Chapter 554 - Rivals in Love?

Chapter 554 - Rivals in Love?

Is it really that big of a deal? Even the Academy got notified? At the thought of Shrek Academy sending over people to watch over him, Tang Wulin felt his nervousness settle into relief. “I understand, Your Eminence. I’ll do my best to cooperate,” he said, beaming. 

The fact that his body showed no changes after he absorbed the Tyrant Dragon still puzzled Tang Wulin however, especially after how mighty and great Leng Yaozhu had made the soul beast out to be.

“Great. Take a seat while we wait for the people from Shrek,” Leng Yaozhu said. If it were any soul master other than Tang Wulin, they would have already left for the examination room. But he was different. Not only was he Gu Yue’s friend, he was also a top student at Shrek Academy. Even in her lofty position at the Spirit Pagoda, she had heard tales of his exploits and his value in the eyes of the Academy. Even a simple physical examination could cause trouble if the Academy disagreed with any part of the procedure. As a result, Leng Yaozhu immediately informed them of what happened when she had first been privy to the details.

Several minutes later, a staff member entered the room and approached Leng Yaozhu’s side. She whispered, “Your Eminence, the people from Shrek Academy have arrived.” 

“Who came?” Leng Yaozhu asked.

A trace of hesitation flashed across the staff member’s face. She lowered her head and said quietly, “It’s the Holy Spirit Douluo.” 

Leng Yaozhu’s expression froze, but it came and went so quickly that a blink would cause one to miss it. She straightened her body. Then she shot to her feet. “Please come in.”

Tang Wulin turned to the door just in time to see Yali enter. He had to sneak a double take. Though uncertain if she had put in more effort into her appearance, Tang Wulin was sure of one thing. Today Yali was the picture of seraphic allure. A long white dress hugged her curves, her skin so fair and delicate that her advanced age was inconceivable. 

“Your Eminence, Heavenly Phoenix,” Yali said, gently nodding toward Leng Yaozhu.

“Big Sis Yali, why are you acting like such a stranger?” Leng Yaozhu walked over with a smile. She wrapped her arms around Yali, and if it were a random bystander viewing this picturesque scene, they would think it was a usual occurrence for the two.

Yali also smiled, though hers was a shade more wry. “I need to act professionally, you know? Well, I’ll loosen up a bit just for you.” She sighed. “It’s been a long time. I’ve missed you. Anyway, what’s up? What kind of trouble did Wulin make for you?” 

Leng Yaozhu chuckled. “It’s just a small issue, so don’t worry. And it’s not really his fault either. It’s ours.” She proceeded to recount the events to Yali.

Throughout the report, Yali never confirmed a single detail with Tang Wulin. She knew that Leng Yaozhu wouldn’t lie to her, both out of consideration for their relationship and as a representative of the Spirit Pagoda. Once Leng Yaozhu finished, Yali nodded and smiled. “Alright. I’ll accompany him to the examination. I’m sure things will be fine as long as I watch the whole thing.” 

“Of course.” 

Yali walked to Tang Wulin’s side,  placing a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll be with you through it all. I’ll escort you back to Shrek right after we’re done too.” 

Although Yali’s voice had been gentle, he picked up on the absolute confidence hidden in her words. It was both reassuring and astonishing. Tang Wulin had always thought Yali to be a saintess so kind that she couldn’t harm an ant, but now he saw a different, more proud side to her. 

Soon after, Tang Wulin was brought to a large room filled with an assortment of instruments and devices, most of which he could not identify. Then a series of tests passed by in a blur. While lying down on the examination table, he felt as if he were some sort of puppet as the researchers poked and prodded him, manipulating his body as they wished. But it wasn’t unpleasant. If Tang Wulin were to be strictly honest, the situation was more tedious than anything. Everything went smoothly besides one part, and that was when it came time for the technicians to draw his blood. Tang Wulin’s skin and muscle were too tough for an ordinary needle to pierce through. In the end, he had to cut himself with his own dragon claw to allow blood to be drawn. 

Gu Yue stood beside him for the entire event. She bit her lip and suppressed her impulses as she watched them draw his blood.

Two hours later, the physical examination came to an end. Normally Tang Wulin wouldn’t be tired even after a full day of training, but this whirlwind of researchers and doctors left him exhausted and disoriented.  When Gu Yue brought him a glass of water, he downed it instantly, trying his best to calm his mind. 

“It’s finally over.” Tang Wulin sighed. 

Gu Yue lowered her head. “Sorry.” Her voice was so soft that if he weren’t right next to her, he would have just missed it.

“Huh? What are you sorry for?” Tang Wulin asked. 

“I shouldn’t have thrown a tantrum. If I hadn’t, then we wouldn’t have come to the spirit ascension platform.” She frowned. “Actually, I saw you with Na’er today.”

Tang Wulin furrowed his brow in confusion. “Why would I blame you? I wanted to come anyway. We were just unlucky, that’s all. And what’s this about Na’er? Did she—”

“It’s nothing.” 

Before he could pry more information from her, the two Titled Douluos approached them.

“Wulin, let’s go back now,” Yali said, pulling him up by the hand. 

Seeing Yali so urgent to depart, Leng Yaozhu summoned her warmest smile. “Big Sis Yali, it’s been so long since we last saw each other. How about I treat you to a meal? The results of the examination will be out in two hours, so we can take that time to catch up—”

“Sorry,” Yali said, shaking her head. “I’ve got something to take care of back at Shrek. He’s still waiting for me, you see. Well then, let’s get going Wulin.” They made their way for the door. 

The staff member at the door saw Leng Yaozhu’s darkening expression, and cast an inquisitive look. In response, Leng Yaozhu silently shook her head. No one dared to obstruct Yali and Tang Wulin’s path as left the Spirit Pagoda. 

Once Yali was gone, Leng Yaozhu slammed her hand down on a nearby table. 

Gu Yue jumped. She had never before seen her teacher lose composure. “Teacher, are you okay?” Concern filled her voice. 

“She came just to show off.” Leng Yaozhu spat out the words. “What’s so amazing about her? Holy saint my ass!” 

Gu Yue gaped in silence. What’s the story between them? 

Once past the gates of the Spirit Pagoda, Yali summoned blanket of white energy. It enveloped her and Tang Wulin, blurring the outside world and completely isolating them. 

“Are you wondering why I acted like that?” Yali asked. She couldn't help but smile when she caught him gawking at her. 

Tang Wulin nodded honestly. He had never seen Yali act like this before! The ferocity hidden by her grace was shocking! 

“I didn’t actually need to come today, but when I heard this matter involved Leng Yaozhu, there’s no way I could let her bully you. Let me tell you a little secret. She’s actually my rival in love.” A hint of animosity shined in Yali’s eyes for a brief moment. “Ah! Wulin, you’re a talented boy. I’m sure you’ll become a capable man if you continue to work hard, but you need to pay more attention to matters of the heart. Especially because of how excellent you are. As you grow older and more capable, you’re going to attract many, many girls. But you better not be fickle in love. Decide on who holds your heart and commit your entire being to them. You better not act like a certain man…” 


Back in the Sea God’s Pavilion, one man in particular sneezed out of the blue. Huh? I shouldn’t be affected by the cold anymore. Why did I sneeze? Is someone talking about me? 


Two hours passed. Sitting in a conference room within the Spirit Pagoda, Leng Yaozhu swept her gaze from the head of the table across the various department heads and middle tier managers. 

The door swung open. A staff member walked entered the room and said, “Your Eminence, the examination results are out.”

Leng Yaozhu nodded. “Good. Present them to us.”

The staff member immediately took out a small projection device and shined Tang Wulin’s figure onto a bare wall. 

Standing behind Leng Yaozhu, Gu Yue frowned and pressed her lips tight together. This was her first time seeing him in such a vulnerable state and it made her heart throb. 

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