Chapter 532 - Return

Chapter 532 - Return

Zhen Hua cut Tang Wulin off, “The trouble you were involved in this time was due to me, so I got you that ring as a gift in apology. It has your mecha inside.” 

Tang Wulin’s jaw dropped. A storage ring with the capacity necessary for a mecha was a treasure! The number of rings like this found throughout Douluo could likely be counted on his fingers alone! 

“Uncle-master, this is too much. I can’t accept this.” Tang Wulin shrunk into his seat, shell-shocked. 

Zhen Hua clenched his jaw. “Enough of that. Just take it.” 

Tang Wulin’s reluctance instantly disappeared and he snickered. “Well, if you insist, I’ll happily accept!” 

A smile couldn’t help but break through Zhen Hua’s stern expression. “You greedy kid. Hurry up and go to class now.” 

Tang Wulin beamed, then he and Gu Yue got off the car and were on their way. The two ran, anxious to not be any later than they already were. 

As Zhen Hua watched them go, his face settled back into calmness. He glanced at the driver and said, “Take me to the inner court.” 

The HAF car ascended and flew straight into the depths of Shrek Academy. None barred their way, and they arrived in a minute.

Zhen Hua stepped out of the car and strode through the gates into the inner court. Although he could go where he pleased for the majority of Douluo with his HAF car, Shrek Academy’s inner court was an exception. Even if only out of respect, he had to disembark and walk to his final destination.

Zhen Hua took in the fresh air as he walked to Sea God’s Island. When he reached the lake, he sped up, flickers of movement across the surface of the water and he reached the island. Then he stopped and waited. 

A few moments later, Zhuo Shi arrived and gave Zhen Hua a nod of acknowledgement. “Let’s go. The Pavilion Master is waiting for you.” 

Zhuo Shi in the lead, the two headed for the center of the island. A large wooden house sat at the island’s core, leaning against a giant tree. This was the heart of Sea God’s Island and Shrek Academy. This golden house was Sea God’s Pavilion! 

The highest order of authority in Shrek Academy laid with the Master of Sea God’s Pavilion. The Pavilion Master was one of the most powerful and influential people in the world. The Federation couldn’t even decide on policies without consulting him. The man’s strength simply could not be ignored. 

The interior of the house was simple and rustic, wholly unexpected of the location of the greatest power on Douluo. A long wooden table sat in the center, eight people seated on either sides of it and one person at the head. Nine in total. 

Zhuo Shi gestured for Zhen Hua to go on. Without any hesitation, Zhen Hua went and stood by his seat at the end of the table. Zhuo Shi followed, taking the fourth seat from the head. 

Tang Wulin would be astonished to see who led this party of influential figures at the head of the table. It was the young man who had been enjoying a pink-filled time with the Holy Spirit Douluo on the swing. He was handsome with a warm smile and looked to be merely in his late twenties. All those present looked at him with reverent eyes.

Yali sat on the man’s right, the very first seat. On his other side was a tall elderly man with a face pale as silver. 

Feng Wuyu was present as well, and sat across from Zhuo Shi. One seat down from him was Elder Cai. 

All those present were the pillars of Shrek Academy, the elders of Sea God’s Pavilion. At the head of the table was their leader, the Pavilion Master. 

“Hello, Your Eminence,” Zhen Hua said, lowering his head. 

The Pavilion Master smiled and gestured for him to take a seat. 

Although Zhen Hua was the only living Divine Blacksmith, he didn’t dare disrespect this man. Years ago, before Zhen Hua had even been born, the Pavilion Master had shook the world with his power. This was the man proclaimed as the most powerful on all of Douluo, the one who looked down upon all others from the peak of the world. It was said that if the Realm of Gods hadn’t been closed off, he would have long since ascended to godhood. 

Under his protection, Shrek Academy’s position was unshakeable. No one dared provoke Shrek Academy, not even the Federation. This was why Shrek City operated as an autonomous city. 

“Zhen Hua, please explain the situation for us,” the Pavilion Master said. A meeting at Sea God’s Pavilion was never convened lightly. Only matters of grave importance would call for such a summons. 

Zhen Hua nodded and proceeded to recount the attempt to assassinate him and Tang Wulin’s abduction. 

“You said there was evidence of a battle when you arrived?” asked the Pavilion Master. 

“Yes.” Zhen Hua stood up and took out a small metal stick. He pressed a button on it and projected onto the wall a video of the area he found Tang Wulin in. After the video was done playing, everyone present had pensive expressions. 

“Hmmm. It looks like it was an intense battle. According to what Tang Wulin said, the evil soul master who abducted him practiced blood sucking and was at least a Hyper Douluo. The fact that whoever intervened could drive her off means they were at least a Hyper Douluo as well,” Elder Cai said, brows furrowed. 

The Pavilion Master’s eyes narrowed as he stared at one particular area of the replaying video. “Duskgold Dreadclaw.” 

The rest of the elders turned to him in astonishment. 

Yali put her hand on the Pavilion Master’s. “The Duskgold Dreadclaw is really rare! I’ve never heard of any soul master who cultivated it to this level.” 

The Pavilion Master frowned, his mind sinking into thought for a moment. “Yes. You’re right. I can’t think of anyone either. But that’s definitely the Duskgold Dreadclaw. And they’re at least a Hyper Douluo. All of you, look at the ground. There aren’t just gashes in the earth. Much of the surrounding soil and rock were turned into powder. That’s a clear sign of someone cultivating the Duskgold Dreadclaw to its peak. Zhuo Shi, I remember you saying Tang Wulin has the Duskgold Dreadclaw too?” 

Zhuo Shi nodded. “But his is different from a normal Duskgold Dreadclaw. It combined with his bloodline to become what he calls ‘Golden Dragon Dreadclaw.’ He obtained his dreadclaw from the spirit ascension platform. Wait, are you saying… that the person who saved them is from the Spirit Pagoda?” 

The Pavilion Master gave a slight nod. “I think it’s definitely a possibility. Any soul master this powerful that we’re unaware of has a high chance of being part of the Spirit Pagoda. They’ve become more and more mysterious lately.” 

Due to the fact that every soul master needed spirit souls in this era of cultivation, the Spirit Pagoda’s strength and influence had rapidly grown. Their growth even accelerated in recent years as new breakthroughs in spirit soul research allowed them to offer many more powerful spirit souls. Their wealth and influence was simply immeasurable now. 

“That’s a very likely possibility. Gu Yue is a core disciple of the Spirit Pagoda, and the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo is her master,” Elder Cai said, her eyes flicking to Yali. 

Yali’s eyes widened at the mention of the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo. At her side, the Pavilion Master showered a flash of being unsettled, but he quickly covered it up. Even so, everyone present noticed and suppressed a snicker in their hearts. The legends said that the Pavilion Master once had a fling with the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, and his reaction this time seemed to support that legend. 

The Pavilion Master forced out a cough. “I’ll go confirm with the Spirit Pagoda. Let’s move on to the evil soul master now.” 

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