Chapter 539 - Intercept

Chapter 539 - Intercept

A resounding slam filled the arena. In that split moment, Ye Wu had collided with Wu Siduo, cloaked in flames both blooming and azure. And he had been sent flying with a single paw of Hell White Tiger.

The Hell White Tiger’s forelegs were each equipped with armor that looked like a coat of scales. These were the four battle armor pieces from before her transformation. It had taken much design ingenuity to create armor pieces that worked in all three of her forms. 

With the advent of Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger form, she had closed the gap between them. 

Ye Wu’s rough collision disoriented him, but he shook it off and steeled himself. His armor shone with pale blue light, enveloping him in a sapphire aura. But no matter how brave he tried to act, he couldn’t hide his shock. Damn she’s strong! She’s even more powerful than a Soul King! As expected of a soul fusion skill! 

The Hell White Tiger leaped through the air, pouncing on Ye Wu. 

Knowing better than to face Wu Siduo directly now, he turned tail and ran. The biggest weakness of soul fusion skills was its duration. With his speed advantage, he could evade the Hell White Tiger’s pursuit until the skill wore off. His highest chance of victory lay in this. 

However, the Hell White Tiger was much faster than Ye Wu had anticipated, twice as quick as the Hell Civet. But more importantly, the achilles heel to Ye Wu’s combat style was revealing itself! As the Hell White Tiger chased after him, he couldn’t afford to make sharp turns. He was quickly running out of places to run to! 

Wu Siduo had noticed long ago that in order to maintain insane speeds, Ye Wu had to keep his trajectory as straight as possible. Any sudden turns and he would fly off the rails. To keep up his speed while turning around, he had been forced to make large arcs. Back in her Hell Civet or White Tiger forms, Wu Siduo hadn’t been able to exploit this weakness.

She could now.

The Hell White Tiger chased after Ye Wu in hot pursuit, angling its path to intersect in front of his. She was planning to cut him off! 

She wasn’t on the top ten of the Genius Youths Ranking for nothing! Wu Siduo had clawed her way there by her wits and strength! Not even Tang Wulin could completely eclipse her talent. Of the first grade, she was undoubtedly one of the strongest. 

Upon seeing the Hell White Tiger attempt cut off his path, Ye Wu knew he was in trouble. He gritted his teeth, his armor bursting with azure might to from a barrier of light. And he leaped forward, curling up into a ball with his core protected by battle armor. He was going all in! 

Unfortunately for Ye Wu, as he bent his body he had missed the aura blazing to life around the Hell White Tiger. While its form waned, its eyes opened wide and shone with stunning light. 

Collision. An ear-splitting crash traveled far and wide, accompanied by howling winds.

Wu Siduo was sent through the air, her Hell White Tiger’s form fading into motes of light, leaving only her in its place.

On the other hand, the barrier around Ye Wu was smashed into oblivion. He tumbled backward. Slammed into the barrier and bounced right off like a ragdoll. 

Pale and panting for breath, Wu Siduo crawled off the ground and onto one knee, straining to raise her head as her body quivered. She had ignited the remainder of the Hell White Tiger’s energy to unleash a burst of power. She was confident of her victory. 

Two beams of light descended to envelop her and Ye Wu. A blanket of warmth wrapped around her, alleviating the pain and fatigue of her body. Even the rebound from drawing so deeply upon her energy reserves was reduced. 

Taking a deep breath in, Wu Siduo stood up straight. 

A few seconds later, Ye Wu struggled up from the ground as well. His battle armor was dim and he was covered in wounds from head to toe, a smear of blood at the corner of his mouth. Even with the protection of eight pieces of battle armor, his injuries were serious. 

“Wu Siduo of the first grade is the victor!” Elder Cai announced, sweeping her gaze over the spectators. 

However, in truth, neither side had won. While Ye Wu had been stunned by the impact, he still had an ounce of fight left in him while Wu Siduo was completely spent. But a match was a match, no matter how small of a sliver Wu Siduo’s margin of victory had been.

Ye Wu bit his lip as he processed the results of the match. Within the light of the Holy Spirit Douluo, his injuries rapidly healed and his strength restored. He smiled wryly as he turned to Wu Siduo and flashed a thumbs up, before exiting the arena. 

Wu Siduo furrowed her brow. She didn’t consider this a real victory. If they were to given enough time to recover and fought once more, she was sure to be defeated. This was because although the Holy Spirit Douluo’s holy light could heal injuries and restore strength, it couldn’t repair the damage done by the rebound of her soul fusion skill. Without access to all the power of Hell White Tiger, she would not be able to defeat a recovered Ye Wu a second time. 

Wu Siduo looked up with determination in her eyes. I’m still too weak. I have to get stronger. But despite this setback, she was confident that in one or two years’ time, Ye Wu would no longer be a match for her. 

I really do need to find a suitable spirit soul to fuse with my White Tiger, just like Yuanen Yehui. Wu Siduo wasn’t conscious of it, but she had set Yuanen Yehui as her goal. 

This marked the second victory for the combined first and second grade team. The third grade students didn’t dare utter a word. All their previous confidence melted away. Meanwhile, the first and second grade students buzzed with excitement. Each grade had an age gap of three years! In such circumstances, the glory of claiming victory against an opponent was of the highest degree! 

The Holy Spirit Douluo withdrew her holy light and nodded in approval. “This new generation is filled with rising stars. Those two with twin martial souls are really talented and their potential is boundless. Hmm. But when is Tang Wulin going up?” 

Zhuo Shi, seated behind Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, said, “Wulin should be in the two-on-two battle with Gu Yue. Then he’ll fight in the team battle too.” 

Yali’s eyes darted across the arena to the first and second grade team, her face coated with surprise. “Then who are they sending out for the last duel? That brat from the Holy Angel clan?” 

“I don’t think so. It should be Ye Xinglan, the one who came from the inner court.”

“Xinglan? Oh. That girl. Let’s see how strong she’s grown.” 


Sour as Song Lin’s expression was, she didn’t criticize Ye Wu when he returned. Their two losses weren’t due to her students not taking things seriously. Or bad luck. They had lost in a fair battle of strength. 

With an age disadvantage of five years, the fact that Wu Siduo and Yuanen Yehui could defeat their opponents meant they were destined for the inner court. In fact, they were likely to even become leaders in the inner court. 

Even so, Song Lin couldn’t accept this. It was too shameful for the third grade to lose to the lower grades. 

“Mo Jue,” Song Lin said, glancing at said girl. 

“Got it. Teacher Song, don’t worry. I’ll absolutely win the third round!” Mo Jue said as she walked to stand beside Song Lin, her head raised high.

Song Lin’s anxiety settled when she saw how confident her student was. “Not just this round. We’re going to win every round from now on. We have to maintain the honor of the third grade.” 

She had said her words calmly, but it had struck a chord with the third grade team. Yeah! Who cares how talented you are! Right now, us third graders are the strongest!

The audience stirred when they saw Mo Jue slowly walking up the steps to the stage. 

“Look, it’s Mo Jue!”“Oh yes! Mo Jue is coming out!”

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