Chapter 557 - Silent Parents

Chapter 557 - Silent Parents

Wry smiles formed on the faces of everyone at the table as they watched Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi pile up dish after dish. The two were eating even more than usual!

The owner of the restaurant walked over and exclaimed, “You two sure know how to eat! You cleaned me of all my stock!” Although Tang Wulin had grown a lot and it had been a few years since the restaurant owner had last seen him, the owner still recognized him by his gluttony. 

“Eh… I’m only, like, eighty percent full,” Tang Wulin said, patting his stomach. 

Xu Lizhi looked up from his food, then wiped his mouth with a napkin Ye Xinglan had passed him. “I was actually full a long time ago, but I wanted to see how great the difference was between us.”

Tang Wulin pouted. “Aren’t you just wasting food then? You should have just let me eat some more.”

“Here’s the bill,” the owner said to Wu Zhangkong, the sole adult at the table apart from Cai Yue’er, who looked no more than a frail elder. “It’s 16,430 credits in total, but I’ll give you a discount and charge you 16,000 credits.” 

Wu Zhangkong glanced at Tang Wulin, who raised his head to the heavens and stared at the ceiling with so much interest it seemed like he could see through to the clear skies outside. 

“Give it to me,” Wu Zhangkong said, then paid the bill. 

Tang Wulin shot to his feet and cheered. “Teacher Wu, you’re the best! But I said I was going to pay for dinner. You should have at least let me pay half.” 

“Don’t push your luck.” Wu Zhangkong shot a cold look at Tang Wulin.

“No way!” Tang Wulin blurted. 

“Let’s get going,” Elder Cai said, rising to her feet and making her way towards the exit. She had agreed for them to eat here because of Tang Wulin’s repeated requests, but as a Titled Douluo a single bowl of rice was enough to sustain herself. 

The Federation had designated the Grand Skysea Hotel as the meeting point for the party. They were to rendezvous with the Star Luo delegation there, then board a ship and embark on their exchange trip. 

The Star Luo delegation had come on a single ship, but two ships were scheduled to depart. This was because the Federation decided to send a ship of their own to tag along. That way, it would be easy for their exchange group to return after the year was up. 

Soon, Tang Wulin’s party arrived at the Grand Skysea Hotel. The hotel was a place of prestige and luxury, a hub for the most illustrious businessmen to handle both pleasure and business. 

Wu Zhangkong led the way in and handled the check-in procedures. Anyone from Shrek Academy was considered a VIP throughout the continent, so they were swiftly handed their room cards shown to their rooms. Wu Zhangkong and Elder Cai both had a room to themselves. The other rooms accommodated two people each. Tang Wulin roomed with Xie Xie, Xu Lizhi with Yue Zhengyu, Gu Yue with Xu Xiaoyan, and Yuanen Yehui with Ye Xinglan. 

 “After you’ve rested and settled in, you’ll have free time to do whatever you want as long as you’re back by evening,” Wu Zhangkong said. 

For the entire trip, Tang Wulin had snuck glances at Elder Cai,  worried that she would make things hard for him. But she had been surprisingly easy-going and left everything to Wu Zhangkong. It was a breath of relief. As long as she didn’t target him and his friends, then it was reassuring to have a Titled Douluo by their side. 

“So, what do you guys wanna eat for dinner?” Tang Wulin asked before they returned to their rooms. 

At the head of their group, Elder Cai’s face went stiff, then she quickened her pace as she tried to hide her laughter with her hand. Didn’t he just eat? This brat’s such a damn glutton! 

The rooms in the Grand Skysea Hotel were luxurious. Although the room Tang Wulin and Xie Xie shared was a standard seventy square meters in size for two people, their window granted them a breathtaking view of the seaside city. When they opened the window, the smell of the sea was carried into the room on a gentle breeze. 

As Tang Wulin stared out toward the horizon on the sea, he couldn’t help but remember his childhood. When his mother and father brought him and Na’er out to play on the beach. Mom, Dad, where are you? Why haven’t you contacted me even after so long? 

Struck with a sudden urge, he took out his soul communicator and dialed a number. 

An instant later, the call connected. “Wulin! How have you been? Is school going well for you?” answered Mang Tian, his voice warmer than when he had still been teaching Tang Wulin. 

“Everything’s good. Teacher, how about you? Have you been well?” 

“Same old, same old. I’m doing just fine,” Mang Tian said. 

Ever since Mang Tian had passed Tang Wulin to Mu Chen, he hadn’t been in any position to provide guidance. In fact, Tang Wulin had already surpassed him. But as the saying goes, a teacher for a day, a father for life. Tang Wulin still respected Mang Tian just as much as he did years ago. 

“Teacher…” Tang Wulin said, hesitance in his voice. He wanted to know if there were any news about his parents, but the possibility that something bad had happened to them frightened him.

“They still haven’t contacted me,” Mang Tian said, clearly picking out Tang Wulin’s unspoken question. 

For a moment, Tang Wulin lost his thoughts. Then he let out a sigh. “It’s been so long, yet I still don’t know where Mom and Dad are. Teacher, you don’t think anything could have happened to them, right?” 

“Of course not,” Mang Tian said firmly. “Your father’s message was clear. He and your mother are very valuable to the people who came to get them. As long as they hold value, then they wouldn’t be exposed to danger. So, you don’t have to worry. You’ve been doing well following the path your dad wanted for you. I’m sure he would be proud. Just wait until you graduate from Shrek Academy, then you’ll definitely be able to find them.” 

“Okay,” Tang Wulin answered. Yeah! As long as I become powerful, then it’ll be easy to find Mom and Dad! And no matter where they are, my heart will always be with them. 

Tang Wulin bid Mang Tian goodbye and hung up the call. His weary heart was bursting with motivation. For the sake of finding his parents, he had to spare no effort to grow stronger. Yes! Dad said that in this world, the only person I can rely on is myself! I’ll be able to find them once I’m strong. I can probably ask the Tang Sect for help once I’m promoted a few more times too. Didn’t the Hall Master say we have branches on other continents too? If they’re on another continent, then the Tang Sect still find them! 

“Still no news about your parents?” Xie Xie asked. 

Tang Wulin shook his head. “None at all. I just hope there will be some good news once we return in a year.” 

“I’m sure there will be. Who knows? Maybe your parents will be waiting for you at your home by then,” Xie Xie said.

“Thanks for your words of comfort.” Tang Wulin smiled. He walked to his bed and  spent the rest of his free time that day meditating. His current priority was to reach rank 40, which would mark a significant increase in strength for him. As such, he could not waste a second that could be spent on cultivating. As for the Golden Dragon King seals, he wasn’t too concerned about them at the moment. He had already broken the fourth, and according to Old Tang, his body wouldn’t be in any danger for at least the next two years. In other words, he had at least two years before he had to break the fifth seal. It was plenty of time to prepare the necessary spirit items.

Previously, Tang Wulin had asked Old Tang if his body would be able to endure even more power once he had a full set of battle armor. Unfortunately, Old Tang did not hold the answer. The mystical spirit didn’t have much of an understanding of battle armor. 

Three days later, Tang Wulin received news that the rest of the delegation had arrived and that they would be departing for Star Luo soon. 

Once he reached the first-floor lobby, he found it packed with people. 

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