Chapter 476 - The Idol of Douluo

Chapter 476 - The Idol of Douluo

Despite treating countless people, Yali kept her name secret. Her patients simply called her the Angel of Hope. The mere mention of that name sent waves throughout Douluo. 

The Federation had offered her a high-ranking office for her deeds, but she rejected it, asking for her identity to be kept under wraps. She wished to save people, pure and simple. She had no desire for fame. Soon after, Yali went into seclusion in Shrek Academy, only coming out whenever a disaster occured. 

Innumerable were tales of men besotted with her. They waxed rhapsodic about her kind heart, her charming looks, the greatest in both categories on the continent. Her goodness was contagious, spreading to every person she encountered, changing them into better people. They couldn’t help but adore her. Love her. Those in powerful positions throughout the continent had been drawn to her, all vying for her affection. 

She became the idol of Douluo.

Such an eligible bachelorette was bound to garner suitors. One day, a man declared to the world that he would take her as his bride. He was resolute in this, unyielding. He challenged his rivals in love to face him in a duel. When the time came, he single-handedly defeated sixteen other Titled Douluos, three of which were three-word battle armor masters and the rest two-word. After every victory, he told his opponent with heartfelt sincerity to be at ease. He would protect Yali with his life. 

Ten years later, the man stood at the peak of the world, the greatest of his generation. He and Yali had wed and were proclaimed as a couple fated by the heavens. Wherever Yali went, he would follow. 

The realization of his love had changed him. He turned his back on worldly affairs, his wife the only thing that mattered to him. The perfect gentleman, he did his best to support her in her endeavors. 

This story was well known among the upper echelons of society. Mo Wu couldn’t help but tremble as he recalled it. He had just met a legendary figure! 

He studied her once more. Time was kind to the Holy Spirit Douluo. She had the appearance of an attractive woman in her twenties, when in reality, she was well over eighty years old. In fact one hundred might not be pushing it.

Mo Wu remained silent watching Yali through the glass, heartbeat relaxing at the sight of the Holy Spirit Douluo caressing his daughter’s head. Light bloomed around Yali, soft and pure. A small angel appeared out of her back. It had three pairs of wings and curled up into a ball upon landing on Mo Lan’s body. A second later, it dissolved into wisps of golden light and entered through Mo Lan’s nose. 

Yali waved her hands, commanding streams of golden light to enter Mo Lan. Some, rather than enter her, wrapped around her tightly, cradling her in a cocoon of light. It floated a few inches in the air, growing brighter, thickening, too blinding for anyone to peer within..

Still, Mo Wu held complete faith in Yali. According to legend, the Holy Spirit Douluo could save someone’s life as long as they had a single breath left to breathe! 

The golden light slowly receded until it was but a dim glow.

At that moment, Mo Lan’s husband returned. In a few quick strides he was right before Mo Wu. After a brief explanation from his father-in-law, his face brightened with joy. 

In the moments that had passed since Yali started her work, those on the other side of the glass could vaguely make out Mo Lan’s state making remarkable progress. The swelling of her head rapidly receded. A dark green gas was expelled from her eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth, immediately swallowed by the surrounding golden light. Not a trace of it remained. 

Shudders ran through Mo Lan’s body, her brows knitting together and eyes closing tight. Ten minutes later, her head showed no signs of swelling. Expected results of the Holy Spirit Douluo, the most powerful healer in the world. 

Another ten minutes later, the golden light faded away and the little angel slipped out of Mo Lan’s body, returning to Yali. She gently pressed her index finger on Mo Lan’s head. A beat later, black hair sprouted from the top of Mo Lan’s head. A hint of color to her cheeks. She no longer appeared to be sitting on death’s doorstep.

Shock painted the faces of the current medical staff. This was nothing short of a miracle! Without knowledge of Yali’s identity or the legend of the Holy Spirit Douluo, they were still able to comprehend something incredible had happened, how amazing she was. 

Yali’s soul rings faded. She left the room, robes swaying behind her. 

In a blink of an eye, Mo Wu was by her side, tears streaming down his cheeks. “Thank you. Thank you, Your Eminence.” 

Yali heaved a long sigh. “Don’t thank me just yet. She hasn’t fully recovered yet.”

“Huh?” Yali’s words were a bucket of ice water over his head. If even the Holy Spirit Douluo could not guarantee her recovery, then all hope was lost.

“Her situation was too extreme,” Yali said, her lips pressed together in a frown. “The brain damage from the Phosphor Fire Soul Refinement is severe, and unfortunately for her, the most complex part of the human body is the brain. There are numerous regions of the brain, each that control various functions of the body. Not only that, her spirit was damaged. I did manage to treat the damage to her brain and piece back together her spirit, but as I said before, they’re complex things. I can’t be one hundred percent certain that I didn’t miss something, or that she’ll be able to make a full recovery.

“Don’t get me wrong. Her life is no longer in danger. But the important question now is whether she will wake up. If she does, then she’ll be fine. She might lose some of her memories, but that’ll be it.” She pointed to Mo Lan’s slumbering form through the glass. “Even though she’s unconscious, I want you to talk to her. The sooner she wakes up, the better. You can also move her to a normal room now.” 

Mo Wu and Mo Lan’s husband let out a sigh of relief. Before this, the doctors had told them her condition was critical. Not even a seven-ringed soul master could heal her. They couldn’t hope for anything more from Yali. Just her life no longer in danger and her body recovering was good enough, especially since she still had a chance of a full recovery.

“When she wakes up, call me. I'll come back to help her sort her memories and heal any remaining cracks in her spirit. I want to minimize her memory loss.” Yali handed a card to Mo Wu. 

“Thank you. Thank you, Your Eminence.” Mo Wu accepted the card and bowed. Although he was a city administrator, he knew that he didn’t have the means to pay back Yali’s kindness, and that this kindness came with no strings attached. The Holy Spirit Douluo’s desire to save others was generous, altruistic. Was pure. 

Yali smiled. Her aura was peaceful and lightened the burdens everyone around her, their fatigue washing away. 

Zhen Hua approached and bent in a curt bow. “Your Eminence, you’ve worked hard,” he said, careful to respect her seniority. 

“It was nothing. I will now take my leave.” She turned to Tang Wulin, affection in her eyes. “Wulin, do you want to go with me?”

Mo Wu and Mo Lan’s husband dropped their jaws. They were not without knowledge of Tang Wulin’s enrollment in Shrek Academy, but this. The Holy Spirit Doulou’s acknowledgement. This was on a whole new scale.

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