Chapter 551 - The Terrifying Tyrant Dragon

Chapter 551 - The Terrifying Tyrant Dragon

“Whoa!” Tang Wulin cried out. The ground was rapidly approaching. With no other choice, he braced himself for impact. The moment his feet hit the ground, he bent over and rolled forward. Fortunately, his powerful legs allowed him to withstand most of the landing. Although rolling mitigated the rest, Gu Yue was on his back. This made her his main concern, and he twisted to make sure he protected her as well.

The two of them rolled across the grass, tumbling end over end until they were splayed flat on their backs side by side. Tang Wulin looked over at Gu Yue helplessly, but in spite of this little incident, Gu Yue was smiling at him. 

Tang Wulin groaned and stared up at the sky. “Seriously, what is up with you today? You’re acting super weird.”

Gu Yue smiled grew wider. “For a couple days every month, girls have to deal with a bit of trouble. Get it now, mister?” 

“A bit of trouble every month?” Tang Wulin turned back to Gu Yue, a blank look on his face. 

“Yeah. It’s that time of the month,” Gu Yue said, hints of crimson warming her cheeks. 

“What time of the month?” Tang Wulin asked. 

Gu Yue turned sour at that, and she muttered, “You don’t need to know.” 

Tang Wulin looked at her in confusion. “You’re not picking up on any cues today. Our teamwork feels horrible. Do you think we can keep going? If not, we might as well just call it quits.” 

Gu Yue rolled her eyes. “Fine. I’m done with you.” 

Tang Wulin opened his mouth to retort, but as soon as he did, the forest suddenly grew dark. Both of them turned their attention skyward to see a gigantic head. It was looking down upon them with eyes as large as water jugs. 

Tang Wulin immediately shot to his feet and grabbed Gu Yue. What the hell is that? 

Thanks to the Diamond Boars’ devastation of the surrounding trees, they had a clear view of this colossus. It stood over sixty meters tall and had a bulky body, as if it were a small mountain. It was covered ashen scales of irregular shapes. Its enormous head accounted for nearly a quarter of its size, and its large eyes seemed to peer down at them as if they were ants. Its tail was thick and weighty, and its mouth was large enough to swallow even the biggest of the Diamond Boars whole. 

Tang Wulin couldn’t believe their luck. Shit! I should’ve known that a herd of Diamond Boars wouldn’t act so wildly unless they were running away from something! This thing has got to be one of the strongest beasts in the forest! 

The beast opened its mouth and let out a roar that resounded through the forest and seemed to shake the heavens and earth. The resulting wave of sound slammed into Tang Wulin and Gu Yue, sending them flying backward and crashing to the ground. 

Damn, it’s strong! Tang Wulin stood back up and looked at the colossal beast. He couldn’t tell what year-level it was at, and he certainly didn’t remember what it was. 

A moment later, the scene before him changed. Gu Yue had teleported them behind the cover of a tree.

“It’s a Tyrant Dragon,” Gu Yue whispered into Tang Wulin’s ear. “A king of land dragons.”

“Are you sure it’s a land dragon?” Tang Wulin whispered back.

“I’m sure,” she replied. “I never thought the spirit ascension platform would have something anything like it. Tyrant Dragons went extinct ages ago, so our textbooks don’t even bother mentioning them anymore. I only know of them because I’ve read some of the older books in the Spirit Pagoda’s library. Fully grown Tyrant Dragons can stand toe-to-toe with true dragons. This one seems to be at the ten-thousand-year level, but it would crush ordinary ten-thousand-year soul beasts. We’re in trouble. It has an extremely keen sense of smell.” 

“Let’s try and fight it!” Tang Wulin exclaimed. “If my bloodline doesn’t weaken it, you need to escape immediately!” 

Before Gu Yue could get a word in, Tang Wulin dashed from cover. He had no other choice. The Tyrant Dragon was upon them. He couldn’t believe that a beast so gigantic could move so silently. It managed to get so close without them noticing. 

Tang Wulin leaped directly at the Tyrant Dragon, opened his mouth wide, and let out a draconic roar. He urged his blood essence into action and unleashed Golden Dragon Body! His blood essence surged in reverse, making his body burst with a powerful aura. He raised his hands toward the sky and used Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens to summon a gigantic phantom dragon head. However, he didn’t use it to attack the Tyrant dragon. Instead he directed it straight into the sky. 

Judging by the size of the beast, as well as Gu Yue’s description of it, Tang Wulin knew he couldn’t beat it. It was in an entirely different league from the current him. His only option was to try and scare it away so they had a chance to flee. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was the one ability that boosted the might of his blood essence the most. He had bet everything on it succeeding! 

Just as Tang Wulin predicted, the Tyrant Dragon was nearly on top of them the moment he leaped into the air. It simply cocked its head to the side, staring at them as if it had never seen humans before, like it wasn’t sure whether they were tasty or not. It wasn’t afraid of Tang Wulin’s attack. It was just curious about what sort of attacks foreign creatures like them could unleash with their insignificant levels of soul power. It didn’t see any reason to kill such weak prey right away. 

A moment after Tang Wulin roared, the Tyrant Dragon looked up and roared as well. Its roar sent shockwaves throughout the area. 

Tang Wulin felt his blood essence boil over. A mighty will exploded from the depths of the Golden Dragon King’s power. The dragon head he summoned unleashed a roar that eclipsed his own and brimmed with oppressive might. Although it wasn’t as loud as the Tyrant Dragon’s roar, it was just as clear. Tang Wulin felt power blossoming within him, then the space around him shifted, pulling him up into the air. 

Then he saw the Tyrant Dragon crouch low to the ground and bow to him. At the very center of its head, he could see a brilliant golden light. 

Tang Wulin couldn’t understand what he was seeing. He heard a quiet whisper deep inside of himself, but he couldn’t understand that either. Before he could even try to make sense of all this, the invisible force holding him up pulled him toward the Tyrant Dragon. 

The golden light at the center of the Tyrant Dragon’s head flashed, and only then could Tang Wulin finally make out what it was. Right at the center of its head, shining amongst its ashen brethren, was a single golden scale. In addition to its unique color, it was also the only one that wasn’t curved like an oval. Instead, it resembled a rhombus. It looked exactly like one of Tang Wulin’s golden scales. 

What is this…? Tang Wulin he stared at the scale, then into the giant scarlet eyes of the Tyrant Dragon. The Tyrant Dragon was a small mountain in itself and was definitely the largest soul beast he had ever laid eyes on. 

A hint of anxiety settled into Tang Wulin’s stomach. He realized now that he wasn’t floating through his own power. The Tyrant Dragon was using its own soul power to hold him up. 

Tang Wulin’s heart thumped. My bloodline can actually influence it this much? 

He had used his bloodline to suppress many beasts before, some even to the same extent as this Tyrant Dragon, but those beasts had all been weaker than him or at the same level! His bloodline had minimal influence over beings that were stronger than him, such as the Scarlet Dragon Douluo and the Blazing Dragon Douluo. His bloodline probably wouldn’t affect those two until he was a Titled Douluo as well. 

Tang Wulin and the Tyrant Dragon stared each other down. In the middle of that deadlock, a question surfaced within his mind. 

I wonder how much backlash my spiritual power would suffer if it tore me to shreds right now? 

He might have reached the Spirit Sea realm, but that wouldn’t do much to ease his suffering in the event that this took a turn for the worst. He gulped at the realization, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. At this very moment, he was a lamb on the chopping block. All he could do was push the power of his bloodline to its max and maintain Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens as long as he could. 

The Tyrant Dragon began to open its mouth, granting Tang Wulin a clear view of its many rows of jagged teeth. Each tooth was over a meter long and thick enough for two people to wrap their arms around. Bloody chunks of meat were strewn across this forest of ivory. Tang Wulin watched as its mouth opened wider and wider, to the point where he felt it could swallow a small hill in a single gulp.

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