Chapter 458 - A Fierce Clash

Chapter 458 - A Fierce Clash

Ye Xinglan pointed her sword at the ground, her eyes flashing with battle lust. 

The Stargod Sword Arts and the Spectral Sword Arts were ancient sword arts passed down through their respective clans.  Both were worshipped as divine techniques for thousands of years. 

In the continent of Douluo’s lengthy history, rarely had these two sword arts surfaced. But now, they clashed.  The two girls sought for dominance and fought for curiosity. For pride. 

Like its name suggested, the Stargod Sword Arts harnessed the power of the stars. The Spectral Sword Arts, on the other hand, harnessed the cold to split light into its spectrum. Both were profound sword arts. As such, victory would be decided by cultivation level and sword comprehension. 

Upon the activation of her first soul skill, Sword God’s Star, Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword pierced through the skies. Thousands of stars manifested, bathing their surroundings in their brilliant glow. They condensed rapidly until they were in the form of a sword. And these stellar swords burst forward

Xue Liushuang flicked her Glacial Sword, tracing an arc in the air to deflect the attack. The clink of metal filled the air. 

Their showdown was in full swing. 

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin had bypassed Xue Liushuang, charging straight at Jian Mochen. 

Skytiger Shield. A shield-type martial soul special in that its offensive power was as great as its defensive capabilities. It was rated as one of the best martial souls. When Jian Mochen combined it with a tiger type spirit soul, the effect was amazing. 

In the short period they had stood in a stand-off, the cracks on his shield faded away. But Jian Mochen was still on alert against Tang Wulin, especially his golden dragon claw. As Tang Wulin approached, he thrust out his shield in defense. 

Purple light flashed around Tang Wulin’s form. In the next moment, spears of bluesilver grass pierced through the ground. Bluesilver Impaling Array! 

No one could have imagined that after showing such domineering might, Tang Wulin would unleash a crowd control skill!

In Jian Mochen’s moment of shock, he left himself open to the attack. His body went rigid as the grass impaled him. Then Tang Wulin was upon him, slashing down his claw at the Skytiger Shield. 

As long as he could take out Jian Mochen, he believed victory would be theirs. 

A pair of roars thundered through the arena. Though stunned, Jian Mochen watched as his two tiger spirit souls jumped out of his shield in his defense. One was shrouded in flames. The other gave off a brilliant radiance. They were fire-attribute and light-attribute spirit souls! 

The two tigers pounced on Tang Wulin simultaneously, their flames and light combining to create an effect reminiscent of Yue Zhengyu’s holy aura. Tang Wulin retreated a step, giving Jian Mochen the space needed to break free. He quickly recalled the tigers to his shield to empower it once more.

During the offensive, Jian Mochen was limited to one spirit soul in empowering his shield. On the defensive, however, he could utilize two. He was like a fortress. 

A gigantic axe burst out from behind Jian Mochen, zooming toward Tang Wulin like a bolt of lightning. Tang Wulin punched it away with his claw. But what came next hit him with surprise. The axe carried a spiritual attack! A tiger erupted out of the axe, identical in appearance to the light-attribute one from the Skytiger Shield. It opened its maws wide in an attempt to bite off his head.

Man! Their teamwork is great! Tang Wulin grinned, not showing any fear. He dodged the attack at the last second, flying backwards in defiance of gravity. 

It was all thanks to Xu Lizhi. He had yanked on the bluesilver grass connecting him and Tang Wulin, pulling his captain out of harm’s way. 

At the same time, a golden array of light flared underneath Jian Mochen. Chains of starlight shot out and bound him. The core of the array burst, changing the axe’s trajectory and sending it flying toward Jian Mochen! Similarly, the moment the array had shined, Weng Daimin’s ice spears froze in mid-air and headed right back at her!

The Skytiger Axe struck Jian Mochen’s shield. Due to his restraints, his stance instantly broke and he staggered backward. 

These were the effects of Xu Xiaoyan’s second soul skill, Starlight Reversal! Even she was bewildered at the differences between both versions of her starlight soul skills. The more she used them, the more differences she discovered. For instance, her Starwheel Shackles’ absolute control effect had increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds! Although this improvement seemed small, half a second could turn the tide of battle! 

Yet somewhere deep within Xu Xiaoyan, she knew that she wasn’t bringing out the full potential of Starlight Reversal. 

Tang Wulin regrouped with the others briefly. He dashed forward once more, reaching Jian Mochen just as he had staggered backward. He smashed his claw onto the Skytiger Shield, bringing out the full power of its crushing effect. 

Cracks spread through the shield, reminiscent of spider webs. If the shield were any weaker, that would have been the end of it. 

Blood sprayed from Jian Mochen’s mouth. He stumbled backward, knees buckling and collapsing beneath him. Which exposed the Imperial Sun Moon Academy’s rearline, You Dingqi, Kuang Zhantian, and Weng Daimin. 

A scorching heat flew past Tang Wulin and toward those three. Three roaring fireballs. They drew magnificent arcs in the air, each with its own target, perfectly timed to exploit the opening. 

They were certainly awe-inspiring. An otherworldly shade of blue, a hue that, upon first glance, seemed to ensnare the soul. Those from the stands could sense traces of wind and water elements within them in addition to the obvious fire. Rather than an attack of compartmentalized elements, it was a true fusion of all three! This was Gu Yue’s true strength. She had been preparing this attack since the very beginning of the match and named it ‘Blazing Blue Fireball’!

Although Xue Liushuang had noticed the fireballs, she didn’t have the leeway to turn her attention to them. While she had the advantage against Ye Xinglan in terms of cultivation level, Ye Xinglan’s understanding of the sword far surpassed hers!  It was to be expected, as Ye Xinglan was originally an elite of Shrek Academy’s inner court! 

Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword Arts were already at their pinnacle. Xue Liushuang couldn’t contend. In fact, she felt as if the mystical power of the sea of stars were wrapping around her tighter and tighter. Breaking free proved to be impossible.

The Imperial Sun Moon Soul Academy had erred. They had thought that victory was assured since they had an advantage in cultivation level, but they had forgotten that their opponents were from Shrek Academy! Common sense couldn’t be applied to them! Not only that, but cultivation level had never been Shrek Academy’s basis of strength!

It was obvious that if those blue fireballs struck their targets, the latter would meet a gruesome end. The victors of the match were about to be decided. 

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