Chapter 460 - Dragon King Vacuum Punch

Chapter 460 - Dragon King Vacuum Punch

Up in the air, the glowing blue figures of Weng Daimin and Xue Liushuang fused. In their place was a two-meter-tall woman wearing a long blue dress. In her hands, an icy blue sword. A circle of light shined behind her head, illuminating her beautiful features, which were a combination of Weng Daimin and Xue Liushuang’s best physical traits. As soon as she had come to be, the temperature in the arena plummeted. 

From her form emanated waves of power far stronger than that of the Skytiger. Their fusion rate was much higher. 

Ice Goddess! It was the Imperial Sun Moon Academy’s true trump card. 

“Starlight Burst!” Xu Xiaoyan shouted. Starlight converged into a beam that pierced through the Ice Goddess, establishing absolute control. 

It dyed the body of the Ice Goddess golden. Left it frozen in the air. 

Not a beat later, a brilliant star descended from the sky. It was Ye Xinglan with her third soul skill, Starfall Sword! 

Such perfect coordination between Xu Xiaoyan and Ye Xinglan! 

A metallic clang. Ye Xinglan bounced off the Ice Goddess, feeling as though she had flown face first into a wall. There was no moving it. At the same time, the Ice Goddess dispelled the golden starlight from her body, returning to her normal icy hue. She floated in the air just as before, not a dent in sight. 

Ye Xinglan bit her lip. Their fusion rate has to be at least eighty percent! They’re at least as strong as that battle armor master we ran into the other day!

The Ice Goddess brandished her sword, sending out three beams of blue light. Spectral Sword Art! However, it had nothing in common with the version Xue Liushuang had used. Each beam possessed an incomparably sharp aura, enough to slice through bone. 

The three beams each had their own target: Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Xu Xiaoyan. The three people who the Imperial Sun Moon Academy team deemed the greatest threats! 

Gasps filled the stands as Xie Xie jumped in front of the beam meant for Xu Xiaoyan, shielding her with his body. He disintegrated into a cloud of dust the next second. 

This was just a match, not a battle to the death! 

But the spectators’ shock was unneeded. Xie Xie reappeared a short distance away, coughing up a mouthful of blood. It had been a clone that was destroyed. 

The instant the Ice Goddess had appeared, Tang Wulin stuffed the bean bun he had since been carrying into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. His strength further amplified, he brought forth the full might of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens once more. 

The phantom dragon head slammed into the Ice Goddess. A shockwave erupted. But the Ice Goddess was unharmed, a soft blue light glowing around her. At the same time, the collision sent Tang Wulin flying backward, wounds opening up all over his body and leaving a trail of blood.

Alarmed, Ye Xinglan struck again, her Stargod Sword blazing. Yet, she too was dealt with easily, blood spraying from her mouth. 

Xu Lizhi rushed to her side, using his soul power to help stabilize her condition. 

When he was finally satisfied with her status, he glared at the Ice Goddess, eyes bright with fury.. He bellowed and made to charge her, but a hand grabbed his shoulder and held him still. “Leave her to us.”

In a flash of silver, the hand disappeared and Gu Yue appeared at Tang Wulin’s side. “They’re not the only ones with a soul fusion skill.” As she spoke, she wrapped her arms around Tang Wulin’s wounded and freezing body from behind. 

A powerful buzzing filled the arena, gradually growing in strength until the entire arena trembled. 

Light enveloped Gu Yue. She channeled it into Tang Wulin, dispelling the icy blue of his skin. 

Red, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver, and black. Specks of light of these very colors danced around Tang Wulin, entering his body. 

The Ice Goddess slashed down, sending a blue sword beam at the two. But the sword beam collapsed the moment it neared the seven-colored lights. 

Scales rippled into existence across Tang Wulin’s entire body, dressing him in seven-colored draconic armor. Regal draconic might exploded from him. 

Long Chen stood awed before this dragon lord. He couldn’t help but fall to his knees and prostrate himself to Tang Wulin. He shook uncontrollably down to his core. 

Tang Wulin’s seven-colored scales quickly grew transparent and thicker. He now held the appearance of a shining dragon knight. An almighty roar ripped from his throat that demanded all to bow before him. 

Seven-colored light burst around his body, a gale that originated from such an aura picking up his dark locks in flight. His pupils became reptilian, slit-like in nature, and a seven-colored light shined in their depths. He saw within his mind a strange scene, akin to a memory, in which countless soul beasts prostrated themselves eagerly, all in worship of him. 

His gauntlet took on a seven-colored hue. He couldn’t comprehend what level of power he had achieved, but if there was one thing he knew, it was this: everyone before him was insignificant. 

Once more did the Ice Goddess strike down with her sword, focusing all her strength this time. Tang Wulin’s surroundings froze before her might, the chill of her attacks absolute. 

He thrust his seven-colored claw out, clutching the blade. A metallic clang pierced the air. He exerted his strength and shattered the blade into thousands of shards! 

Arching a brow, Tang Wulin balled his claw into a fist and punched toward her. “I’ll go easy on you.” 

Before the punch met, the referee descended from the sky into the space between Tang Wulin and the Ice Goddess. His battle armor shined, bright and blinding as he braced himself to take the punch.

A shockwave tore through the arena. Tang Wulin was motionless, his fist still caught by the referee. 

The referee’s hand gained a seven-colored light. An instant later, seven explosions rumbled in succession, each growing in intensity. Each enough to send trembles through his body. 

The referee was a three-word battle armor master! Yet he had so much trouble taking Tang Wulin’s punch. 

He had never expected that even with his three-word battle armor and his Titled Douluo strength, he would feel fear toward Tang Wulin’s punch. Moreover, the seven elemental explosions had shook him to the core. This is the soul fusion skill of a pair of three-ringed kids! Just what kind of fusion rate do they have to be this powerful? 

As the blue glow receded from the Ice Goddess’s form, her figure faded away, leaving Xue Liushuang and Weng Daimin to fall through the skies. 

Pale and stricken with fear, they came to realize what sort of tyrannical might Tang Wulin possessed once their sword had shattered in their Ice Goddess form. Their instincts screamed danger. If the referee hadn’t intervened, they were certain they would have died. 

Just what kind of soul fusion skill is that? 

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue descended from the air, and she separated from his back. With her departure settled an emptiness within him, as if a part of him had been removed. The seals of the Golden Dragon King trembled and the fourth loosened as though attacked by some energy. 

Xu Xiaoyan dashed to Gu Yue in support, the latter pale and on the verge of collapsing. Xie Xie rushed to Tang Wulin’s aid. 

Tang Wulin gritted his teeth and shot his gaze at the referee. “Did we win yet?”

His simple question resounded throughout the entire arena. 

All eyes were glued on him. In this match between the titans of the next generation, the victors were now clear. There was no room for doubt.

The Imperial Sun Moon Academy team had the Holy Radiant Dragon, a Skytiger soul fusion skill, and a Ice Goddess fusion skill. Yet they still lost! It was a complete and utter defeat! 

“Can you tell us what the name of your soul fusion skill is?” the referee asked. 

Tang Wulin stared back at him blankly. Its name? He hadn’t a clue. The first time he had used it, he and Gu Yue lost consciousness for a long time and they didn’t dare try it again. Today was only his second time using the skill. Perhaps it was due to their increase in strength that they hadn’t immediately passed out. After all that was said, he still didn’t have a name for the fusion skill! 

But it turned out he didn’t need to worry. “Divine Dragon Transformation.” Gu Yue croaked. 

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