Chapter 500 - Dead End?

Chapter 500 - Dead End?

Luo Guixing threw out his hands and a burst of silver light manifested in the center of the arena. Sharp and blinding, the light held a nearly tangible quality to it, and upon its inception, everything within a fifteen meter radius trembled. 

It was then that Tang Wulin’s team discovered the root of the other team’s confidence: Luo Guixing had not three, but four rings! Two yellow and two purple, not an average configuration as well. 

The soul skill Luo Guixing had used was his fourth, Boundary Division! A potent spatial soul skill that instantly split open space and everything in its path! Nothing could escape once within the skill’s range. Tang Wulin was no exception to that. Trying to leave the boundary would just toss him back in. Boundary Division, a godly skill! 

In fact, Luo Guixing had immediately used Boundary Division for the express purpose of trapping Tang Wulin. He was well aware that, out of the entire opposing team, Tang Wulin had the highest attack power and control. The cornerstone and captain. As long as Luo Guixing could take Tang Wulin out, victory was in sight. 

During the match between the first and second grade, the rankers had witnessed with their own eyes the power of Tang Wulin’s team. Ever since that, they’d been drafting battle tactics for this rematch, bent on uncovering any sliver of an opening to exploit. With those discerning lenses strapped on, they had discovered an interesting detail; Tang Wulin’s tendency to charge in as a one-man army at the start of battle only worked with Gu Yue backing him up. Because she could teleport him out of harm’s way at a moment’s notice. Once he created an opening, the rest of his team would concentrate their efforts in one mighty assault. The end result, victory. Luo Guixing chose to exploit this. Along with its other effects, his Boundary Division isolated everyone within it from spatial fluctuations. Tang Wulin couldn’t be teleported out. While the skill only lasted five seconds, Luo Guixing was confident his teammates could take down Tang Wulin in that time, especially three against one. 

As long as they defeated Tang Wulin, he was certain the rest would be a walk in the park. Everything was going according to plan. The corner of his mouth quirked up in a subdued grin. This was their chance. 

Wu Siduo, Yang Nianxia, and Xu Yucheng had thrown away their rankers’ arrogance, working  together to defeat Tang Wulin. Since their last match, Luo Guixing had made sure to fix his team’s coordination. After much practice, they had absolute trust in each other and knew what each one was doing at any given time. Their strength as a team was incomparable to before.

Yang Nianxia’s soul power was at rank 39, and with Wu Siduo and Xu Yucheng both having four rings, it was no wonder they thought Tang Wulin to be finished. 

Tang Wulin’s heart pounded. They really did have a plan!  From his wealth of combat experience, he had instantly determined that Gu Yue couldn’t support him the moment Boundary Division activated. Luo Guixing’s specialization in spatial skills was a huge hint, and this was likely a countermeasure against Gu Yue. No backup is coming! It’s all on me! 

Despite being outnumbered, Tang Wulin snuffed out that ember of panic in his chest. 

Bluesilver Impaling Array. The ground lit up gold and dozens of grass spears erupted around him, forming a makeshift barrier. He didn’t bother using the skill offensively. It wouldn’t work on Wu Siduo or the others. All it could do was buy him time. 

For a brief moment, the three rankers slowed in their assault by the edge of the spears. 

Steeling himself, Yang Nianxia charged in to the heart of the spears, relying on his body’s tenacity to endure. His arms swelled with strength along the way, doubling in size as he swung them at the obstacles. 

At the same time, Xu Yucheng reaped the grass with his scythe, mowing open a path for himself. 

And Wu Siduo jumped into the air before using Hell Rush, heading straight for Tang Wulin, bypassing the grass spears on the ground.

As the three came upon their target, a silver ring of light appeared beneath him. Luo Guixing’s soul skill, Spatial Lock! Four rankers attacked Tang Wulin simultaneously with their full power, backing him into a corner! A grim smile spread on Luo Guixing’s face. Wu Zhangkong watched from the stage, prepared to intervene at any moment. 

Luo Guixing didn’t hope to truly keep Tang Wulin restrained, but even slowing his movements for a split-second was enough. With a three-man assault upon Tang Wulin, that delay sealed his end.

His fingers shook with anticipation. Once the battle became five versus four, victory was in the bag.

Tang Wulin was the core of his team, and without him the mighty Divine Dragon Transformation soul fusion skill could not be used. Though the others were powerful in their own right, they couldn’t compare with their captain.

As according to Luo Guixing’s plan, Zheng Yiran expelled a green fog of poison around his team. Once Tang Wulin was taken care of, they would regroup in the fog and then launch a final assault. 

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s teammates did what they could. Xie Xie and Ye Xinglan immediately rushed into the spatial boundary, but they were expelled in an instant. Three seconds remained on the boundary. They couldn’t intervene until then. 

Xu Xiaoyan raised her staff, determination blazing in her eyes. 

The elements swirled around Gu Yue, ready to rampage. Unable to keep her warring emotions in check any longer, Gu Yue thrust a finger forward. With a shout, two blue fireballs burst forth from her fingertips at the boundary, curving around it under her control. 

Both teams had one thought crashing through their minds: this was the end for Tang Wulin! Yet when all hope seemed lost, Tang Wulin smiled.

The first to reach him, Wu Siduo couldn’t comprehend what she was seeing. How can he still smile? Does he still have an ace up his sleeve? Impossible! The moment she wavered, she caught sight of two golden rings appearing around him. Two? Two golden rings? She had an ill premonition. 

Originally, she had been keeping her power in check in fear of harming him fatally. But now, her fear pushed her to draw out her full strength. Her soul power surged, empowering her Hell Rush to the peak. 

Golden scales rippled into existence on Tang Wulin’s body, his right arm swelling with power. Although Spatial Lock restricted his movements, it couldn’t do anything to the internal flow of blood essence. 

He had activated his first golden ring, Golden Dragon Body! 

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