Chapter 518 - A Date With Gu Yue

Chapter 518 - A Date With Gu Yue

In the evening, Tang Wulin rented out a specialized cultivation space as usual. He sat down cross-legged in the room meditating, attuning himself to nature. A soft blue glow enveloped him as bluesilver grass crept from the ground, rising to gently sway in the air.

Goldsong slithered out along with the grass, boasting a blue aura as well. It was much larger than before, nearly reaching 1.5 meters. Although its body was still slender, it clearly hid a wealth of power. It was Tang Wulin’s only soul skill, the one that had accompanied him until now. As he grew, so did it. It shared in the benefits of the Golden Dragon King’s essence, otherwise it would not have been able to evolve to such an extent. In a sense, it had also inherited some of the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline. 

In the end, soul power and soul rings were secondary to Tang Wulin’s growth. What truly mattered was unlocking the full potential of his bloodline. Every seal broken allowed him to harness more of the Golden Dragon King’s power, and some of that power leaked into Goldsong. Tang Wulin understood the importance of it all too well, especially after breaking the fourth seal. Apart from Goldsong’s physical growth, his bond with it had grown deeper. They could communicate on a more fundamental level now. 

In addition to empowering a soul master’s martial soul, spirit souls could also physically manifest by borrowing their master’s soul power to fight alongside them. 

Goldsong’s transformation after the fourth seal was shocking. Not only did the effects of the soul skills it granted increase by half, it also gained a bloodline skill. The effects were exactly the same as Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Body, capable of instantly boosting Goldsong’s physical abilities. Moreover, its version of the skill drew upon its own blood essence, and once depleted, it would need to absorb Tang Wulin’s energies to recover. His appetite had grown once again after the fourth seal, and part of that was due to Goldsong’s increased demand for his blood essence. 

So it was only natural that Goldsong wrapped its slender length around Tang Wulin, soaking up his soul power and blood essence. It was completely at ease, its head gently leaning against Tang Wulin’s thighs. There was no hint of cold-bloodedness from this snake. Goldsong’s eyes emenanted a gentle warmth as it snuggled up to its parent. 

Tang Wulin took in a deep breath, his chest rising high. The swaying grass froze. In an instant, they glowed gold like Goldsong. His bluesilver grass was evolving under the Golden Dragon King’s influence! With each seal broken, they grew thicker, lusher, and more tyrannical. Inheriting the regal air of the Golden Dragon King, Tang Wulin’s bluesilver grass gained the ability to demand obedience from lesser plant-type martial souls. A king of bluesilver grass. 

After holding that breath for nearly a minute, Tang Wulin finally let it out in one slow exhale. Then he repeated. In and out in accordance with the Mysterious Heaven Method. 

Not too long after, he opened his eyes and withdrew his bluesilver grass. Goldsong slithered up his body, coiling around his neck and rubbing its head on his cheek. 

Tang Wulin gazed at it warmly, a smile tugging at his lips as he stroked its head. This was the bond between a boy and a snake. “You can stay out a bit longer if you want.” 

Goldsong shook its head. It transformed into light that started flowing into Tang Wulin. The golden pattern on his body pulsed with life before disappearing once Goldsong was completely back within him. 

Tang Wulin couldn’t help but smile. He could feel the strength of his bond with Goldsong cementing. Soon, he might be able to summon Goldsong to fight by his side. 

While this was already within Yuanen Yehui and Gu Yu’s power, they benefited more by having their spirit souls empower their other abilities. 

Two conditions had to be met in order for a soul master to fight alongside their spirit soul. One, they had to have at least four soul rings, which was the threshold for when a spirit soul’s intelligence was sufficiently developed for autonomous action. Two, the spirit soul was at least thousand-year level, otherwise it wouldn’t be strong enough to participate in combat. An exceptionally intelligent spirit soul, one that the soul master had spent many years bonding with, was akin to having a second body. In fact, this was one of the greatest changes when a soul master advanced into a four-ringed Soul Ancestor. A summoned spirit soul increased their combat potential significantly. However, soul masters needed to become a Soul King before their spirit souls could truly fight on their own.  

In order to properly raise a spirit soul, a soul master needed a powerful bloodline, a vast capacity of soul power, and exceptional spiritual power. The last was to nurture the spirit soul’s intellect. Tang Wulin undoubtedly ticked off all three of these checkboxes. 

As Tang Wulin took in the nature around him, his eyes twinkled. He pressed his palms together in front of his chest. The air around him warped. Bluesilver grass swarmed out like snakes, slithering into every corner of this cultivation space. A golden glow washed over the grass, scales and veins rising to its surface. 

I don’t know how the competition against the third grade will go, but all I can do now is give it my all! Well… I do have some time to drive a mecha to Heaven Dou City. Tang Wulin was filled with expectation. It would be his first time going out in a mecha, and Gu Yue would be accompanying him too. It was pretty much a date.

Finishing up cultivating for the day, Tang Wulin left the cultivation space, trained his Purple Demon Eyes, and returned to the working student dormitory. It was still early in the morning, and the moment he walked through the dormitory gates, he caught sight of Xie Xie sweeping the courtyard. 

Seeing how earnestly Xie Xie was working, Tang Wulin’s lips curved up in amusement. This guy just doesn’t know how to give up! I hope things work out for him. He seems more confident now too. Really have grown a lot. 

Xie Xie stopped sweeping once he noticed Tang Wulin.“You’re back early today! Shouldn’t you take today’s day off to cultivate more?” 

“Well, I’m only back early ‘cause I’m going out later to Heaven Dou City. You want me to get you anything?” 

Xie Xie shook his head as he resumed sweeping the ground. “What could I need that I can’t get here at Shrek? I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” 

Tang Wulin chuckled. He left for the girls’ room and knocked on the door. He was sure that Ye Xinglan and Xu Xiaoyan were already up since they had cultivated their Purple Demon Eyes with him. 

The door swung open and Xu Xiaoyan poked her head out. “Huh? Captain, what are you here so early for?”

Tang Wulin flashed a smile. “I’m looking for Gu Yue. Is she up yet?”

“I’m up. Coming!” Gu Yue said from within. 

Xu Xiaoyan giggled and retreated back inside. A moment later, Gu Yue stepped out the doorway. 

One word described tang Wulin precisely: shocked. Her lush black hair was pulled back into a ponytail, giving her a more energetic look than usual. She wore a spotless white dress fitted to her emerging womanly curves, elegant without excess decorations. She wasn’t a world-shaking beauty, but there was a certain charm about her, an air of nobility and grace. 

“Y-you’re really pretty today,” Tang Wulin stuttered. 

Gu Yue’s face flushed faint red. “Have you had breakfast yet?” she asked, averting her eyes and desperate to change the topic.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Nope. I came to get you first, then we’ll go visit the Tang Sect.” 

“Oh. Alright.” Gu Yue nodded. 

“Ooooh! What’s that? You guys going on a date?” Xie Xie teased. 

“Go back to sweeping!” Gu Yue glared at him. 

Xie Xie instantly tucked tail and lowered his head, focusing on his work. Gu Yue had instilled fear into him through countless beatings over the years, and the scene of her wrath from the day before was still fresh in his mind. He didn’t dare act too cocky around her. 

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