Chapter 555 - Analysis Report

 Chapter 555 - Analysis Report

The staff member began reading the report. “Tang Wulin, a fourteen-year-old male. Class President of Shrek Academy’s first grade. Something of note is that their current class of freshmen is praised as the strongest in the last century. The fact that he’s their class president would indicate his excellence. Today, Tang Wulin arrived at the spirit ascension platform…” And the staff member finished narrating the events before Tang Wulin’s physical examination.

 “Following his strange absorption of the Tyrant Dragon, we’ve conducted a detailed examination and analysis of his body. What we’ve discovered is astounding. First, we cannot find any trace of the Tyrant Dragon within his body. In other words, although we know for certain he absorbed the Tyrant Dragon, it’s as if his body never absorbed it in the first place.” 

Low murmurs filled the room.

“That doesn’t make any sense!” said an elderly man known as Elder Tian. “The Tyrant Dragon is a willful spirit soul. The energy it possesses is monumental. Even ten-thousand-year spirit souls don’t stand a match against it! There’s no way a three-ringed soul master could bear all of its energy. It’s impossible for there to be no trace of it. Impossible!” 

“I agree that it makes no sense. But facts are fact,” said the staff member. “Elder Tian, we’ve been very thorough with our examination and I can assure you that there were no traces of the Tyrant Dragon. That child did not lie.” 

Leng Yaozhu waved her hand. “Continue on with the analysis.” 

“Yes.” The staff member nodded. “The second surprising thing we discovered was the identity of his martial soul. It’s actually bluesilver grass. As I’m sure everyone is aware, this a martial soul that normally holds no future.” She smiled, her excitement visibly rising. “We also found a strange energy within his blood, so bizarre that we were doubtful he was human at first. But after running some more tests, we confirmed he is indeed human. That said, the strange energy in his blood far exceeds the mortal limit and seems to be affecting his martial soul.”

“Is he a hybrid?” asked Elder Tian. 

The staff member shook her head. “He’s human from head to toe. But the energy within his blood is enormous. Furthermore, that energy is completely fused with his blood cells and we’re unable to separate the two. This bond is similar to that between one’s martial soul and one’s blood. The difference is the energy from the martial soul would usually dissipate into the air when the blood leaves the body. His did not. The energy remained bonded. This is an unprecedented discovery.

“We also conducted tests on his physical abilities. His strength is… how do I put this? If I were to make a comparison, it’s like he’s already as physically strong as a six-ringed Soul Emperor. And I mean one that’s an assault-type too. Be it his bones, meridians, internal organs, or muscles, they’ve all reached that level.” 

Everyone present was stunned. Finally, a middle-aged man spoke up. “My god! That boy really is a little monster raised by Shrek! His abilities are crazy!” 

The staff member let out a strained smile. “We haven’t even gotten to the crazy part yet. We tested his spiritual power and it’s approximately 650 to 670 points, well into the Spirit Sea realm. That’s absolutely stellar for his age. However, when we tried to dive deeper into his spiritual consciousness to investigate some more, our instruments went haywire.” 

“Huh? The instruments malfunctioned?” Leng Yaozhu asked, eyes wide.

“Yes, that is correct. Out of consideration for his identity as a student of Shrek, we did not try more invasive instruments in fear of damage done to the brain. Either way, the instruments we used should have been able to probe the mind of a soul master at even the next spiritual realm.

“Next, we have the analysis of his blood and body…”

A series of numbers appeared on the projection, summarizing every aspect of his body. Every number exceeded what was considered ordinary for his age, especially his muscle and bone density, which surpassed the average by several folds. 

“According to our evaluation, his power is absolutely astonishing,” the staff member said. “How is this possible? He’s practically a beast in a boy’s body. If he keeps growing at this rate, his body will be invincible by the time he’s an adult. Apart from his mediocre soul power, every other aspect of him is excellent.”

Leng Yaozhu furrowed her brow. The data on Tang Wulin’s body was extraordinary. However, that was when compared to the average same-age soul master. He was a student of Shrek Academy, so he should be compared against other Shrek students. Yet even compared to his schoolmates he was outstanding. Coupled with their inability to detect the Tyrant Dragon in his body, this proved an unprecedented situation for the Spirit Pagoda. 

Although the Tyrant Dragon’s spirit soul was undoubtedly worth a fortune, the Spirit Pagoda could still bear it. The real problem lay in how the spirit soul had been lost and the possible ramifications for the spirit ascension platform. Since the platform was the core of the Spirit Pagoda, even the smallest of issues could rock the entire organization. 

“Vice-chairman Leng, could you please direct us on how to handle this situation?” asked the staff member. “Do we need to conduct a deeper examination into that Tang Wulin’s body?”

“There’s no need,” Gu Yue said before Leng Yaozhu could even part her lips. In an instant, all eyes in the room were directed at her. She did not cower under the pressure. “Tang Wulin will be leaving for Star Luo on an exchange in a few days, so the Academy wouldn’t allow another examination anyway.” 

One of the middle-aged executives present glanced at Gu Yue, before turning back to Leng Yaozhu. “Then we’ll just have to resign ourselves to our bad luck? And all of our losses…”

Leng Yaozhu stopped him with a wave of her hand. “Now isn’t the time to talk about losses. We need to secure the spirit ascension platform first. Temporarily shut down the intermediate platform for a month to conduct investigations. Do not re-open it until we’re certain there are no issues. Do not miss a single piece of data. When Tang Wulin is back from the exchange, we’ll invite him over for another examination. I’ll think of a way to convince Shrek.” Glancing behind her, she said, “Gu Yue.”

“Yes, Teacher.” 

“You'll be going on the exchange trip too, so keep a close eye on him. If anything strange manifests in his body, take note of it and report to me when you return.” 

“Yes, Teacher,” said Gu Yue, conscious of the fact that her previous outburst was for the sake of protecting Tang Wulin. She was worried that a second examination might harm him. That was the only reason. Back then, she hadn’t been able to control her emotions and blurted her desires. 

There was no doubt that the Spirit Pagoda had suffered a loss today. But there was no recourse to be had. Because Tang Wulin was a student of Shrek Academy, they couldn’t do with him as they wished. No matter how influential the Spirit Pagoda was, they dared not tussle with Shrek Academy. Even if they could get him back for further testing, there was the possibility that the Spirit Pagoda would find nothing once more. And they couldn’t get him to compensate them either. It was not within Tang Wulin’s power. 

If Tang Wulin had not been affiliated with Shrek Academy, then Leng Yaozhu would have tried any way possible to recruit him. As long as he became a member of the Spirit Pagoda, they would have access to him. More specifically, access to the changes in his body from absorbing the Tyrant Dragon. But that was not so, and they had to resign themselves to a passive position. 

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