Chapter 542 - One-word Battle Armor Master

Chapter 542 - One-word Battle Armor Master

Waves of purple rippled through the sky, the splendor of a purple soul ring blossoming. Ye Xinglan finally used her fourth soul skill! 

Taking advantage of the knockback from Mo Jue’s Swan Feathers, Ye Xinglan kicked off them and ascended higher into the air. With a twist of her body, she whipped out her sword and repelled the rest of the feather onslaught. The golden light around her kindled with renewed life, blinding light bursting from her body. 

The heavens froze as Ye Xinglan ascended in a golden streak accompanied by countless streaks of sword energy, thin as threads. They poured down like a starry rain and washed away the encroaching darkness of the Swan Feathers. After the feathers of darkness, the torrent continued on toward Mo Jue, a baptism of stellar sword energy! 

How is this possible? Her fourth soul skill is stronger than my fifth! Mo Jue’s eyes widened in shock and furrowed her brows. Letting the shock pass through her system, she gritted her teeth and pressed on, summoning all of her soul power to continue her assault of feathers. But the difference in might was clear. In this back and forth between the stellar rain and the feathers of darkness, the rain was gaining ground. 

Mo Jue had yet to directly face Ye Xinglan’s sword intent, but her palms were growing sweaty as she felting the encroaching mass of condensed sword intent. 

This was the might of Ye Xinglan’s fourth soul skill, Stellar Sword Rain. 

As wave after wave of rain crashed into the feathers, Mo Jue was pushed back. She wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. She glared at Ye Xinglan and bit her lap, but resolved herself. Even if she didn’t want to resort to this, she refused to lose. She understood that she could not win in a battle with just their martial souls. Her eyes shone with passionate determination now. 

Mo Jue threw out her right hand and a lump of dark green light flew out. It swerved back to her in an arc and into her stomach. A metallic ding rang out, and a breastplate appeared on her well-endowed chest. She thrust out both hands next, pieces of armor flying out of her storage rings and onto her body. 

In an instant, Mo Jue was clad in dark green armor. Its design was plain without any decorative patterns, but every piece fitted her well and accentuated her womanly features. With the armor equipped, the strength of her aura doubled and her Swan Feathers were empowered. At last, she began to gain ground in the clash between feathers and stellar rain. 

Now that the stellar rain was no longer right upon Mo Jue, her battle armor was clear for all to see. It was a complete set of magnificent dark green armor and a circlet decorated with three feathers crowning her head. 

As she floated in the air, she stretched out her body and her armor let out a reverberating cry as it began to glow. Her aura blazed with power, its might rapidly rising. Her Swan Feather’s multiplied in number and thoroughly suppressed the stellar rain now. 

Off-stage, Song Lin put a hand to her chin and furrowed her brows as she watched. A dull sigh left her lips. There was no doubt that this match was Mo Jue’s victory now. Once equipped with her battle armor, Mo Jue’s strength rivaled that of a Soul Sage. But anyone with decent eyes could tell that she was losing beforehand. If she hadn’t equipped her battle armor, she would have eventually lost to Ye Xinglan. She had only summoned her armor because she was backed into a corner. Damn these first graders are real monsters! Just how strong can they get? 

“The name of my battle armor is Heaven!” With her battle armor a complete one-word set, she had the qualifications to name it. The name she chose stemmed from the reference to the heavens in the meaning of ‘swan’. Thus, she was Heaven Mo Jue!

Although the difference between Mo Jue’s full set of eleven battle armor pieces versus Ye Wu’s eight seemed small, the change to Mo Lan’s aura refuted such assumptions. It was as great as night and day. 

Darkness descended upon the arena, choking out the stellar rain. Another wave of Swan Feathers flew out at Ye Xinglan, whose aura of iridescent starlight was dimming back to normal as her second soul skill wore off. The tables had turned! 

Even as the last of the starlight extinguished from her body, Ye Xinglan remained unperturbed. But in the very depths of her light was a frenzied light. She had never given up, and today wouldn’t be the day she did. In fact, it was because of her unwillingness to admit defeat that she and Tang Wulin had fought so fiercely until the end of their first meeting. She cared not that her opponent was a five-ringed Soul King, nor that they were a one-word battle armor master. None of that mattered. If losing was inevitable, then she would only do so after displaying her full strength. Once she did that, she could lose with her head held high. 

Ye Xinglan tightened her grip on her Stargod Sword. A light enveloped her hands and manifested as gauntlets. Then the light on her right hand spread up her arm and formed a pauldron as well. With the appearance of her battle armor, the waning power of Sword Star Rain surged forth once more. 

This was Ye Xinglan’s might! A pair of gauntlets and a pauldron for her right shoulder, three pieces of battle armor crafted of spirit alloys! Although her armor was few, they empowered her Sword Star Rain enough to hold back the dark tide of feathers. 

Three pieces of battle armor? She’s already got three pieces in her second year here? And they’re all crafted of spirit alloys… All of the teachers and students of the upper grades were shocked. These kids are monsters! 

The higher-ups of Shrek Academy had long since heard murmurs of the first grade class possessing pieces of one-word battle armor made of spirit alloys. However, they had thought those only to be rumors. This was their first time verifying with their own eyes, and the proof was not one, but three pieces of such battle armor! 

Across all of the grades, there were few who recognized battle armor crafted of spirit alloys. Those who didn’t recognize it could only marvel and wonder why Ye Xinglan’s battle armor seemed as powerful as two-word pieces. The difference in power amplification between spirit alloy battle armor and normal armor pieces of the same grade wasn’t too great. But because it was made of spirit alloys, there was definitely an increase in its amplification effects and durability. Even so, three pieces of spirit alloy battle armor should only match five pieces of ordinary armor. 

Among Tang Wulin’s entire team, Ye Xinglan possessed the most pieces of armor. It was the most efficient choice to focus on her armor first since she was their main armor maker. With each additional piece of armor she gained, her success rate and quality of work increased. The answer had been obvious from the beginning, so as soon as everyone on their team had one piece of armor, they shifted gears to focusing on her armor. Once her set was finished, she could rapidly churn out armor for the other members. Her three pieces of battle armor were the result of this decision. 

Ye Xinglan’s battle armor shed specks of starlight as it empowered her Sword Star Rain to push back against the flood of feathers. However, her opponent was a true one-word battle armor master! Her mere three pieces only increased her Sword Star Rain enough to push back momentarily before the feathers began to gain ground again. 

In the face of the storm of darkness, Ye Xinglan’s gaze remained resolute, and her first and third soul rings began shining at the same time. 

The audience watched with anticipation. Using multiple soul skills at once was a high-level technique that was difficult even for students of the legendary Shrek Academy. It required a deep understanding of one’s martial soul and precise control to pull off. It was clear that Ye Xinglan had succeeded in the technique as the stellar aura around her reignited with strength. 

The rain of starlight reversed flow in the sky and converged on Ye Xinglan. Her figure disappeared in the congregation of starlight, and a moment later a giant Stargod Sword floated in her place, the fusion of countless strands of condensed sword intent. It was the result of combining Sword Star Rain, Starfall Sword, and Swordgod’s Star. 

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