Chapter 520 - Together in the Mecha

Chapter 520 - Together in the Mecha

The Federation had strict laws regarding mechas. They were giant robots capable of mass destruction after all. Without any oversight, a low-grade mecha could easily lay waste to a few neighborhoods and cause countless casualties. As a result, getting a license to pilot a mecha was extremely difficult. Although it wasn’t too hard to get a license to pilot a mecha in a single city, getting a continent-wide license like Tang Wulin’s was a painstaking process for most. 

Tang Wulin had been approved for his continent-wide mecha authorization in only a few months because Wu Zhangkong recommended him through Shrek Academy. He also had his status as an Honored Citizen, as well as Mo Wu’s referral. In fact, Tang Wulin’s mecha license was worth more than his mecha. 

Tang Wulin wasn’t aware of all that. He simply knew that this card allowed him to travel the entire continent in his mecha. As long as he followed the law, of course. If he caused any trouble, his license would immediately be revoked and his name would be blacklisted. Wu Zhangkong hadn’t told Tang Wulin about any of this because he had utmost confidence in his disciple’s moral character. 

Tang Wulin turned around to look at Gu Yue. “Let’s get going!” 

The cockpit of Tang Wulin’s mecha was by no means large. The co-pilot’s seat was right behind him. Gu Yue was petite, so she didn’t take up much space, but that didn’t mean it was comfortable. In this enclosed space, Gu Yue’s womanly aroma filled the air, making Tang Wulin acutely aware of her. 

“Okay.” Gu Yue nodded. 

The mecha took a step forward, jets of flame spouting out of its back, and an instant later, they were rocketing into the skies. 

Civilian mechas were limited an altitude of one thousand meters. Since this included his mecha, Tang Wulin stopped ascending once they reached an altitude of eight hundred meters. The mecha’s three pairs of wings spread, and its main thrusters spewed flames. A moment later, he and Gu Yue were speeding toward the horizon, headed straight for Heaven Dou City. 

Tang Wulin’s mecha had navigation systems built in, as well as a radar to help avoid collisions with planes. His mecha would show up on other radars as well, and when it did, his identification card would be scanned, thus enabling him to fly through various areas safely. If he tried to fly over a city’s airspace without that card, that city’s anti-air defenses would immediately try to shoot him down, and a mecha squad would be sent to intercept him. 

“Wow! Flying feels great!” Tang Wulin exclaimed. 

Gu Yue leaned over and took in his smiling face, a small smile forming on hers as well. From the moment he tried to show off his mecha by picking her up, she realized she found his boyish excitement amusing. It was rare for her to see him expressing such pure, childlike joy. She could tell just how much he loved mechas. 

The mecha settled into leisurely cruising speed as they flew toward Heaven Dou City. Cars and trains on the ground were practically motionless because of how fast they were going, and the landscape below became a blur. They experienced a bit of turbulence from time to time, but overall, the ride was a fairly smooth one, a clear testament to Tang Wulin’s  skill as a pilot. 

“So,” Tang Wulin said smugly, glancing back at Gu Yue. “Aren’t I just the coolest?”

Gu Yue stifled a laugh. “How come you didn’t tell us you bought a mecha?” 

Tang Wulin snickered. “It’s my little secret! If I told everyone, wouldn’t that just be flaunting how rich I am?” 

In truth, Tang Wulin really was quite rich. Owning a personal mecha was outside the realm of possibility for ordinary people. 

Gu Yue raised an eyebrow. “Then why did you tell me? Aren’t you worried I’ll let your secret out?”

“No way,” Tang Wulin answered, nonchalantly taking the mecha through a barrel roll. “You wouldn’t do that.”

His answer took Gu Yue by surprise. Then her smile slowly widened until it reached up all the way to her eyes. 

Tang Wulin was fully enjoying the feeling of soaring through the skies. While he did get a chance to fly a mecha during class training, the area he had been allowed to fly in was limited. Flying through the open skies was completely different. It satisfied a craving he never knew he had. He finally understood why so many men dreamed of soaring through the sky. It was a magical experience. 

Soul trains usually took two hours to travel from Shrek City to Heaven Dou City. It took Tang Wulin and Gu Yue only one hour aboard his mecha. By the time they reached Heaven Dou City, it wasn’t even noon. 

After gaining entry to the city, Tang Wulin flew straight for the local Blacksmith’s Association. He had called Zhen Hua beforehand and gotten permission to dock his mecha there. Once his mecha connected with the docking system, it gently landed on the roof of the Blacksmith’s Association. Only then did Tang Wulin let out a breath of relief. His first long distance flight had gone well. 

The cockpit opened and Tang Wulin and Gu Yue climbed out. As the two walked toward the elevator, Tang Wulin glanced back at his mecha proudly. He was a mecha pilot now. 

Right at that moment, something called out to him and he looked over at the other docked mechas that were in the middle of recharging. Beside his yellow mecha were two purple mechas and one black mecha. The fact that they were parked here meant their pilots were no ordinary people. But they weren’t what caught his eye. As his gaze reached the very end of the docking area, Tang Wulin saw a gate to a subspace slowly closing. Before the gate closed completely, he caught a glimpse of a single mecha. The only thing he could really see were its legs. They were painted a deep scarlet. 

Tang Wulin was thunderstruck. W-was that a red-grade mecha?  

White-grade mechas were the basic, yellow-grade were standard-issue, purple-grade were high-end, and black-grade were top-notch. Red-grade mechas, however, were divinity incarnate. Their pilots had to personally make them, and they needed to be made of the highest quality of forged metals. They would then be bonded to their pilot’s blood essence and soul power, linking it to their pilot’s life force. Such a mecha would even be compatible with spirit souls, and could be further empowered by fusing with one. 

 The number of red-grade mechas that existed on the entire continent could be counted on two hands! It was said that there were no limits to how powerful a red-grade mecha could be. It was even possible for one to face off with a three-word battle armor master. However, a soul master needed to at least be an eight-ring Soul Douluo to pilot a red-grade mecha. The requirements to even make one were even higher. In fact, it was as hard as crafting a full set of three-word battle armor, and even had some advantages over battle armor. 

It was generally accepted that battle armors were absolutely superior to mechas. That was only because red-grade mechas weren’t taken into consideration. 

Tang Wulin was stunned. He could barely believe he had just laid eyes on a red-grade mecha. Its sleek form left him breathless. 

Right beside him, Gu Yue said, “Is that one of those legendary red-grade mechas?”

“I think it is!” Tang Wulin nodded with excitement.  “Let’s go! We can ask my uncle-master about it. He’s gotta know something. After that, it’ll be time for me to train with him. Once I’m done with that, I’ll go sell off some metals and we can go sightseeing. I should be ready to meet up in the evening. Whatever you want to do tonight, I’m game.”

“Okay,” Gu Yue responded. 

The two took the elevator down to Zhen Hua’s office using a special keycard that gave them access to his floor. When the doors opened, Tang Wulin ran out happily and knocked on Zhen Hua’s door.

“I bet the kid’s here,” Zhen Hua shouted from the other side of the door. “Come on in!” 

Tang Wulin entered with Gu Yue right behind him. Zhen Hua was sitting at his desk. Someone was seated across from him. 

“It’s you!” Tang Wulin exclaimed, instantly recognizing the man as the chef he saw last time he visited. 

The chef was a rugged man in his fifties. This time he wasn’t dressed in a chef’s outfit, but a traditional gray robe. The fact that he was casually sitting in the Divine Blacksmith’s office proved he was no ordinary man. 

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