to satisfy whatever cravings possible. The hall a dazzling sight to behold.

This was the arrangement that the organizers from the Douluo and Star Luo delegation came to after much consideration and planning. Both sides wanted to build a good relationship with the other, so they designed the layout of the hall to encourage intermingling. 

As the diplomats from both sides began to filter in with their beautiful dresses and sharp suits, the hall soon grew noisy with excitement. Everyone was handed glasses of sparkling wine to grow a festive mood. 

Out of Shrek Academy’s group, Yue Zhengyu was the first person to arrive at the entrance to the hall. He straightened his chest and put on his most charming smile. And he sauntered in. 

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